The coolest way to check out the World Cup | This is the war of four projectors

I. Foreword: Fast technology and small series of battles

During this time, Tiangong is beautiful. It happens that during the day, the sun is burning in the sun, and the sun is over twenty degrees.

This is a daytime shifting class, fish swimming, quietly wilting, evening beer, skewers and big waist flowers, called the three-five friends to watch the World Cup bragging big mountain's excellent opportunity. Perhaps only the situation at the opening ceremony of the previous Olympic Games, can and When the World Cup is higher or lower.

Even though it is a working day, and the game time is not late in the morning, even the editor-in-chief personally checks the class on the second day, but still can't stop the editorial brothers from eating the passion of the pot, even if they drink ice for ten years. It’s hard to be cold! Lost, but the top floor is standing by the side, winning, resigning around the world, I don’t know how to stay up all night.

At this time, it was midnight, some people in the editors bought kebabs and Tsingtao beer; some people bought lobster tails and the Arctic Ocean; others came to the fresh waist, everyone was ready for tomorrow The preparation of the class is only to meet the historic moment that may occur at any time.

However, Zhang Luo eats and drinks, and the intertwined Xiaobians have reached the core link - when they watched the ball, they realized that something was wrong... The mobile phone screens with their own screens were only 6 inches, which could not help but the five or six small editors shook their heads. Block, if there is a difference between the compromises and the respective ones, what is the difference?

The people need a projector! Everyone says it.

Ever since, the black winds are high, and the editors are not in the business. The small editors sneaked into the warehouse of the fast technology warehouse. In order to carefully select the projection equipment, they began a nervous inventory...