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On May 25th, the international display giant NEC held the 'Ingenuity in 2017 New Project Projector Media Conference' at NEC Building in Beijing. The president of NEC (China) Co., Ltd. Yoshida Naoki, Vice President Fan Xin, and NEC Engineering/ Ying Libin, Vice President of Education Projector General Manager of Hong He Technology, and Han Daoyong, General Manager of Engineering Products Division of the Solution Business Division, attended the meeting. More than 30 media witnessed the launch of the NEC 2017 flagship projector. . NEC presented a wonderful 3D visual feast to all the industry participants and media attending this press conference. It fully demonstrated NEC's superior leadership and strong technology in the engineering projection field!

NEC 'Ingenuity' Press Conference Media Gathering

At the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Yoshida Naoki, President of NEC (China) Co., Ltd. took the stage to deliver a speech and expressed his warm welcome to the media. Yoshida Naoki stated that as a century-old enterprise, NEC has been ranked among the world's top 500 for a long time and has always been adhering to the localization development strategy. , With global resources and leading technologies, we are committed to providing Chinese customers with products and services that meet their needs. As a special guest of the conference, Mr. Yin Libin, Vice President of Hong He Technology, took the stage to speak. He believes that Honghe Technology is in line with NEC. Since strong alliances, both sides have mutual trust and mutual assistance, complement each other, and achieve a win-win situation.

Mr. Yoshida Naoki, President of NEC (China) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yin Libin, Vice President of Honghe Technology, spoke

3D stage show LCD new stunning debut

NEC elaborated the '3DMapping stage show' at the press conference. The main stage featured five sets of NEC's new LCD high-definition projectors. The new color management platform featured in the new product makes the color performance even more stunning, and the detailed performance is more perfect. The magnificent visual feast attracted the audience.

NEC LCD High Definition Projector Demonstrates 3D Stage Show, Exquisite

Liquid Crystal Laser & Dual Color Laser Swords, Layout Engineering Projection Market

After the exquisite 3D Mapping show was over, Zhang Weiguo, general manager of the display product solution business group of NEC (China) Co., Ltd. took the stage to deliver a presentation on the development trend of the high-end construction machine market and the NEC project to the guests and the media. The future layout and development strategy of the product line. According to Zhang, NEC will continue its efforts in the areas of emerging civil engineering, financial government, communications and communications, cultural tourism, educational technology and exhibitions, etc. in the face of the rapidly developing engineering projection market. Deep plowing. NEC keen insight, users in these areas have a lot of, diversified needs for solid-state light engineering projectors.

Zhang Weiguo Describes NEC's Perfect Laser Engineering Projection Product Line Layout, Deepening the Industry Market

The NEC products released at this conference include: The flagship PH3501QL+, PH2601QL+ two-color laser 4K projector, PA803UL+, PA653UL+ LCD laser HD projector, and PA803U+, PA653U+, PA853W+, PA703W+, PA903X+ projectors. It is PA series liquid crystal laser projection and PH3501QL+ series of two-color laser projectors with a brightness of up to 35,000 lumens, which effectively strengthens the NEC laser projection product line layout. Currently, the full range of NEC laser projectors has been fully covered by LCD & DLP two projection display technologies. , Monochrome & Two-color & three-color full-line laser light source technology, and other technical dimensions, and through the strong combination of cooperation with Honghe Technology, strong penetration of various fields and channels, to provide users with overall solutions and thoughtful and meticulous service.

NEC new engineering machine luxury lineup

NEC family-style CCT inner circulation heat-dissipation structure exquisite design

Laser Plus, creating high-quality laser projection

For the core concept of 'Laser Plus' proposed by NEC for laser projection, Cui Yongxin, deputy general manager of Sales Support Division of Display Products Solutions Group of NEC (China) Co., Ltd. explained that as a company with nearly 40 years of research and development of projection products As an international brand with experience, NEC has been a pioneer in the development of cold light source projectors as one of the core strategies. It has become one of the first companies to introduce laser projectors in the industry. At present, the most complete laser product lines. Many years of R&D and practical applications have accumulated valuable value for NEC. experience of.

Cui Yongxin explains the advanced concept of NEC laser projector Laser Plus

NEC believes that an outstanding laser projector should be optimized in terms of light source selection, sealed heat dissipation, control algorithms, and 4K+ quality display technology. The sealed heat dissipation technology is visible on the new PA Series LCD laser projectors. One thing: This series of products is the only LCD projector in the world that does not have a filter. It uses NEC's unique patented 'CCT internal-circulation sealed heat-dissipating technology', which not only effectively blocks the entry of dust, but also ensures rapid heat dissipation inside the machine and guarantees the length of the entire machine. Stability of time operation. For the two-color laser PH3501QL+ series products, Cui expressed great expectations: The color of this series of products reached the original DCI wide color gamut, the performance is extremely bright, and its support for 4K/120Hz is even more The future high-frame-rate content output provides sufficient technical support. It can be said that the PH3501QL+ series will be displayed for NEC and large-scale exhibitions. The theme park's interpretation activities will bring the most shocking results and the most reliable operation guarantee.

NEC Two-Color Laser Flagship PH3501QL+ Enters Large Exhibition Industry

Comprehensive layout of the laser projector market Multi-project amazing industry

Two-color laser flagship PH3501QL+ perfectly presents a colorful 4K picture

Blending of Two PH1202HL+ Laser Projectors Creates New Horizons

NEC Digital Ballroom Immersive Beauty

NEC demonstrated a variety of projector solutions at the conference, which perfectly illustrated the leading edge of the overall layout of NEC laser projector products and demonstrated the king's temperament in the projector industry.