Feng Xin personally devastated the storm small magic cast | just to watch a movie

How long have you not watched a movie? With this question, let's take a look at the little magic cast released by the Storm today.

Unlike Storm's past press conference, this storm group CEO, Feng Xin, took the stage as the product manager. ' After graduating 25 years, after experiencing many products and projects, I decided to make a product for myself and speak for it. Feng Xin is a movie lover. As a senior movie fan, he has long remembered how to make a product that solves many problems with projectors watching movies. Let's take a look at the story behind the birth of Xiao Miao.

My ideal movie is actually an hour and a half without interruption.
The lights must be turned off, and the best in the evening. Really if it is daytime, you have to pull thick curtains tightly. A beam of light is on the opposite side. The person in the picture must be big enough, between 75 and 100 inches. Wall. The house is black, and turning on the phone would be dazzling, so nothing else but watching movies.
Before you watch a movie, it's just as easy to play as you like to play, so it's particularly easy to arrange a screening.
The film must have been selected long ago. When the light is turned on, it begins. There is no delay at all (selection, page flipping... none of these moves can be done). The movie you like, when you see it, it takes a moment to slow down. Only then can we come.
You can take it with you when you are far away, so you can watch a beloved movie in the hotel room. So it can't be too big.
When watching a movie, there can be a little yellow light in a corner behind me. I just saw the tea and smoke on the table. Snacks can't be taken in principle. In fact, there can be one or two chews that don't sound too loud. You don't need to stop eating. Smoking is a good one. After a period of calming people's heart is slightly calmed down, lightly smoke out of a cigarette. Smoke lingers in the light beam.
You shouldn’t talk more when you are watching. As for a person who looks with her, they all have their own interests. They like to watch movies together with their children. They don’t talk at all. Their eyes are fixed on the screen and they can hold her hands. She feels sometimes nervous, sometimes happy, sometimes sad...
They thought it was true, and I also wanted to think so.
This kind of feeling, when you were a kid, when you were watching an open-air movie, when you were growing up and you were sitting in the first two rows of the cinema, you want to have it in the night when you want to watch a movie.

This is Feng Xin's ideal scene of watching a movie. In fact, it also tells the heartfelt wishes of every movie enthusiast. Apart from going into a movie theater, we can also meet the requirements of such a movie. Feng Xin’s answer is a storm. Little magic cast. Little magic cast is actually a miniature projector, but this is just its external form, perhaps it should be regarded as a 'film projector'.

The brightness of the storm is less than 220 lumens. In many micro-projections, the brightness is more than 1000 lumens today. The brightness of the storm is really a bit 'cool', but don't forget that its round body diameter is only 13cm. , Such a small volume has a brightness of 220 lumens is not a small breakthrough, and 220 lumens brightness is no problem to watch in the dark light environment.

Realizing a higher brightness in a smaller body did not really impress me. The introduction of Feng Xin later made me really start to love this product.

Although not a standard, the base stand designed for the small magic cast must be bought, because it allows the small magic cast to easily cast to the ceiling. After all, the only remaining white wall in many scenes is the ceiling. This stand uses aviation-grade aluminum. Magnesium alloy and magnetic base can rotate freely with a 360-degree free viewing angle, and stable projection can be achieved with a single tap. In addition, a 24000 mAh super large-capacity battery is designed to support continuous playback of two movies. The most important thing is to be used as a stand (later listed).

In order to make the movie more ritualistic, the Storm Magic has designed a spin start with a cost of $42, a rotary start with a bang, although not mentioned at the press conference, but there is a benefit to this design that avoids scratches on the lens. Or dirty. Shouldn't the remote control be used to boot? However, the Storm Little Magic isn't equipped with a remote control, and it won't have this part later, becoming the first projector without a remote control.

Without the remote control, Storm launches the little magic cast app containing the '1994 Movie Engine'. Here, slide around to browse the movie smart recommendation information stream, and slide it up to achieve the in-place movie recommendation of similar movies. Slip down to join the waiting list. The original time-consuming and arduous job of film selection can be easily completed on a mobile phone, and it is possible to find a film and a film. Why is the '1994 movie engine' because 1994 was the most glorious year in the history of the film.

Surprisingly, it was not like the operation interface of Storm TV but the display of 12 movies. It was just selected before. It can be said at the moment of boot. What to see. In the future, the Storm Magic Magic will also be on-line. The user can open an online screening room, select favorite movies to share with other users, and organize the introduction before the show.

Although the size of TV is increasing, projection technology is changing with each passing day, but the number of times it is used to watch movies is not much. The storm has transformed the viewing experience from three aspects: hardware, software and service modes. Returning to the most original appeal, let us see what kind of attitude to treat the film, and only need a low-end mobile phone to own it (the standard version starts at 1799 yuan, the hot version starts at 1299 yuan).