With his bizarre idea of ​​zipping the carton, he once again aimed at the plastic bag!

He created an eco-friendly 'zipper cartons' that have no tape wraps, no need for any box opening tools, and a simple tear to make the original complex unpacking process instantaneously simple. To create a unique user experience, in production design, stick More than 40 national patents and 2 international patents have been obtained for plastics, machinery and equipment.

He is Xing Kai, the most talented person in the packaging industry, and a founder, CEO, and product manager. He became a listed company executive at the age of 28, but in a near-infamous year, he had thought of installing cartons. Zippers have intrigued everyone's inherent knowledge of the carton. Perhaps, for the packaging industry, there is a 'zipper' between the old and new times.

'Jinshan Yinshan, but also green mountains' quietly between the "green revolution" is ongoing. May 30, 2018, with 'remodeling the green dream' as the theme of a tear 2018 new summer The conference was held in Hangzhou Qianjiang New City Marriott Hotel. More than 100 guests from retail, e-commerce, logistics and packaging fields, customers and media gathered together to witness the birth of a brand new brand Nbag. IT Times Net was invited to attend.

Pain! The unbearable environment

According to the “Status and Trend Report on Green Packaging Development in China's Express Industry”, in 2016, the total amount of plastic bags for the express delivery industry was 14.7 billion, of which express delivery used 6.8 billion directly, and the remaining 54% was for e-commerce and sellers to bring their own packaging. 2017, China The express delivery volume exceeded 40.1 billion pieces, which is not unrelated to the rapid development of the e-commerce industry. However, the huge amount of express garbage generated has also become the target of public criticism.

Data shows that in 2017, the full express delivery industry generated 40 billion express packages, of which 21.5 billion were courier bags. A research department predicts that in 2018 only courier bag usage will reach 30.9 billion, generating 500,000 tons of plastic express waste.

The increase in express packaging waste in China's mega-cities accounts for 93% of the increase in domestic wastes, and that in some large cities accounts for 85%-90%. In 2018, plastic waste generated directly from courier bags will exceed 500,000 tons, and the express garbage will be flat. Shop is equivalent to 1.29 million football fields!

This is not counting the amount of plastic waste produced in the take-out industry. According to a plastic bag of 0.06 square meters per plastic bag, the plastic bags used by the US group for a daily order amount to 720,000 square meters and can be covered. The entire Forbidden City.

Solving the problem of the pollution of more than 40 billion express parcels has become a top priority for the entire society and an important manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

Zhu Lei, president of the Qingdao Institute of Beijing Institute of Graphic Arts, one of the conference guests, stated that 'there is no perfection of the recycling system. At present, the disposal of express garbage in China is basically landfill or incineration. For example, Beishangguang and other cities, express packaging is a city. New waste main force'.

To this end, in November 2017, ten departments including the State Post Bureau, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the document “Cooperatively Promoting Green Packing Work” - by 2020, the proportion of biodegradable green packaging materials will increase to 50%. The new version of the "Express Delivery Package" GB, which was implemented on September 1, 2018, will further guide the express green packaging reduction.

Among them, e-commerce companies have tried a variety of environmental protection programs, Suning test-water-sharing courier boxes, Jingdong roll-out packaging bags, rookie multiple 'green warehouses' enabled use of tape-free cartons... More and more practitioners, environmental protection has become a trend , but it is difficult to implement in practice.

In the future courier industry, 'fast' guarantees no loss, 'green' can win, and environmental protection is a social consensus. However, under the influence of strict cost control by enterprises, plastic packaging used is mostly non-degradable inferior plastic. Environmental protection has to control costs. In the end, how to solve it?

In order to let the whole society have more environmentally friendly new packaging products, Xing Kai was deeply pondered. He decided to innovate again to make courier packaging 'relaxed'. This time, he aimed at the plastic bag and decided to make it less plastic components and cost-effective. , The user experience is even more extreme. Let the plastic bag be one step closer to environmental protection!

Nbag gives you popcorn baby touch!

At the conference site, a tear-off founder and CEO Xing Kai said: “The packaging and pollution caused by the express delivery and take-away industries are really inconvenient. How to develop economy, respect nature, protect nature, and reduce the damage to the environment It is a problem that the whole society needs to consider. '

In order to change this situation, China’s courier packaging has been greening, and the reduction and recyclability have been actively improved. However, due to cost pressures, many companies have had more than enough energy in the face of environmental protection programs. After one year of research and development, hundreds of formula debugging, launched a new brand Nbag.

In this conference, a total of three products were released. They were Nbag zipper courier bags, courier bags and shopping bags.

It is understood that Nbag replaces part of the PE plastic with 30% vegetable starch, which not only pioneered the breakthrough of the 10%-20% starch content ceiling in the industry, but also is a truly affordable, cost-effective green plastic bag.

In addition, Nbag also has a faint "body fragrance" - childhood popcorn taste, and baby-like lubrication of the touch, the heat seal strength, right angle tear, puncture strength, tensile strength and other properties are significantly better than the national standard and Toxic black bag, in terms of breakage rate, it is significantly lower than normal courier bags at 6% to 11%.

According to Xing Kai, a founder of Tear, Nbag obtained the Ten Ring Mark issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (formerly the Ministry of Environmental Protection) and the European Union DIN double environmental protection certification. This means that the product is not only of good quality, but also in production and use. Specific environmental protection requirements, compared with similar products, also have low toxicity and harm, saving resources and other advantages.

It is worth mentioning that, as measured by the US BETA laboratory, Nbag's bio-carbon content is greater than 25%, and its bio-based content is greater than 30%. This has also made Tear one of the first enterprises to obtain the “Ten-ring” certification after raising the threshold of environmental protection standards in China. !

At the new product launch conference on that day, L'Oreal Group, which has always advocated green life, became the first customer of Nbag. To date, more than 100 brands such as Tmall, Xiaomi, L'Oreal, Suning, and Xiao Hongshu have become torn partners.

In addition to its absolute advantages in overall performance, Nbag’s cost advantage in terms of price is also very significant. Xing Kai claims that it is an affordable, cost-effective product. It is reported that Nbag’s current raw material price is 9999 yuan/ton, and the comprehensive cost is similar to ordinary. The PE bag is flat, 3-4 times lower than the full degradable plastic bag. It effectively solves the problems of e-commerce and express delivery companies for many years and becomes a strong guarantee for environmental protection.

Xing Kai stated at the press conference that in 2014, in order to solve the problem of separating the carton and the tape, it was unavoidable to create a zipper carton without the use of adhesive tape, and it was approved by more than 100 customers. Today, in order for the whole society to have The new packaging products that are both environmentally friendly and high-quality products have brought Nbag, which is not only a new, natural product, but also bears our deep respect for nature.

Since the day when the tear-off character has entered the traditional packaging industry, the dream is to explore more environmentally-friendly, more efficient and forward-looking industry solutions. Today, Nbag is not only an environmentally friendly packaging product, but also hopes to evoke the full The attention of the industry, together promote the environmental protection business, whether it is technology, or product popularization and upgrading.

I hope that the sky above our heads will be less hazy; I hope that the land under our feet will be less polluted; I hope our food will be safer; I hope our family will be healthier. Environmental protection, There is no way to go, Every step, Count all.

In the future, can the express industry really become 'green'? Can express packaging really be installed on the road? This is a step-by-step process that requires the whole industry to work together. Use packaging to change the world, be a real activist, and start a brand new one. Green Age!