Puppy robot releases puppy brand | The first AI terminal officially unveiled

May 24, 2018, puppies Robotics Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing for the first time the brand new conference, officially released the wisdom of living space for five brand puppy, puppy cube s first product of light and shadow magic screen is also officially unveiled.

Start of the conference, co-founder puppy robot by Li Mingyuan VCR speech he said: 'We believe that with the rapid development of technology, artificial intelligence will become increasingly closer to our lives, puppy hope in the chain partners together, to create the ultimate user experience with the products and ecological level of service experience, open new possibilities for the wisdom of life. '

Tang Chenyong, vice president of robot marketing for puppies, talks about the origin of puppy: With the promotion of key technologies such as mobile internet, computer vision, speech semantic recognition, cloud computing, big data, and human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence has fully penetrated the living space. In the middle, more products are connected to make the application more like. In the face of tremendous changes, puppy presents the overall strategy 'AI to Space', and it is necessary to achieve three major goals in the future: To introduce AI portal products, to create smarter, more convenient, and more Comfortable ecology of wisdom; family, office, community, hotel, business AI of the five wisdom space; provide scene-based solutions, redefine the living space.

Puppy Robotics Vice President, Puppy AIoT founder Tang Wei explained in detail the technical features of the puppy cube s. As a new AI terminal, puppy cube s has a unique 'Anytouch' technology that turns any plane into a touch screen, expanding from a single screen. Go to the desktop, floor, and wall of any room to create a smart space to interact with and access information anytime, anywhere. With depth-aware technology, puppy cube s can accurately recognize command gestures, allowing users to zoom, move and click on screens. Enhanced interactive effects.

In terms of home applications, puppy cube s is the industry's first AI terminal that uses DLP ultra-short focus autofocus technology. It has a large display area of ​​23 inches in the state of investment, surpassing all commercially available Android smart tablets; 100-inch smart home theater. This product is equipped with a smart eye protection mode. It automatically turns off the light source when it is in motion. It will be turned on after being placed, taking care of the health of users of all ages.

Puppy has a powerful cloud platform as a support, carrying the big data of the puppy's overall business, AI technology, service system, and massive contents and applications. Puppy cube s is the carrier of the whole wisdom ecology, and it is also AIoT wisdom and a series of applications. , The entrance to the service. Tang Yan further explained that AIoT originated from IoT (Internet of things) technology, puppy's goal is to combine artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things into 'wisdom of things', to serve the future of the new ecology of smart life.

Yangsen, vice president of robotic robot products, uses far-field voice control function, combined with the unique wake-up call 'Hello Buddy', to open the demo scene of the puppy cube s application. Through the cooperation with the science and technology of Unicom, the puppy cube s intelligence Voice Assistant integrates AI and IoT platforms to create 'Scenario in Space', which is a scenario under different use of space. For example, the kitchen is upgraded to a gourmet class; a home classroom is created for children; a dedicated gym is built; and an efficient conference office application is provided Experience.

Puppy cube s has a deeply customized interaction system, the puppy UI, which can control home appliances and home equipment online; third-party partners also offer more than 100,000 selection recipes, 50,000 educational resources for children, 15 million copyright tracks, 12 million Hours of audio content, as well as a wealth of fitness training courses, promote the integration of puppy's function and home intelligence living space.

The puppy robot marketing vice president Tang Chenyong announced on site the price of puppy's new AI terminal. As a flagship version, puppy cube s is equipped with 4G of running memory and 64GB of flash memory. In addition, a commercial version of the puppy cube is introduced, with 4G of running memory and 32GB of flash memory. Space. Two products have been simultaneously launched in Jingdong.