Touch screen can also be used as an electronic whiteboard | God painting TT-P intelligent micro map investment

The electronic whiteboard is a high-tech product that combines advanced electronic technology, software technology and other high-tech means. Before the TT touch projection was introduced, it never thought that it could be related to intelligent micro-projection. With the introduction of dual-lens auto-focus, cross-touch, and AR-projection technology, Divine Image Technology integrates the electronic whiteboard function into the latest TT-P touch projection. Are you curious about this micro-projection?
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Divine TT series products are divided into main business-oriented TT-P Business Edition, TT-H Primary Education for Parent-Child Education, and flagship TT Plus Smart Edition. This product is a commercial version of the built-in electronic whiteboard function.
Why do you want to name it after TT, see 'Not Just To Touch' on the outer packaging, TT is taking it from there.
The internal packaging is delicate. The host and various accessories are placed neatly and orderly in various areas of the foam protection layer to minimize damage caused by the transportation process.
The TT-P housing uses a low-key, calming tint, which is suitable for business applications. Although it is a plastic housing, the surface is polished very carefully, so it looks very texture. The weight of the goddess TT-P is only 570g. The size is 190mm x 124mm x 30mm, which is similar to the size of the iPad mini. It does not increase the burden on the bag.
PIQS is a divinely drawn logo. The upper left corner of the butterfly logo needs to be explained. The parent company of Divine Painting Technology is Red Butterfly Technology. It has been focusing on the research and development of miniature projection core technology.
Dual-lens design, similar to the dual lens we commonly use in mobile phones, the main lens is responsible for projection imaging, and the other lens is used for automatic focusing.
God painting TT-P uses both sides of the air inlet, double channel cooling efficiency.
The air outlet is located in front of the front, so that the heat generated during use will not blow to the body. It is very practical and practical.
The back is assembled with switch buttons and various interfaces. The switch and ring-shaped indicator lights turn red/blue when flashing. It is very cool and convenient for night use. The interface includes SD card, HDMI, USB, headphone and power supply. Clear and clear, easy to use.
There are four non-slip feet on the bottom and a standard 1/4 interface in the middle. Use it on a tripod.
Although the bracket is not standard but it is worth buying, it is made of metal material. After grinding it is very texture. It is composed of two parts, which is convenient for splitting and storage.
With the bracket after the gods TT-P can freely adjust the projection angle, because it has a dual-lens auto focus and automatic trapezoidal correction function, regardless of the angle to boot to normal use.
The remote control is called 'Shenbi' and it is quite different from other remote control devices. There is no 'up, down, left, right' direction key. You only need to adjust the pointing direction of the remote control lightly to achieve which point. Control efficient and easy child.
The remote controller uses a 1000mAh lithium battery for power supply. The side provides a Micro USB interface, which is very convenient for charging.
Other accessories include the Micro USB cable and power cord for charging the remote control. The power cord is long. Even if there is no power supply near the projector, it will not worry about its power.
The most prominent feature of the TT-P is the addition of the 'Divine Office', which is the electronic whiteboard function. It is useful in the business office. For example, in the PPT presentation process, the brush function of the Whiteboard Assistant can be freely annotated. , Brush, color can be chosen at will, at the same time there are clear screen, save and other functions, such a small business office artifact you would like it?