Cards are available! Huawei 4G Routing | 2 Reviews: Supports all Netcom

I. Preface: Operators speed up and reduce fees 4G routing or intercepting broadband

Since the Prime Minister had urged on two occasions in January, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a number of administrative orders such as '[2017] 82', '[2018] 87', etc., and the three major operators were forced to launch a series of preferential traffic policies. Similar to the 'ice cream package', 'XX king card', Internet of Things cards and other kinds of new things continue to gush.

From this we can see that traffic is getting cheaper and cheaper, compared to the unchanging wired broadband, which is inferior to everything – high tariffs, limited coverage, fixed installation The location... As shown in the figure below, users are voting with their feet.

↑↑↑ 2017 Statistics of Changes in 4G Users and Broadband Users

Under this situation, 4G routing will come into being. In 2018, on May 15, Huawei officially announced Huawei's 4G routing 2, the listed price is only 389 yuan. The router does not need to pull the cable, only need a 4G/3G The traffic card can provide WiFi and Internet access, which means that if there is a 4G/3G signal, you can use it.

Huawei Huawei 4G Routing 2 Parameters Overview