Touch screen electronic whiteboard | God painting TT-P intelligent micro video investment experience

The electronic whiteboard is a high-tech product that combines advanced electronic technology, software technology and other high-tech means. Before the TT touch projection was introduced, it never thought that it could be related to intelligent micro-projection. With the introduction of dual-lens auto-focus, cross-touch, and AR-projection technology, Divine Image Technology integrates the electronic whiteboard function into the latest TT-P touch projection. Are you curious about this micro-projection?

Divine TT series products are divided into TT-P Business Edition for business use, TT-H Preschool Education for Family Parenting Education, and the flagship TT Plus Smart Edition. This product is a commercial version with built-in whiteboard function. Why? To name it TT, see 'Not Just To Touch' on the outer package, and TT is taking it from there.

The gods painted TT series touch projection design is more fashionable and dynamic. In the details of the design, it is even better. For example, the front side of the air inlet wind, heat dissipation is more efficient and will not make people feel uncomfortable. At the system level, PIQS UI3. 0 is still concise and clear, with 'Shenbi' remote control can be freely controlled, auto focus, automatic keystone correction is to let it have no concerns during use.

The electronic whiteboard is a heavy function of the god TT-P. This is not available in other micro-projection products. After the 'Shenbi' transfiguration, the brush can be freely annotated, and functions such as 'clear screen' and 'save' are very important. Practical, promising in the field of business presentation, Youku, CIBN dual content platform can also make it a home entertainment artifact.