Winter breaks freshly baked | Teach you how to vacation

Recently, a news detonation network of the National 303 High School Winter Holidays rankings. In the winter holiday of 2017, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Tibet University for Nationalities took the lead with 58 days of winter vacation. The number of days of winter vacation in more than 100 colleges exceeds 40 days. After a period of intense stress, how will college students make vacations?

Chase the movie? Gigabit speed brings you around 4K

The survey shows that a large number of university students hope that during the winter holidays, they will make up for the good movies they have missed during the entire semester. “Translators”, “Splendid”, “If snails have love”, “Sparrow”... According to the 2016 latest television show ratings survey released this year, a large number of high-rated TV dramas are on the line. There are also movies such as Crazy Animal City, Captain America 3, and Warcraft. Long production, Among them, Li An's "Billie Lynn's Long Intermission" is a groundbreaking introduction of 4K/3D/120 frame technology in the big movie.

With the popularity of cutting-edge film and television production equipment, more and more realistic images make more and more users choose to watch 4K resolution videos. However, in reality, there are many friends who have doubts: I obviously use 100Mbps broadband, but why do I see Does the video often appear stuck or tearing?

Needless to say, many people will think of the source of Caton problems. It is the delay of streaming media information caused by poor wireless network throughput. Indeed, the lack of performance of wireless router infrastructure equipment is the main source of such problems. The reason is that in the past wireless routers Using the 11N standard network, these networks mainly use 150Mbps rate channels. In practical applications, due to various channels such as channel interference, multiple devices, and unreasonable antenna layout, it is bound to fail to meet the video streaming high throughput. Demand thus causes Caton.

The birth of 11AC wireless technology solves the above problems. Its final theoretical speed has been increased to more than 1Gbps. The domestic representative models of 11AC wireless routers on the market, such as Fischer K2, mainly adopt 1200Mbps, ie, 300Mbps+867Mbps dual-band signal layout, even if considering In the case of signal loss rate, data throughput of 400 Mbps can still be achieved, which fundamentally solves the transmission barrier of the 4K code stream.

Play online games PA+LNA take you carry the audience

Young people's entertainment and leisure projects are always inseparable from the game. According to a survey conducted by the Beijing Technology and Business University, 50% of college students claim to be addicted to online games. As the most popular online games in the world today, the monthly active users of League of Legends It has surpassed 100 million people. The competitive mobile game “King of Honor” has achieved the target of 30 million daily active players that the League of Legends has completed in just eight months. Even the turn-based hand tour “Yin and Yang Shi Zhi also achieved more than 10 million daily active players in only one month.

After going through the baptism of the final exam, it is necessary to have fun in the winter vacation, but whether it is "Heroes League", "DOTA2", "World of Warcraft" is now popular online games, or "King of Honor", "Onmyoji" This In mobile games, there are certain requirements for the speed of the Internet. The feeling of a sudden delay in a fierce battle is surely that people do not want to experience it. How can we have a better gaming experience?

In addition to the popularity of 100M fiber, in addition to the 11AC wireless routers that can fully realize the strength of 100Mb broadband, the PA+LNA module is also the key to ensure wireless performance of the router and reduce signal loss. The PA+LNA industry is also known as Power amplifier and low-noise amplifier circuit, external PA + LNA performance on the circuit board is only small two chips, but it affects the quality of this router's signal quality.

Typical products in the market, such as the Fiers K2 wireless dual-band router, have excellent external PA circuits. Compared with the traditional built-in PA, it not only maintains superior signal power amplification, but also avoids the built-in PA due to temperature changes. Instability, disconnection, and life-threatening issues. In addition, in terms of receiving client signals, the Fiji K2 added an LNA noise reduction circuit, which greatly improved the sensitivity of receiving client signals, making it easier to capture from cluttered electromagnetic waves. The correct data packet of the client. After two-way wireless network transmission and receiving optimization, the delay between the game client and the server is less and the delay is smaller in the Fiji K2 wireless network.

There are two sets of PA+LNA gain circuits on the lower side

See live? 5G brings you easy interaction

Recently, the annual live big data of live broadcast was broadcast. The report shows that the average monthly income of the campus anchor of the pepper farm reached 16,000 yuan, and the number one campus anchor reached the high income of 1.9 million yuan monthly. Currently, the live broadcast has become a part-time job for university students. First choice, more and more students are also participating in the big live broadcast platform to interact.

However, friends who have played live software have more or less experience: the picture is stuck, the delay suddenly becomes high, or the audio and video are not synchronized... This is due to the poor quality of the network.

The other reason for the long network delay is the channel interference problem that the RF signal encounters in the transmission process. At present, 2.4G channel wireless routers still being promoted by some manufacturers are essentially phase-out products. The reason is that such routers are wireless. There are only 11 radio frequency channel selections, and only 1, 6, 11 are three sets of central frequency points that are not interfered with each other. Such a lack of channel resources inevitably causes channel interference. When a 2.4G wireless router goes to the client When transmitting data packets, there are other 2.4G band electromagnetic waves in the channel such as microwave ovens, remote controls, etc. When a wave with a similar wavelength occurs in one channel is directly or indirectly coupled, it will interfere with or even block the communication, making the same data. The packet needs to be resent to reach the client, which will increase the delay caused by the wireless network. The advantage of the 5GHz band is obvious at this time. The faster data transmission capability makes it possible to give full play to the strength of the 100M fiber.

Today's dual-band routers such as Feixun K2 use external PA, LNA module mode to strengthen the signal receiving and sending capabilities of K2. With the help of PA+LNA module, its 2.4GHz signal is 5 times that of ordinary routers, and 5GHz signal is improved. 6 times, making the signal layer through strong and powerful, the signal increase does not seem to directly increase the speed, but the stronger signal sending and receiving capability is to ensure that the live broadcast of normal operation, reduce the key to Caton.

Overloaded 2.4G band

Whether it is chasing movie and TV dramas, playing online games, or playing around with major live broadcast platforms, a suitable dual-band wireless router is a guarantee for the rich and colorful life of the winter vacation, and the '0 yuan purchase' of the Fiji K2 from the craft, signal , function, price, are the best choice for purchase, now you can go to Jingdong to buy.