More than 3,000 multi-purpose all-around high-definition TV | Micro whale D series 55D Reviews

The D series 55D is a new product line introduced by the micro-whales this year. It continues the outstanding design genes of the second-generation K series. The hardware configuration even meets the specifications of some flagship TVs. Not to mention the content, the micro-whale TV integrates Tencent videos, and mangoes. Strong content such as TV, as well as TVB, Canxing and other Chinese cultural investment of high-quality content, any small whale TV can enjoy, In addition, the newly upgraded WUI2.0 let micro whale TV's control experience has been significantly upgraded, Here's a look at its specific performance.

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Design: Heritage Design Gene

The appearance of the Micro Whale TV D series 55D is in line with the previous release of the 2nd generation K series that won the 2017 German iF, Red Dot Design Award and 2016 'China Good Design' Gold Award. Although it lacks some metal texture, the overall appearance still looks as it has always been. Elegant atmosphere, with a rare design sense of the same price models.

Micro Whale TV D Series 55D Appearance

The bottom of the frame is the center of the Little Whale TV Logo 'WHALEY'

The bottom is a simple and elegant bridge base, other TVs rarely use this design, so it is very recognizable. The outward expansion of the base bracket is basically the same width as the body, put on the TV cabinet will not take up too much space.

The black highlight frame, using one-folding process, brings seamless visual effects, and the 45° cut angle enhances the visual depth.

The thinnest part of the fuselage is 10.9mm, the thickness of the whole machine is also controlled within a reasonable range. The back is also very design sense, the upper part is the use of metal material, provides a strong backing for the screen, which is very rare in the same price TV The lower part is wavy texture, very beautiful.

Interface is located on the side of the fuselage, easy to insert and pull, commonly used interfaces include two HDMI2.0, two USB3.0, are very new interface specifications, when used without having to deliberately distinguish.

Micro whale TV D series 55D comes standard with an infrared remote control. The remote control we use for this evaluation is a separately purchased Bluetooth voice remote control (the recent Jingdong and other sales channels have gifted Bluetooth voice remote control activities, easy participation can be free Acquired) This remote control has a simple button layout, convenient operation, and is very comfortable and flexible in your hand. The voice key is located in the upper right corner and is effortless to use.

System gorgeous upgrade - WUI2.0

Microwhale TV is equipped with the newly upgraded WUI2.0 operating system. It is still a waterfall streaming page layout, with a flatter appearance, and also adds a glacier-white desktop theme, which can make the desktop more personalized. Upgraded WUI2 The fluency of .0 has also been significantly improved, and page flips will not feel the slightest degree of clutter, and it is rare to experience this smoothness on smart TVs.

WUI2.0 page layout

New glacier white desktop theme

Home icon free replacement

The homepage still has plenty of space for customization. The top icons can be replaced according to personal habits. For example, the sports section will be replaced with TV drama sections. Other commonly used settings and installed third-party software can also be freely placed here. .

WUI2.0 is not only smooth and easy to use, but also very smart. The homepage can recommend content based on big data and artificial intelligence. It will learn the viewing habits of different audiences and push the favorite content to the homepage. Turning on the TV will surprise you.

Artificial intelligence voice replaces cumbersome key operations

About two years ago, the first TV released by a microwhalder could already have voice control. Using voice to control a micro-whale TV is nothing new. Micro-whale's artificial intelligence voice can accurately recognize voice commands and respond quickly in one second. Supports dialect recognition, don't worry if you don't understand what you say.

Voice search wants to see content

Control the progress of the broadcast

Check weather conditions

Set schedule TV to remind you regularly

Micro-whale voice function also supports Cantonese, Sichuan dialect

The intelligent voice of the micro-whale TV can replace the key operation of many remote controllers, such as directly speaking TV dramas to be watched, accurately controlling the progress of TV broadcasts, etc., and can freely talk to the TV, and it can also realize the query of weather/stock/ Encyclopedia of information, setting schedules, timed reminders and other features.

What can you see on the Micro Whale TV?

Content resources are also an important criterion for judging the quality of an Internet TV. Small Whale TV integrates Tencent video, Mango TV and other powerful content across platforms, and integrates TVB, Canxing and other Chinese cultural investment premium content. The 55D has already built-in One-year Platinum membership service can directly enjoy the above content. Others, including Xiaomi, etc., need to purchase member services separately.

--- Cinema movie updated in time to achieve 4K resolution ---

The cinema movie has been updated in a timely manner, such as “The Kidnappers,” “The End of It,” and “The Great Wall.” These are all movies that will be released soon. They can be watched here for the first time, and most of them can reach 4K resolution. Bandwidth allows, you can enjoy the visual enjoyment brought about by the extremely clear picture quality.

---TV broadcast TV drama and TVB drama ---

In the TV series, there are not only episodes of TV dramas such as "Ode to Joy 2", "Expedition! Expedition!", "Daughter Red", etc., but also the TVB area, which includes the latest and hottest TVB dramas.

---Historic variety including Mango TV---

There are also a large number of variety shows, including “Run It”, “Please Fridge”, and also introduced the hot variety of Mango TV, Hunan TV’s “Happy Camp”, “Daily Up” and other variety shows are also free Watch.

--- Children's Channel brings together quality programs ---

Children's Channel has a strong cartoon style. The whale whales school membership service opened for 498 yuan/year can watch international children's animation such as Nick's Children, BBC, Sesame Street, etc. There are also full-quality schools, talented young world and other high-quality education content. Households easily learn knowledge at home.

---Super League, CBA, Champions League and other sporting events---

On the Little Whale TV you can also see the contents of a large number of sports events including Super League, CBA, Champions League, etc. You can also see event reviews, data rankings, hot news, exciting columns and more.

--- More than ten channels of micro whale Live Channel ---

When you don’t know what to look for, you can open up the Little Whale Live. Currently, there are three categories of programs: “Little Whale”, “Star Entertainment”, and “Lifestyle”. You don’t need to be completely bound by the scheduled programs during the viewing process. Always 'back to watch', 'view from scratch,' or 'first look', combine traditional live TV with Internet TV.

In addition, micro-whale TV has a wealth of content categories such as animation, music, information, opera, and panoramic VR. A family of young whales can find the content they want to see here.

High speed: 64-bit flagship chip 2GB memory + 16GB flash memory

60 frames of 4K video play smoothly

Micro Whale TV D series 55D uses 64-bit MStar 6A828 processor, quad-core Cortex A53 CPU + six-core Mali-450 GPU, 60 frames of 4K video can be played smoothly, common video formats can be normally decoded. 2GB memory with 16GB flash memory, Can guarantee the smooth running of the system is not stuck, installation software applications can also be unlimited.

High quality picture quality: HDR+ matrix light control technology

Micro Whale TV D Series 55D NTSC Color Space

The Microwhale TV D series 55D uses a 4K panel with a screen resolution of 3840╳2160. How about the specific image quality? After a professional instrument BM-7 (brightness meter) test, the color gamut of the small whale TV D series 55DNTSC reaches 75.81%. Better than most internet TVs at the same price point.

HDR video playback

Leakage control is good

Micro Whale TV D series 55D supports HDR technology, which can display more details in light and shadow when playing HDR source. In addition, the backlight adopts matrix light control technology, which can better control the distribution of light and enhance the dynamic contrast of the picture. The black is purer, and the white is cleaner. From the black screen shot, it can be seen that there is no obvious trace of light leakage in the Micro Whale TV D series 55D, the black image is more uniform, and the light control ability cannot be overlooked.

Dynamic resolution test

Due to the limited technology of LCD TVs, the dynamic picture definition is often not high. When the Mini Whale TV D series 55D expresses a high-speed running train, the picture is smooth and natural as a whole, and the outline of the car body can be clearly identified without obvious sense of dragging.

Micro whale TV D series 55D micro whale mall 618 exclusive price 3298 yuan >>Click to buy

Evaluation summary:

From the above introduction, it can be clearly seen that the D series 55D is a smart TV with high performance and all-around performance. Compared with the same price model, it has a better performance in appearance design, hardware configuration, content resources, system experience and other aspects. , In addition to the first year only for after-sales service, buy rest assured, with peace of mind, very worth recommending. ■