Extreme Rice Releases Screenless TV H2, H2 Slim, Laser TV, and LUNE

When it comes to non-screen TVs, most people think of them as first-rate meters. As early as 2014, Miji proposed the concept of a “non-screen TV” product and created this new category in the market, and has been focusing on Screen TV's design, R&D and production. Miji Technology was founded in Chengdu, but previous conferences were held in Beijing. This time, Miji Technology chose to hold a new conference in spring of 2018 in Chengdu, in addition to bringing a non-screen TV H2. , H2 Slim, Laser TV, and LUNE are three products to demonstrate Chengdu's transformation from the leisure capital to the capital of innovation.

The H series is the flagship model of the Nomi screenless TV. This release of the H2 without screen TV has a significant increase in brightness, quality and experience over the previous generation H1S. No screen TV H2 and previous generation The product is basically the same, the biggest improvement is brightness. The brightness of the previous generation H1S is 1100 ANSI lumens, and H2 brightness is 1350 ANSI lumens , Reached the highest level of the current category of products, and therefore shouted the slogan can not see during the day can not pull the curtain.

Another product is H2 Slim, which is smaller than H2, but the brightness is not low, reaching 1100 ANSI lumens.

Both H2 and H2 Slim adopt electric sliding door design, support auto focus and up and down left and right trapezoidal correction. Added intelligent assist correction for the first time , When used, it is not limited by the placement position.

In terms of price, Polar meters H2 price 4999 yuan , will be limited sale on May 16; H2 Slim is priced at 3999 yuan , An appointment will be opened on May 16th and available on June 1st.

Last year, Miji released three laser television products, T1, A1 Pro, and A1, which were released this time. Redefine the million-dollar laser television.

LUNE refers to the romantic and mysterious 'Moon de Luna'. It describes the overall appearance of the LUNE. The outer shell is made of white highlight material and matt texture material. Intuitively, it is just the Mi-ray laser projection TV that has been in contact with before. Bigger, and it uses 0.65-inch DMD display chip , The current ten thousand yuan level laser television uses the 0.47 inches DMD display chip.

Brightness is the core indicator of laser TVs. It is equipped with a higher specification display chip, LUNE, and the final brightness is reached. 2700 ANSI lumens , Refresh the brightness performance of the million-dollar laser TV.

Extremely-high-powered laser TV sets and LUNE are priced at RMB 12,999. Reservations will be opened on June 1 and will be launched on June 16. The initial buying price of 10999 yuan.

In this conference, Zimi also announced its establishment with Baidu. AI Screenless Lab Relying on Baidu's DuerOS technology, Nomi screenless TV is equipped with a brand new Extreme meter AI system , Support humanized multi-wheeled guidance and interaction, search for video, play video, query Baidu Encyclopedia, inquire about weather, etc., At the same time access to a number of IoT platforms, can interact with other smart devices at home. Also added Voiceprint recognition function can identify the voice of each member of the family and recommend personalized content according to personal preference, truly thousands of people.

In terms of content, the current meters have been built Mango TV, Galaxy Kiwi, Sohu video, PPTV poly sports, 4K gardens and other video content and Baidu music, 蜻蜓 FM resources.

The conference finally announced the global market expansion plan for Mimi 2018. At present, Mimi has expanded its market in North America, Europe, and other key markets. It has also raised and sold rice screenless TVs H1 and CC in overseas. This year, Mami will be online and offline. At the same time force, layout South America, Southeast Asia, Russia and other markets. In addition, the overseas version of the screenless TVs H2, Z6 will be synchronized to open pre-sale overseas, Z6 is expected to be on-sale at the beginning of June, H2 is expected to be in stock by the end of July .

In order to provide overseas users with more rich video entertainment content resources, better audio-visual enjoyment and artificial intelligence interactive experience, Mimi is also actively working with Google, Amazon and other partners to carry out in-depth cooperation.