Anti-Blu-ray TV with eye-protecting look | Cool 55A3 Reviews

Every year on June 6th is China's 'National Eyeful Day', Cool Open chose to release an A3 eye protection TV with optical anti-Blu-ray technology on this day. Actually, many TVs on the market have eye protection functions, but After the eye protection mode, the picture will be distorted, yellowish, and will affect the viewing effect. How does Coolo 55A3 prevent Blu-ray? Let's take a look at the specific performance of this TV.

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Appearance: An Art TV

The design style of the Coolo 55A3 is very similar to the T55 released last year with the high-profile positioning of 'Art TV'. In particular, the bottom of the fuselage has a dark gray linen decoration, which is low-key and atmospheric, and distinguishes itself from other all-metal TVs. This TV adds a lot of art.

Cool open 55A3 appearance

Bottom dark grey linen decoration

Acoustic unit from JBL

Energetic and enthusiastic cool open logo

The logo on the left side of 'JBL' indicates that this TV has a high-definition audio unit. The sound performance of the TV will be described in detail later. The logo on the right side shows the Cool TV. It represents vitality and enthusiasm. It conveys cool opening. Out of attitude' concept.

Suspended frameless design

Body thickness is comparable to iPhone SE

As with many smart phones, the floating frameless design, watching TV when the line of sight will not be bound by the frame, the visual effect is very shocking. The thickness of the body is only 7.9mm, and iPhone SE thickness is basically the same, than many of the main slim design TV Be thinner.

Cool open 55A3 TV side

Cool open 55A3 TV back

Back subwoofer and audio unit

Unlike many ultra-thin TVs, the Coolopen 55A3 uses an integrated diamond-reinforced metal backplate design, so there is no need to worry about the impact of ultra-thin design on the strength of the fuselage. In addition, you can see the suspension of the back of the independent subwoofer and audio Units, they make flat-panel TVs have a rare good sound quality.

Interface section

Interface is located on the left side of the fuselage, easy to insert and pull, including two USB3.0, RF input, headphone output, audio and video input, 3 HDMI 2.0, network, coaxial audio output, etc., can meet most of daily use needs, and USB, HDMI are the latest interface specifications and can achieve high-speed data transmission.

Flexible and compact remote control

The remote control is simple in design. It has 13 buttons and supports infrared and Bluetooth connections. It is recommended that you use a Bluetooth connection. You do not need to be limited by the direction when you operate. In addition, this remote control supports voice control, and there will be a more detailed experience behind.

Optical Blu-ray protection eye color

In terms of picture quality, it focuses on its optical anti-Blu-ray technology. Although many televisions have anti-blue eye protection, they all use external forces to intercept blue light, which in essence does not reduce the generation of harmful blue light, and can also cause picture distortion and yellowing. , Affect the viewing effect. Cool open 55A3 uses the optical anti-blue light technology, solve the blue light problem by preventing the blue light from the light source, will not affect the blue light to send the normal color, the picture will not appear yellowish, with other TV The normal display state does not show any difference.

Cool open optical anti-blue light technology principle

The effect of the screen after the eye protection mode of a TV is turned on

Cool blue light detector

The more blue you see with a blue light detector, the more harmful blue light is.

With the blue light detector, you can see that the cool-open optical anti-blue light technology basically stops the blue light from being generated by the TV, greatly reducing the damage to the eyes caused by blue light, and the other TV set with it can see that a large amount of blue light exists.

Cool open 55A3 anti-Blu-ray detection and certificate

Coocaa 55A3 passed the German TUV Rheinland Group's anti-blue eye detection, Germany TUV Rheinland Group is one of the world's most authoritative three major testing and certification agencies, services include industrial and energy services, electrical and electronic product testing, communications testing, consumer products Testing, ergonomic assessment, transportation services, rail system security, green product certification, Rhein Institute and life care and management system certification and inspection services, is an organization with hundreds of international authoritative certifications such as ISO9001.

Cool open 55A3 uses LG original 4K screen, due to the use of a three-tier integrated module design, and in the backlight film to add double brightness enhancement film, so that the screen brightness is improved, the measured brightness of 323 nits; and in pure black Under the scene, there is no obvious trace of light leakage, and the black screen is sufficiently uniform.

Light leakage test

HDR source playback

Dynamic picture test

Not only has a higher brightness performance, cool open 55A3 support HDR technology, HDR video playback can see more highlights and dark details, while supporting MEMC motion compensation technology, in the performance of high-speed trains train smearing, jitter Have the greatest degree of inhibition.

Three-way design of high-standard JBL audio unit

For most flat-panel TVs, the sound quality is always a short board. The 55A3's performance in sound quality may exceed your expectations. Built-in 6 JBL original speakers, they use a high school and low thirds design only high-end sound, Two silk membrane tweeters, two mid-high frequency units and two 3-inch low-frequency units can work independently, making the sound pure and richly layered, and can also experience the bass sound.

The movie "Goldheart Hacksaw Ridge"

We got the Oscar's best remix of Blood Hacksaw Ridge to get a taste of the performance of the Coolo 55A3. In the latter half of the film, the machine gunshots, cannonballs, shouts, and horns are constantly heard. The 55A3 bass is very powerful. The three-way design is very good for the cruelty of the war. The impact is strong.

One-touch Bluetooth mode

It is a pity that such an excellent audio system is used only for watching TV. The audio unit of the Coolopen 55A3 supports independent use. It is only necessary to press the bluetooth audio switch on the left side of the TV to turn it into a Bluetooth stereo, cell phone and other devices. After it is connected, the screen will automatically shut off, allowing you to enjoy the moving melody of high-quality audio.

Smart and easy to use cool open system 6.0

The Cool Open System on the 55A3 is a completely new version of 6.0. Compared to the previous 5.5 and 5.8, there has been a big change. The home page presents content in the form of information flow. There is no complicated hierarchical structure. Just press the remote control button to find Want to see the content.

Cool open system 6.0

Home Icon Support Move/Remove

Common software added to homepage

The top section icons can be added or removed according to individual needs, and the commonly used software applications can be placed directly on the home page, which will be turned on soon after power on.

Speech function demonstration

Variety show features

Cool Open System 6.0 is equipped with a new artificial intelligence voice function - cool open wizard 2.0, hot play, tell jokes, listen to music, play games, watch live broadcast, you can boldly dialogue with the TV. For example, direct search 'joy joy 38 Set ', 'fast forward 10 minutes', etc., can completely replace the remote control's complex key operations. Cool open wizard 2.0 also has a very interesting function, in watching "cross-range song king", "singer", "laughter legend 》, "Tonight's talk show after 80," "Most Powerful Brain" and other variety shows can be asked what kinds of watching TV, you can directly see the most wanted part of the content.

Floating toolbar

No matter what the display interface is, pressing the menu button will bring up a floating toolbar. The program being watched will not be disturbed. It is very convenient and convenient. There are many other similar functions in Cool Open System 6.0.

Iqiyi Video Resource+Children Mode

The contents of Coolopen 55A3 mainly come from iQIYI videos, such as “The Great Wall” and “The Kidnappers” are all popular movies that have not been released for a long time. “Ode to Joy 2′′, “Workplace is a technical activity” and other TV series are hot on TV. Broadcasting, Variety show "Run it", "Exotic", etc.

Film, TV Drama, Variety Show Resources

Personalized topic classification

There are a lot of special topics on the remote control. For example, 'The old driver must watch the net! The car is inattentive.', 'The chick is the goddess, The goddess is standing by the side.' The carefully categorized thematic categories allow the richness of the content of the TV. With obvious improvement.

Cool kids with high quality content

The Coolo 55A3 also has a well-designed children's model, which not only includes high-quality animated cartoons such as Piggy Peggy and Super Pan, but also incorporates Beva's songs, baby buses, talented worlds, Wukong mathematics, Yifang Happy School, family time, and more. The Premium Children's Education App is a good content for children to watch. In addition, you can set the software that can be opened in the children mode. Exiting the child mode requires answering a simple math problem.

Flagship configuration: MStar6A938, 3+16GB

Cool open 55A3 hardware specifications

60 frames of 4K video can be played smoothly

Cool open 55A3 uses the annual flagship chip MStar6A938, a variety of video formats can be normal decoding, 60 frames of 4K video can also play smoothly without card. 3GB memory + 16GB flash memory, the system is guaranteed fluency, can be freely on the TV There is no limit to installing various applications.

Experience summary

In the early days, Cooca joined the children's model on TV. A series of excellent and quality content allowed children to learn a lot when they were watching TV. With the addition of optical blue light protection technology, Coolo 55A3 can be more comprehensive. Care for the child's eye health. In addition, cool open 55A3 also has a design full of artistic style, JBL original audio, smart easy to use cool open system 6.0, high hardware specifications, etc., very worth recommending. ■