Daily Fresh CEO Xu Zheng: Entrepreneurship is a collective journey!


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Regardless of the fiery blockchain in recent years, new retail

Or artificial intelligence, Internet of Things

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Aims to help small partners to better understand the industry and broaden their horizons

The guest who made the guest house today is

'Lenovo Graduates', Founder of Daily Fresh, CEO Xu Zheng

Xu Zheng is an out-and-out student

15 years old admitted to the Department of Mathematics, China University of Science and Technology

28 years old became the general manager of Lenovo's youngest division in China

Leading fresh daily fresh finish C+ round of $230 million in financing

Let everyone enjoy the food anytime, anywhere.

120 students listened to the scene and more than 200 small partners watched it on the spot.

The following is a quiz on the topic of Xu Zheng’s lecture on Nei Ditch.

Why do you need to set up daily fresh food?

There was a turbulent heart, and I wanted to toss and toss. When I looked at the fresh electricity supplier all over again, when I wrote the 10th report, I felt that the industry was really good. I'm sorry I'm sorry.

What prompted you to go out of business? Is there any critical turning point?

In fact, there is no special key point, nor is it a long time to plan. Using love as a metaphor, when a girl appears, she may not be the same as what you originally thought, but at that time and place you suddenly felt it. To tell the truth, Lenovo returned to her alma mater today.

What do you think about entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a collective journey. And this journey is not started in a state of complete preparation. When Tang Yao went to learn from the West, the emperor showed off, the resources are very strong, but a horse can pick up a few gimmicks After 3 days, the most important thing is to rely on creating resources on the road.

Entrepreneurship should be curiosity. There is a beach of water in front of you. When you have curiosity, you just jump down. When you are not curious, you stand beside the cold. You must embrace curiosity.

What is the most important thing in the entrepreneurial process?

1. What the user wants in the end

When you look closely, you will find a problem. When women go home to buy food, they always say a few words. When they buy a bag, they look completely different. So I found that 'female is not happy to buy food'. This is a question for users. Insights. Of course, women also very much hope that there will be an app on the press. The food will come and the unhappy things will become more efficient. In addition, we will return unconditionally because we believe that 99% are good people and don’t want to be 1%. People feel troubled by 99% of people.

2. The time of entry is very important

We observed that after 2015-2025, 80, 90, 00, we changed from being a fresh force to being the main force. What is the concept in 2015? The 25-year-old is 90 years old; the 30-year-old is 85 years old; the 35-year-old is 80 years old; There is a need to cook fresh food at home. The time to enter the industry is very important, such as the 7-point exam, you arrive at 2 o'clock, and it is useless.

3. It is very important to understand the industry

The innovations of this era are: To do what others cannot do before, Our predecessors can't do it well, We can do it, We have the opportunity to survive. What you have, if it is not needed by the industry in the future, is the burden.

How do you understand the concept of new retail?

Share three key points of new retail:

1 online and offline fusion

2Social, users share

3CMO becomes CGO, with a higher degree of data, making decisions based on data to see user needs, such as seeing different poster conversion rates, pricing, etc.

What is the difference and common ground between Lenovo's internal entrepreneurship and Lenovo's entrepreneurial venture?

In fact, the core is that there are many resources for internal entrepreneurship. It is very difficult for entrepreneurs outside the enterprise. What is more important is what you want inside. When I started my business, I didn’t recruit people at all, but I’m not going to This kind of problem, this is the resource.

Innovation is to explore unlimited possibilities with limited resources. How do you have a single point of experimentation: 30 points, 60 minutes, 90 minutes?

You can achieve 60 points, after listing, the rest can be achieved through gradual interaction with the user to update iterations. Take two years to study a customer like to eat the package, it is better to give users a variety of choices, let users themselves to match. If you choose 30 points, in the case of insufficient preparation, may cause the user needs a wrong judgment. when you do 90 minutes of time, there may be behind closed doors.

How to look at the failure of innovation and entrepreneurship?

Innovation has a high probability of failure. Innovation needs to enjoy uncertainty. If you cannot enjoy it, you will be anxious. I chose to start my own business because I was afraid that my life was too definite. For me, I was uncertain and I was happy. Only I was honest with my heart. , Talents will be happy, the mentality is very important.

Some words

I am a pure Lenovo person.

Deeply influenced by Lenovo's culture and association management methodology,

Lenovo’s culture and management are very good.

Lenovo is a state of opening and embracing.

And its gene is very good.

In the event of fluctuating times,

It needs to have new Lenovo people stand up and start their own businesses.

Create a better future for Lenovo.

If everyone thinks that this 9 block 9 ticket is worth it,

how about it?

After listening to this pure dry goods lecture is not full of ~

Last but also congratulations to Xu Zheng graduates

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