Panasonic PT-BW535NC highlight projector 12999 yuan to send high-definition 150-inch electric HD screen

Panasonic BW535NC projector is a high-end high-brightness business projector, this projector uses 3LCD projection technology, with 5000 lumens ultra-high brightness, projection effect is excellent. Panasonic PT-BW535NC bright projector 12999 yuan to send high-definition 150-inch electric ALIKESI HD screen , need to know more details can consult Xiao Huang 18901880238 WeChat QQ894031002. You can also go to the physical store to experience the explanation 'Tmall Buy Link'

Panasonic BW535NC projector brightness of 5000 lumens, contrast ratio of 10000: 1, the standard resolution of WXGA (1280X800). Panasonic BW535NC projector lamp power is 270W, normal mode is 5000 hours, economic mode is 7000 hours. Panasonic BW535NC projector has HDMI interface, VGA interface, etc. Also have USB interface, rich interface is convenient for users.

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