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It's less than one months away from 618, are you ready for the buyer's wallet? As we all know, home appliances category is often the electric business World War Platform electric Dealer of a fire concentration point, jingdong this plan one months ahead of the "explosive products ahead of time" promotion of home appliances promotional preheat, from May 25, 2018 0 o'clock can enjoy promotional offers to meet the needs of everyone impatient shopping.

Now small set for everyone to recommend a few heart water has been a long time of household electrical appliances, easy to have to purchase the needs of friends focused browsing.

1 Samsung (Samsung) 70A 65-inch AI artificial Intelligence TV

Reference price: 10999 yuan, the actual price is subject to the page

Products Link: https://item.jd.com/7195002.html Some time ago, small into the hands of a smart Bluetooth speaker, think that this small things good smart, will tell jokes will fart, will learn to call the dog can sing, boring can accompany chat, want to learn knowledge can play the lectures of Experts professor, can't help feeling this artificial intelligence technology is really good. Now incredibly surprised to find that artificial intelligence has been used on the television, the Samsung and Beijing-East intelligent Joint production of Samsung 70A intelligent voice Micro-linked LCD TV, it is refreshing the small set of artificial intelligence understanding. Originally, life can be so convenient, it does not need you to pick up the remote control, as long as the use of words to say a word, you can meet your requirements; The appearance is simple and generous, the ultra narrow border design looks high-end and fashionable; It can also be the home of all the intelligent equipment management, with it, air-conditioning, electric kettle, lighting, air purifier, rice cookers and other smart appliances can achieve a package of control. Imagine when you come home from work, lie on the couch, say ' boot ' to Samsung 70A, ' play The Avengers League 3 ', ' Turn on the air conditioner ', ' I want to eat white porridge ', ' I want to drink boiling water ' ...

There are all kinds of smart devices to execute commands for you right away, all you have to do is relax and enjoy life.

2. Haier (Haier) inverter-level energy-efficient cylindrical 3 air conditioners

Reference price: 8499 yuan, the actual price is subject to the page

Products Link: https://item.jd.com/18800493502.html When it comes to cylindrical air-conditioning, the first one to think about it, it must be Haier. Haier launched a cylindrical air conditioning has been for some time, cylindrical air conditioning with its innovative design, the most provincial space footprint, intelligent control of the technical advantages in the air-conditioning market occupies a place. Small series has long been to the cylindrical air conditioning mouth-watering, rather than in the decoration of heavy investment, as in home appliances to buy more than one heart, the choice of a design sense of household items is less money, the effect of good kingly. This Haier KFR-72LW/17EAB21AU1 3 air conditioner, not only has the elegant atmosphere appearance design, but also has the Self-Cleaning module, maintains the machine to be clean, gives the family to send out the brand-new good air; It has a strong dynamic performance, refrigeration heating speed, but also in accordance with the need to automatically enter the dehumidification mode; It remembers your favorite temperature, and adjusts the wind speed according to the room temperature, lets you easily enjoy the comfortable home life;

In intelligence, this air-conditioning is also very user-friendly, through the mobile phone app can connect with air-conditioning, instead of direct operation of remote control, but also support the remote controls function, bring convenient use feel.

3. Panasonic (Panasonic) ultra-thin series of variable frequency drum automatic washing machine

Reference price: 3998 yuan, the actual price is subject to the page

Products Link: https://item.jd.com/11801239691.html Washing machine is really a great invention, with it, mother no longer hand washing clothes, my woolen trousers wash bad. But the trousers wash bad does not matter, the important thing is the mother's hand, I do not want to let the heavy housework, increases mother's burden. With this Panasonic (Panasonic) xqg70-s7055 ultra-thin variable frequency drum automatic washing machine, washed clothes not only clean as new, and do not hurt clothing, time is also greatly shortened; Super large capacity for 4-6 of people's large family; WiFi intelligent control, outside also can open laundry mode, back home can be taken out to dry, really a intimate life small helper; Do you feel comfortable with your underwear cooked? No, this washing machine can be accurately controlled to 95 degrees, killing bacteria and viruses, and also a healthy living environment.

The washing machine at ease to the mother to use, do not worry about too much she will not use, just a key induction intelligent start, automatic induction temperature, water level, cloth, intelligent start washing. You reader, May 23 to May 25, Jingdong mobile phone app will have a group of red envelopes to rob, you can get wireless exclusive full category coupons. From May 25 to May 31, Beijing-East micro-letter, mobile phone QQ shopping will be online interactive activities, gifts and the total value of more than 200 million Yuan coupons issued. In addition, from June 1 to June 17 throughout the great promotion period, Jingdong finance every night 6:18, there are Beijing East cash red envelopes rain, the maximum of 4999 yuan.