Air conditioning is not on in summer! Five office fan trials

As the weather is getting hotter every day, the air conditioning in the office is not awesome, so it is especially necessary to add a weapon! A small electric fan is not particularly practical! Oh, but there are so many small electric fans in the market. Prices From tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars, what should you choose? It's not that simple!

Through comparison of products, it can be found that the price varies from 19.9 yuan to 300 yuan. The price varies greatly, and the product features are different. Xiaomi USB fan is compact and easy to carry; MUJI fan is more Japanese, excellent workmanship; Solove full-featured, Mobile-portable; Remax is uniquely sculpted and full of sense of technology; the last unbranded online shopping fan has a simple design and is biased towards tradition.

Five fan noise test results

Noise is the most concern of consumers. After all, they are often on the desk. Noise is too easy to affect others. Through testing, it can be found that the noise is proportional to the wind power. Millet fans have the lowest noise, followed by MUJI, Solove. Performance is good, and Remax fans, online shopping brand no fan noise value.

Five small fan wind test results

It can be seen from the wind test results that different brands of fans have the function of adjusting the gear position. Among them, Solove's maximum gear speed can reach 5.1m/s, while the MUJI fan has the most gentle wind speed of 2.4m/s. Through the result analysis, most of the USB type The fan wind speed is set between 2.4~2.8m/s. Surprisingly, do not look at the smallest fan millet, wind speed reached 3.2m/s.

Although the five small fans are in different price ranges, they can basically meet the needs of consumers. From the standpoint of product characteristics, millet fans have a good wind, but after all, the fan is too small and the coolness is not very good. The online shopping unlicensed fan has a rough workmanship. The noise is also relatively large. Remax fans have the same problem, and the noise is relatively large. While the MUJI fan works well, the wind power is also moderate, but the price is too high. In comparison, the Solove fan is superior in cost performance, and the three gears are switched , The built-in battery is easy to carry, and most of the colleagues around it use it!

Having said so much, which one is more into your eyes for your office environment and conditions of use? While hot summer mode has not yet been turned on, hurry to pick one!