199 yuan! Millet router 4 evaluation: full Gigabit Ethernet +4 antenna

I. Preface: The Rapid Propagation of the Internet Millet Router 4 Released

In recent years, the popularity of the Internet has been astounding. Basically every household has been connected to the Internet, and the speed has been greatly improved. From the original 4M, 8M to today's 100M, 200M, etc., so every family There is an indispensable device - router.

Millet, represented by cost performance, is also making routers, and it is one of the three major products of Xiaomi (mobile phones, TVs, routers). It has launched three generations of devices as of last year, and this year it is the fourth-generation device - Xiaomi router 4 .

Compared to the previous 3G version of the millet router, the configuration is basically the same, but the memory of the millet router 4 is not as high as the former, but it is superior to the price. The price is only 199 yuan, and more convenient additional functions are added.

Millet router 4 was two years away from its predecessor. Compared with Xiaomi router 3, it mainly upgraded the processor and added the MiNET function. It can connect networked access needs of smart devices such as Xiaomi and Mijia to one-click networking.

We quickly got this router at the first time. So what's the difference?