Anti-Bluish Education TV without hurting eyes | Cool open 55A3 video experience

Every year on June 6th is China's 'National Eyeful Day', Cool Open chose to release an A3 eye protection TV with optical anti-Blu-ray technology on this day. Actually, many TVs on the market have eye protection functions, but After the eye protection mode, the picture will be distorted and yellowish, which will affect the viewing effect.

Cool open 55A3 uses optical anti-Blu-ray technology to solve the Blu-ray problem by preventing blue light from the light source, does not affect the blue light to emit normal color, the picture does not appear yellowish, and the normal display status of other TVs There is no difference.

The Cool Open System on the 55A3 is a completely new version of 6.0. Compared to the previous 5.5 and 5.8, there has been a big change. The home page presents content in the form of information flow. There is no complicated hierarchical structure. Just press the remote control button to find Want to see the content. New artificial intelligence voice function - cool open wizard 2.0, hot search, tell jokes, listen to music, play games, watch live broadcast, you can boldly dialogue with the TV.

The Coolo 55A3 also has a well-designed children's model, which not only includes high-quality animated cartoons such as Piggy Peggy and Super Pan, but also incorporates Beva's songs, baby buses, talented worlds, Wukong mathematics, Yifang Happy School, family time, and more. The Premium Children's Education App is a good content for children to watch. In addition, you can set up software that can be opened in the children's mode. Exiting the children's mode requires answering a simple math problem.