SOHO office new choice | Brother DCP-T710W built-in ink cartridge color inkjet machine evaluation

Economic structural transformation drives the transformation of consumption structure, the rapid development of the Internet, and policy support. In recent years, many small and medium-sized enterprises and self-media practitioners (hereinafter referred to as SOHO) have emerged, which has also led to more and more office products entering. The vision of SOHO enterprises and individual consumers, as one of the office essentials, the trend of sinking is particularly obvious.

Brothers - the leader in the field of office products, through years of deep research in the Chinese market and in-depth research on the Chinese market, for the SMEs and SOHO consumer demand, recently launched a color inkjet MFP, including this The DCP-T710W of the second evaluation.

As a MFP for SOHO users, whether the DCP-T710W meets the needs of users, I will find out this.

Parameter configuration

More integrated appearance

With an office product for SOHO and individual consumers, Brother DCP-T710W inkjet machine is qualified from measurements and floor space, 435mm(W)*380mm(D)*195mm(H) Size, does not take up too much space, to meet the needs of such users; 8.6Kg weight will not cause handling burden, after the author measured, the woman can also move; overall black, highlighting the calm atmosphere, the outer surface of the shell Matte texture engineering plastics, suitable for the applicable environment of consumer groups.

Brother DCP-D710W inkjet machine three-dimensional animation

Power interface

Back paper take-up slot

control panel

As the control center of the all-in-one machine, the control panel layout is reasonable and directly affects the office efficiency and actual experience. The 16-character LCD display can display the current working status of the machine and give the user appropriate prompts. Main functions: copy, scan, black and white copying Start button, color copy start button and wireless network connection have independent buttons, no need to select one by one from the function keys, convenient and fast. I personally think that if the control panel can adjust the angle is more perfect, you can further reduce the space.

Inkjet cartridge

Four-color ink tank

Four-color ink tank

Brother DCP-T710W built-in ink cartridge color inkjet machine ink tank is arranged in the lower right corner, the side ink tank cover is lightly dialed, you can see its true face. The four-color soft plug is very tight, you have to use some strength to open. It is worth mentioning that when the ink is filled, the self-test program will be triggered automatically, allowing the user to confirm whether the ink filling has been completed. If the ink tank cover is not closed, the exclamation point at the top of the screen will always prompt the user.

Add ink

CMYK consumables and ink

CMYK four-color ink is included with the bottle label and is distinguished by the bottle label; the separate large-capacity ink tank greatly simplifies the ink refilling process and is not easy to dirty; here is the ink bottle mouth design, the bottle mouth is up and down. Each has a 'wing' bayonet that fits into the ink reservoir during the refill process to help the user squeeze the ink bottle more easily during the refilling process. The black print volume is approximately 6,500 pages and the color print volume is approximately 5,000 pages. .

Fully enclosed carton

Fully enclosed carton

Common printer trays will expose the paper, and will be placed for a long time. Due to the influence of the environment, it will inevitably accumulate dust, moisture, paper jam, and thus affect the printing effect. Brother DCP-T710W built-in ink cartridge color inkjet machine hidden paper The box can be dust-proof and moisture-proof to a certain extent, and the printing effect is consistent for a long time.

ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)

In the office scene, multiple pages of copying and scanning are often required. In order to improve efficiency, ADF is essential. Brother DCP-T710W built-in ink cartridge color inkjet machine supports continuous copying and scanning of up to 20 pages of documents, eliminating the need to place back and forth. Repetitive actions, significantly improve office efficiency.

USB interface

Built-in USB interface and USB cable routing

The USB interface is placed inside the fuselage, and the line of the USB cable is set, which can help the user to complete the layout of the cable conveniently, and also avoid the influence of the 'flying line' on the aesthetics of the office environment.

Mobile application

For SOHO-class enterprises and individual consumers, there are many lightweight office scenarios. The brother DCP-T710W provides a mobile application that can be easily connected directly to the all-in-one machine without having to go through complicated ways. The document is transferred to the computer, and then printed through the computer, especially for technical white and female users.

Mobile APP screen

For example, in the case of an Android phone, download the Brother iPrint&Scan APP, which can directly print photos, documents, web pages or scanned documents from the device to the mobile device without installing a printer driver. This greatly simplifies the operation, and the IOS device passes through the WiFi Direct network of the all-in-one machine. Connection, it can also be easily printed by AirPrint. Through the built-in network connection function of the integrated machine, shared printing, scanning and other functions can be realized through the wireless network. It should be noted that the Wi-Fi name needs to be set to letters or numbers.

Network connection (moving picture GIF)



Turn on the power of the all-in-one. First, you will be prompted to set the time. Then the display has a text and a yellow flashing exclamation mark to remind the paper tray to add paper, add ink, and cover the ink cartridge. After waiting for about six minutes, a quality check page will be printed automatically. To confirm that the print quality and color are normal.

Print test

As can be seen from the chart, different document formats have obvious differences in processing, but compared with the traditional one machine for each single document print data, it meets the needs of SOHO and home users.

Printing accuracy

The author prints the test document through imageXpert, and outputs the final result back to the PC through the scanner. It can be used as a reference to learn more about the actual performance of the brother DCP-T710W inkjet machine.

As can be seen from the above proofs, Brother DCP-T710W built-in ink cartridge color inkjet machine prints clear text, clear color details, fine edge transition of images, to meet the needs of target consumer groups for high-precision and high-quality color printing.

Power consumption test

As an all-in-one machine, energy consumption performance is also an important factor in purchasing. According to our actual printing situation, in the sleep state, the power consumption is 1.6 watts, while maintaining the ability to activate the all-in-one at any time. Control power consumption to a very low degree.

The most attractive working power, the peak power is 11.5 watts. Compared with the power consumption of professional office equipment with more than 1KW, the power consumption of this all-in-one machine is very obvious, and it is also in line with the target user group. The cost requirement, after all, low power consumption means that you can save a lot of expenses.

to sum up

As an office product for SOHO business and personal consumption needs, the DCP-T710W built-in ink cartridge color inkjet MFP is in line with its positioning strategy both in terms of the product itself and from the test results; The detailed design of the non-dirty hand and the fully enclosed carton is very user-friendly; the 6500-page black print volume and the 5000-page color print volume can effectively control the overall printing cost while reducing the cost per page. On the basis of the above advantages, it can maintain a high degree of document quality and precision, and is indeed a rare and excellent product.