NEC Senior Interview: The Whole Line Layout Leads the Laser Projection Market

International show giants NEC It is a long-term world 500Strong professional display product leadership brand, its projector products have been leading the development of the industry. 2017year 5month 25day, NEC in Beijing NEC Building held 'Ingenuity ' 2017New Projector Projector Media Conference, at the meeting NEC Released the latest engineering projector products, including PH3501QL+Series two-color laser, PA Series of liquid crystal laser projectors become NEC Layout of the flagship product of the laser projection market. NEC Monolithic liquid crystal laser, monochromatic laser, three wafers DLP Monochromatic laser, three DLP Two-color laser, three DLP Three-color laser and other comprehensive coverage of all dimensions to meet the application needs of different industries and fields.

After the meeting, NEC (China) Co., Ltd. Display Product Solutions Business Group General Manager Zhang Weiguo, Deputy General Manager Cui Yongxin and NEC engineering /Yin Libin, the vice president of the educational projector national distributor Hong He Technology, was interviewed by the media. The new flagship product pushed by this conference was NEC The future of the layout and cooperation with Honghe and other aspects of a win-win cooperation conducted in-depth exchanges.

NEC (China) Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Display Products Solutions Group, Cui Yongxin,

General Manager Zhang Weiguo, NEC engineering /Yin Libin, Vice President of Honghe Science and Technology Director of Education Projector (from left to right)

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reporter: NEC Projecting projectors at 2016How is the annual performance? 2017What are your goals for the year?

Zhang Weiguo: 2008Since NEC Projector sales have consistently ranked in the top three in the world! 2016The growth in China in the year is also quite rapid. According to the statistics of the prospect consultation, NEC 2016Market share from 2015Year 8.93%Raised to 9.90%, grew closer 1%, In general 2016The year's performance is still quite impressive.

Zhang Weiguo NEC in 2017Years of development with confidence

on 2017The goal of the year is first and hope and 2016In the same year, the market share in the industry can continue to grow rapidly. In addition, we hope to make breakthroughs in some key industries, such as: theme parks, large-scale dance and other markets. For now, the entire project projector market is continuously developing rapidly. State, expected 2017The engineering machine market will be a year of prosperity and development. 2017It is also a year of rapid development of laser engineering projectors. Laser engineering projectors can be said to be a hundred schools of thought, so the solid-state light source projector will be the core driving force for the development of the projector market. The speed of development will exceed the imagination. Moreover, the project projector products It will also be more diversified. The combination of core imaging technology and light source technology will bring more space for users to choose.

Good competition in the industry is a good thing and can drive all peers to develop better technologies and solutions. Of course we also hope that NEC Whether it is in technological innovation or development in market share, it is higher than the overall level of the industry. At this press conference, we launched the new flagship two-color laser engineering projector products and PA The new series of project projectors further improved the product layout. We believe that with these heavy products, NEC Is bound to be 2017Achieved better results in the year.

reporter: 2017year NEC What are the major target markets for engineering projectors? NEC How to deepen the market?

Zhang Weiguo: We will be planning meeting 2017 NEC The main target market for new product engineering machines is locked in exhibitions, emerging civilian, educational technology, cultural tourism and other fields. NEC in 2017The most important thing in the project projector market is to use its own product technology advantages, and combine its strong channels and service advantages to continue to increase its market share.

Speaking NEC The advantages of brand and product, NEC It is one of the three companies that hold digital movie screening licenses and has many years of experience in film machine development. Many high-end cinemas have adopted NEC High-end products NC1201L Projector, this product uses NEC Exclusive patent -Double cavity CCT The internal circulation dust-proof and heat-dissipating technology has high reputation for its high quality. It has been praised by many customers, and its reputation has been continuously improved. This technology is fully optimized and applied to new products. PA Series and PH3501QL+In the series of products, NEC The stability of the laser projector's continuous use has been effectively guaranteed.

In terms of resources, the current application scenarios of laser engineering projectors are very extensive. Except for high-end cinemas, the tourist attractions and large-scale amusement parks displayed in exhibitions, and some large-scale real estate developers will launch some theme parks to use laser projectors. To understanding, 2015Annual tourism accounted for GDP Total value 10%, Cultural tourism becomes 'Thirteen Five ' New highlights under the new normal, 2016year 5Month, Ministry of Housing and Urban- 5Year of construction 1000Featured towns, 2017year NEC There will also be more in-depth cooperation with these fields, and the application scene of laser engineering projectors will be broader.

In the field of education, Honghe Technology has a pivotal position in the domestic education projector market. It is understood that the state’s financial education funding continues to grow. 2015Annual accounting GDP Total value 4.26%The education market is rapidly expanding. Honghe Technology has in-depth understanding and keen insight into national policies, and has strong customer channel penetration capabilities. It has in-depth knowledge of education informationization and can NEC Bring more forward-looking needs and more customers. In addition, the state promotes the construction of world-class universities and first-rate disciplines in these constructions. NEC Can provide better products, services, and solutions. These are NEC Hehehe Technology Co., Ltd. joins hands to deepen understanding and control of education market.

Technology, NEC Through close cooperation with government agencies and science and technology museums, it further penetrated the technology market. 2016Years NEC In cooperation with our partner Honghe Science and Technology, we held a spectacular laser ball screen projection demonstration at the China National Science and Technology Museum’s dome screen theater. NEC With strong technical strength, it has won numerous related industry projects and customers. This year, we will continue to cooperate with science and technology museums in depth to enhance NEC Control and influence of the industry; On the other hand, it will learn from this successful experience, establish benchmarks in other large-scale industry fields, tap demand, provide products and services.

With regard to emerging civilian use, NEC have 30Years of experience in projector R&D have led the industry in color and optics. In recent years, the immersive creative theme restaurant market has quietly emerged, and the creative theme wedding market has begun to flourish. NEC Projectors of laser-engineering projectors will also go deep into them, accompanied by the rush of immersive experience.

Reporter: Honghe Technology is in NEC Since the cooperation, what has been achieved in the high-end display industry? How will the future be laid out?

Yin Libin: Honghe Technology is in NEC During the two years of cooperation, the performance of engineering projectors has grown steadily, and many large-scale projects have been completed. At the same time, with the help of active exploration of resources from both sides, a series of benchmark projects represented by the China Science and Technology Museum laser cinema have been established and the industry has been expanded. There is more cooperation within. It can be said that NEC Join forces with Honghe and strengths to complement each other and achieve a win-win situation. I believe that all media friends can foresee this through today’s press conference. NEC in 2017In the year, we have a perfect product layout and a strong market ambition. Honghe Technology will continue to exert its channel advantages. NEC Hand in hand for greater glory in the new year!

Yin Libin said NEC Join forces with Honghe, complement each other, achieve success 2017Greater glory

Reporter: Hong He's strong channels and NEC Excellent products combined, how to achieve complementary advantages, strong combination?

Yin Libin: I think that sales performance depends on three aspects: product power, channel power and service power. No doubt, NEC It can provide users with extremely high quality projection products with excellent performance, stable operation, and extremely rich product lines. Honghe Technology has strong channel capabilities, and our channel coverage and penetration capabilities are among the best in the country. Only high-quality channels can truly reach customers. At the same time, Honghe’s sales team can recommend the most suitable products according to the diversified needs of users, provide supporting solutions, and continue to pay attention to the products that customers have already purchased. Our service is excellent. I believe NEC Cooperating with Honghe Technology in these three areas will surely lead the development of China's projection industry!

Reporter: In recent years, customers in various fields have become increasingly demanding for laser projectors. NEC How to lay out this demand? What are the advantages?

Zhang Weiguo: NEC It is one of the first brands to introduce laser projectors. Our products have passed the market inspection and have been recognized by customers. 2017year NEC The product layout of the laser is more plentiful and comprehensive, not only the projection brightness is covered 5000-35000Lumen, but also in liquid crystal monochrome laser, monolithic monochromatic laser, three DLP Monochromatic laser, three DLP Two-color laser, three DLP Three-color laser technology applications, NEC The product also achieved full coverage. NEC The laser projector is quite rich in content and has many unique technologies and structures. For example, NEC of CCT The patented internal cooling seal technology can effectively block dust and quickly dissipate heat. As we all know, in the cinema application scenario, the product quality and color requirements are very demanding. NEC NC1201L With NEC The exclusive patented technology maximizes the dustproof effect. NEC The product quality and stable performance have been recognized by the industry's customers, and its sales volume is also on the market. This technology is also fully applied on new projectors. NEC A big weapon for laser projectors. I believe NEC Through a rich product deployment, we can fully meet the various needs of various industries. 2017The laser projection market performance in the year is very much expected.

Reporter: Cui Zhehao, just mentioned in your speech. Laser Plus And projection DNA The concept, then NEC What are the important genes that should be considered for excellent laser products?

Cui Yongxin: First Laser Plus The concept is NEC It is considered that laser projectors are not just lasers. A laser projector does not mean that it is a good projector. A good laser projector requires comprehensive consideration of light source selection, sealed heat dissipation, control algorithms, and 4K+Quality display technology and other four elements.

Cui Yongxin emphasized NEC The four elements of the laser projector CCT Patented technology leading industry

NEC Laser projector products are used NEC R&D experts have devoted many years of research and experiment to family CCT The exclusive patented technology of internal circulation cooling is to completely seal the important optical components inside the projector and heat-dissipate heat through the refrigerant. This is NEC The product of strong technology precipitation. This technology can prevent external dust from entering the inside of the machine and damage the optical components. It solves the problem of dust and heat dissipation of the projector light engine and light source, making long-term use more stable.

Benefit from exclusive patented dual chamber dust protection CCT Internal circulation cooling structure makes NEC The power consumption of laser projectors is greatly reduced. For example, NEC NC1201L The overall power consumption is only 1300Tiles, comparable to household hair dryers, consume very little power.

NEC Inside the laser product, a variety of light perception, temperature sensing systems and sensors are NEC The unique algorithm controls and adjusts the operation of the complete machine to ensure that all components can work stably under the optimized conditions.

true 4KThe quality display technology includes four features: 4KResolution, HDR High dynamic range, HFR 120Hz High frame rate, wider color gamut. PH3501QL+Series of two-color laser projectors, not only physical resolution 4K, and its native gamut is DCI Wide color gamut, support 4K/120Hz High frame rate, is true 4KTrump products.

reporter: NEC What are the advantages of the liquid crystal laser projector introduced this time? How to locate?

Cui Yongxin: NEC Although not the first to introduce liquid crystal laser projector manufacturers, but PA The availability of a series of products confirms once again NEC No sound has become a blockbuster powerful technology and quality products. PA The series of LCD laser engineering projectors have done three unique worldwide: NEC Leading color management platform and technology, becoming the only liquid crystal laser projector that realizes adjustable white balance; CCT The patented technology of internal circulation seal heat dissipation has become the only liquid crystal laser projector without a filter in the world; 3DTechnical Liquid Crystal Laser Projector. In addition, this series of products adopts NEC Independent chip technology, realized HDR with BT2020Wide color gamut. It can be said PA Series LCD laser projector is a set NEC Develop an extraordinary product with wisdom. This powerful product will not only meet the needs of the traditional large-scale conferences, but will also be used in exhibitions and exhibitions to provide users with superior and stable products.

Reporter: The two-color laser is a major highlight at this conference. NEC How do you expect this product to be positioned?

Cui Yongxin: NEC Correct PH3501QL+Series of two-color laser projector placed high hopes. The series of products reached the original color DCI Wide color gamut, extremely bright and supportive 4K/120Hz It is to provide sufficient technical support for future high-frame-rate content output. 35000Bright and bright CCT The internal-circulation sealed heat dissipation technology will provide the most perfect picture performance and the most stable operational guarantee for the large-scale dance industry, theme parks and other industries. In addition, the availability of this heavy-weight product has effectively complemented the NEC Laser product line. NEC Since then, it has a liquid crystal monochromatic laser, monolithic monochromatic laser, and three wafers. DLP Monochromatic laser, three DLP Two-color laser, three DLP Tri-color lasers are a combination of multiple light sources and technology for laser projection products, making NEC Can enter more fields.

With the use of high-end products, the word-of-mouth effect will lead to the sale of more series products. NEC Two-color laser flagship new product, will become our NEC Quickly open the gold key to higher-end markets. Through us NEC The comprehensive layout will bring a complete set of more complete solutions to the customer.

NEC The product, the pursuit of technology and the focus of the gene, is condensed in the blood, flowing in NEC In the brand. Believe 2017year NEC With comprehensive product layout, excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service, we will satisfy the diversified needs of customers and continue to lead the development of engineering projection market!