Quality of life and health choice | Little Swan heat pump dryer evaluation

In today's society, the middle class is a very hot word, people can define it from various aspects of life, and mention signs. For the field of home appliances, the standard of the middle class is the dishwasher and dryer.

As an alternative to hand-washing appliances, dishwashers can save people a lot of time and effort, and also have more time for users to spend their spare time. With the raging haze, people gradually attach importance to the problems of natural drying, dry clothes Machine as a professional home appliance dryer, can achieve ordinary drying can not do a quick drying, in addition to odor, eliminate dust and other effects, is to enhance the quality of life is the best choice.

The current dryer market is mainly divided into 'Straight row , Condensing , Heat pump type ' Three major categories of products:

Straight row The appearance of the product is similar to that of a closet. The exhaust pipe needs to be installed. By heating the air, the hot air is used to blow away the moisture. The wind noise is loud, the energy consumption is high, and the efficiency is low. The drying at high temperature also easily damages the clothing, and the floor space is also large. The only advantage is that the price is cheap, is not a fine cloth, easy to dry commonly used products.

Condensing The product heats the air into hot air, turns it into wet and cold air after blowing wet clothes, and then condenses water through the internal condensing system to generate dry cold air. Then the above steps are recycled to achieve the purpose of drying. Such products do not require exhaust pipes, as long as there is storage Water box or drain can be used. Condensing drying temperature is lower than exhaust type, eliminating wrinkle effect and protecting clothing better.

Heat pump type There is a heat pump inside the product, through which the heat generated during the drying process is recovered, without the heating of the heating pipe, which greatly reduces the work energy consumption. The drying temperature is also often less than 60 degrees, and the clothes are not burned, which is suitable for drying delicate fabrics. Compared to condensing products, the drying effect is also better. People often say the feeling of 'warm, fluffy' clothing, heat pump type is best.

From this point of view, heat pump dryers are the best choice for quality life. However, many users still have problems when using heat pump dryers, such as:

The drying capacity is small, but the clothes washed once by the washing machine can not be dried once, wasting time and energy;

After drying, there are wrinkles in the clothes. It is impossible to put on the body without double ironing.

If the drying time is too long, it often takes more than one hour to move, and it may even delay the time of evening breaks.

The bulky fabrics are easy to 'entangle' together after drying, and are also easy to dry unevenly, dry and wet.

Since the use of dryers is to enhance quality and enjoy life, then the above problems must be solved, or else it is the meaning of using them, isn't it!

Now, we got a Little Swan free ironing dryer, which has many features such as 'steam-free ironing, 10kg large drying capacity, fast drying in 20 minutes', etc., specifically for the pain points of heat pump dryers. To improve, then what exactly does it mean? Are you really talking about propaganda? The China National Grid Testing Center will take care of it and test it one by one.

The Swans free ironing dryer is a professional dryer with a drying capacity of 10 kg. The dimensions * depth * height are 595 * 640 * 845 mm, similar to the size of a common drum washing machine. The capacity of the dryer is 1~2kg, thanks to its large inner cylinder design, and we will mention it later when we show the inner cylinder.

Little Swan free ironing machine appearance

Because it is a heat pump type product, the machine does not need to connect any water, it can be conveniently placed on the balcony and other places, as long as pay attention to the use of the condensate in the water box can be poured out. If the user family water is very convenient, it belongs The large group of nerves, the machine can also be connected to the sewage pipe, so that the condensation directly discharged into the floor drain, more save a little.

Little Swan Free Tumble Dryer Accessories

Not only is it convenient to place, but the detail design of the aircraft is also in place. Like the water pipes and power cables, they have a cable tie and can be easily and neatly laid out. The side and back plates also have a shock absorption and noise reduction design to reduce the machine work. Impact on people.

Little Swan free ironing machine details

The front of the fuselage is a large display and knob function area, the large display is not only beautiful, the font display is also larger and more intuitive, the elderly with poor eyesight can easily control, very user-friendly. And the knob function area has 16 kinds of custom drying The program, its knob workmanship is also very elegant, giving a sense of beauty of art.

Little Swan free ironing dryer display

Little Swan Free Tumble Dryer Ribbon

Little Swan Tumble Dryer Knob Detail

On the edge of the screen is a condensate box. The condensate produced during the drying process is collected here. If no external drainage pipe is provided, the water inside should be drained after drying.

Condensate box pull operation

It is worth mentioning that the diameter of the inner cylinder of the Swans Tie dryer is 580mm, which is larger than that of the same level in the market. It has 123 liters of evacuation space and 440 ventilation holes at the bottom of the tube. With uniform low temperature air supply, effectively reduce the drying corner.

Little Swan free ironing machine inner tube panorama

Not only is it big, but the inner cylinder of the machine is also exquisitely crafted. The 3D cube inner tube, which is standard in the high-end products of Little Swan, is used to effectively guide the air flow between the clothes and the wall tube, fully ensuring that the wall of the tube is in contact with the clothes, and each corner Can evenly heat, evenly drying clothes. Hand touch is also smooth and comfortable, will not wear and tear on the clothes drying.

Little Swan free ironing machine inner tube detail

At the front end of the inner cylinder, there is also a dust collection net, which can be removed and cleaned after a period of use to avoid long-term accumulation of pollutants.

Pick and place dryer hair draping net

In order to provide users with a complete drying experience, the machine's inner tube also comes with a drying stand, which is specially designed for the drying of small items such as shoes and caps, plush toys, etc.

Inner cylinder drying bracket installation

Whether it is the workmanship design or the attachment configuration, Little Swan is not afraid to lose the standard of a professional product. The personal first impression is very good.

Familiar with the inside and outside of the Little Swan Tie dryer, let's take a look at the machine's drying procedure is convenient. The first is the rhythm with a sense of the knob, feel very good.

Little Swan free iron dryer knob

Users use dryers, the biggest demand is to reduce the drying time brought by cleaning, so the drying time is shorter, the better, how to compress the time on the basis of ensuring the drying effect, Little Swan free ironing dryer launched The '20 minute fast drying' program can be used for short-time quick drying of shirts and other small clothes. When important clothes do not get dirty, there is no need to worry about the dress code. Quickly wash and bake for minutes.

In addition to quick drying, the problem of folds in the shirt is often a headache. The steam-free ironing function of the machine can generate steam by adding distilled water or pure water, eliminating wrinkles on clothes for about 15 minutes, and allowing the garment to stretch. Change the program to have four levels, according to the number of clothing to adjust the steam intensity and time.

Adjust steam intensity and time for ironing program

For various changes in the actual drying, Little Swan free ironing dryer also provides a very free 'dry +' function, a total of four drying levels, each additional level of drying time increased by 10 minutes, in addition to 'except In addition to moisture, hot air warm clothes, fresh air, down jacket, fast drying 20 minutes, steam free ironing', other Cheng Xun can set 'dry +' function.

'Dry +' function intensity adjustment

For problems such as clothes worms and bacteria, the Little Swan Tumble Dryer offers the function of 'sterilization', using the UV lamp on the top of the inner tube, mirror reflection on the stainless steel inner tube, and 360° dead angle eliminating bacteria and bacteria. For baby's family, this feature is very practical.

Cannot be adjusted after selecting 'sterilization' function 'dry+'

For the problem of wrinkling of clothes, the machine also designed the 'anti-wrinkle' function, specifically designed to prevent wrinkling of clothes after they had been forgotten to remove them after drying. If this function is not enabled, the clothes drying machine will automatically operate intermittently for 30 minutes, and have chosen After changing the program, the intermittent operating time will reach 120 minutes. Even if the owner has something to go out for a while, there is no need to worry about the problem of wrinkling without clothes after drying.

Select 'anti-wrinkle' function operation

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the Little Swan Tie dryer also uses a precision perception system to control the drying temperature to no more than 55°C, protecting the clothes from damage, never fading, and giving the user the utmost care for love.

Through a comprehensive introduction, I believe that everyone has a lot of understanding of the Little Swan free ironing dryer. However, how the drying performance of the aircraft, we use the test below to test it.

Among the several major selling points of this machine, 'steam-free ironing' reduces wrinkles, and quick baking for 20 minutes is a very unique feature. We will test the effects of these two drying procedures separately. In addition, we will also have four sets of beds. Drying, see how the machine performance in the drying of large fabrics, there is no winding, there is no uneven drying and other issues.

Experiment 1: 'Steam-free ironing' reduces folds

In order to verify the machine's 'steam-free ironing' function, we chose a men's shirt that was easy to wrinkle, dropped into the inner tube, added pure water to the steam box, and performed a 15-minute 'steam-free ironing' to reduce the fold test.

A seemingly flat yet pleated shirt

Before we start the process, we need to add water to the steam box. Under the condensate box, we use the water box shown above to add pure water.

Add pure water to the steam box

Discard the clothes into the inner tube, select the first steam strength of the 'steam-free-ironing' program, start the machine and start the test.

Program selection and setting display

After about 15 minutes of 'steam-free ironing' drying, we checked the temperature and flatness of the clothes after removing the folds.

After the 'steam-free ironing' clothes show

After 'steam-free ironing' clothes details

Through the overall and detailed display, it can be seen that the previously crumpled shirt has been completely stretched and flattened. Whether it is a collar, or a fold in front of the sleeves or sleeves, the swan avoids the steam of the tumble dryer. Ironing free program is very effective.

In the second experiment, we will test the characteristics of the Little Swan free ironing machine 'Quick-bake for 20 minutes' to see if the effect of a small amount of fabric after drying in such a short time can be achieved.

Experiment 2: How to Dry Fast for 20 Minutes

In this test, we selected two large sports towels, which are difficult to dry, and stacked them into a stack to measure the height. We wet and spin dry, and quickly dry for 20 minutes. The temperature after drying, humidity And fluffiness to verify the drying effect of Little Swan's 'Quick Bake 20 Minutes' program.

Looseness before sports towel drying

We wet the towel, test the moisture content of the towel before drying is about 38.1%, select the Swans free ironing machine 'fast drying 20 minutes' program, start the machine to start the test.

The humidity of the towel before drying is approximately 38.1%

Select 'Quick Bake 20 minutes' program

After 20 minutes of quick drying, let's take a look at the drying effect of the two large sports towel.

The humidity of the towel after drying is approximately 19.4%

Looseness after sports towel drying

Sports towel texture after drying

After 20 minutes of rapid drying, we noticed that the humidity of the two sports towels was greatly reduced, and they were intuitively touched by hand and warm and comfortable. After stacking the towels, the bulkiness was significantly better than before drying. A lot of. If it is a thin shirt or cotton clothes, there is no problem if it is dried directly through the program.

In the third experiment, we will test the conventional drying process of the Little Swan T-shirt dryer and select a large piece of fabric such as a four-piece set on the bed to see if the machine will not be entangled in the drying and will not be unevenly dried. .

Experiment 3: Conventional drying of large pieces of fabric

This experiment chose a large piece of pure cotton such as a four-piece bed, so we chose the 'cotton and hemp' program. In order to test the drying effect more directly, we have features such as 'drying + sterilization' and 'anti-wrinkle'. Do not choose.

Four-piece bed ready to dry

Four sets of humidity before drying is about 47.8%

Select 'Cotton' program

Because the drying process was longer, we deliberately recorded the drying process when there were twenty minutes left. We can see that the fabric rolled in the inner tube is stretched.

Four-piece drying process record

After the drying process, we repeatedly tried many times because of the humidity. Because of the problem of the lowest reading of the thermometer, the data could not be measured at all times, indicating that the humidity was very low, and there was no difference in the feeling of touching with the sun and drying. It was completely dry.

Completely dry and unable to read the humidity value

After drying four sets of texture

In addition to testing the drying effect, when we took out the four-piece bed, we did not have any twisting phenomenon. The inside and outside of the fabric also dried out. It can be said that the conventional drying process of the Little Swan-free ironing machine is extremely effective. Best.

After we carried out three drying tests on the Little Swan-free ironing dryer, we now talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this machine.

First of all, the machine's 'steam-free ironing' function is very practical. For men's shirts, the problem of wrinkles can greatly affect people's image. This function can smooth folds in as short as 15 minutes, which is better than ironing clothes with flat irons. More convenient.

Secondly, the drying effect of this machine is still very good. Whether it is fast drying in 20 minutes or drying in large pieces of cotton and linen, it can be guaranteed to be ready for use immediately after drying. In particular, the fast baking function for 20 minutes can be extremely effective. To solve the eager dress problem in life, accidentally soiled the clothes, and use the clothes dryer to dry quickly.

Thirdly, the diameter of the inner cylinder of the machine reached 580mm, and the maximum drying capacity was 10kg. This means that general household large-size fabrics can be handled; in particular, bedsheets, etc., can be stacked over a minimum of two days to fully dry. Dry, but the dryer can achieve the same effect as long as 2 hours, do not worry about the impact of dust, haze, is definitely a huge improvement in quality of life.

Fourthly, the aircraft has 16 different drying programs, each of which has a preset drying program for different fabrics. The user with a convenient map is basically a one-button button; if the user wants to control the program independently, there is also “dry+,” Anti-pleats and other adjustment procedures, high degree of freedom. In addition to other functions such as removing bacteria and bacteria, is a major guarantee of health, for families with babies, this design is very practical.

In addition to its complete functions, Little Swan's tumble dryer is similar in size to ordinary roll washing machines; it does not need to be connected to the water line, and it is free to place in the home. It is ideal for sitting on the balcony and other leisure space. There is no place to go up or down.

Taken together, the Little Swan Tie dryer is a household clothes drying device. It is both excellent in design and function, and it is also very characteristic. It can solve many shortcomings in the drying of traditional clothes. As a professional household appliance for improving quality of life, The aircraft is very competent and worth buying.