'Jingban beat' | Jingdong, finally to stir up the water of the small program e-commerce?

Jingdong has been on the Kepler platform for two years, and it has been four years since the start of the social e-commerce business. Now that the applet is 'at that time', Jingdong has finally taken further action.

Today (April 24th), Jingdong officially launched the Kepler Light Mall applet, saying that it completed the upgrade of the Kepler platform and proposed a set of retail and marketing solutions based on WeChat eco-commerce. That is, Jingdong also started to do small program platform service providers.

Wechat e-commerce ecosystem has long been in full swing

The business of the Kepler Light Mall applet is actually to help the brand merchants to provide the applet generation platform, traffic introduction and other functions. Brand merchants who have not settled in Jingdong Mall can also generate a platform through one key and build retail shops in the Wechat market.

According to JD.com, the upgrade of the Kepler applet platform was equipped with Jingdong’s own marketing products including Jingdong Direct Investment, Jingdong Food, etc. Through the Beijing-based powder plan based on community and advertising functions, social cubes, using Jingdong direct investment as Brand merchants drain in social ecology.

According to the statistics released by JD.com, there are currently Procter & Gamble's full-line brands, including more than 2,000 brands such as Unilever and Haishu Home. They completed the micro-letter ecology with the help of Beijing Mall.

Regarding the retail layout under the WeChat ecosystem, Jingdong currently has these three types of content: One is the WeChat ecological shopping portal, which is the WeChat of Jingdong, the first-level shopping portal of QQ, and the second-level shopping portal of small program; The second category is the product layout of social content attributes represented by JD.com's 'shopping circle'; the third category is Jingdong’s marketing products, 'Jingdong Fighting' and 'Giving gifts'.

Now, in the small program ecosystem of Tencent itself, Jingdong has finally appeared.

Just Jingdong Light Mall small program seems to be a bit late on the line, in the small program e-commerce platform in the beach battle, trying to seize the WeChat e-commerce platform resources players have long been separatist.

After the small program was pushed up, it has been cultivating the small program e-commerce market.

Xiaodian is said to be the only small-program e-commerce platform invested by Tencent. In the introduction of its founder, Wan Xucheng, Xiaodian has now handled more than 5,000 platform transformations from the media; the praise has also been completed in recent days. After 22 months of backdoor listing, it became the first share of 'WeChat Ecology'; Wei Wei has just completed a one billion yuan financing, and it is claimed to refresh the financing record of Wechat e-commerce ecology...

However, Jingdong, which could have taken advantage of Tencent’s power to dominate the market, is now 'slowly beat'. It is only today that it has taken the steps of the e-commerce platform for small programs. It is necessary to know that Tencent itself has no e-commerce gene, so Jingdong has been able to The 'Involvement' of 2014, after cooperating with Tencent, Jingdong has had Tencent open its WeChat, QQ's first-class shopping entrance, but Jingdong with such advantages, I do not know why it has not been a piece of apple 'The sea of ​​bonuses'.

Of course, Zhang Xiaolong once said that small programs are not prepared for any format, and they are not prepared specifically for e-commerce. However, since the development, they have not been acknowledged by WeChat. Small programs already have a strong e-commerce ecosystem. WeChat currently does not It will actively support the e-commerce ecosystem of small programs, but Jingdong can now lay out for it. Therefore, no matter how late it starts, in the story of the small program, Jingdong, who was sent to high hopes, must still brush in on this sense of existence.

The Jingdong WeChat Hand Q Division Zhang Jing also disclosed that this year Jingdong will focus on the WeChat shopping app. This year, the story of WeChat E-Commerce Ecology this year may have a new look.