Beautiful AI smart refrigerator 750 shines AWE, showing the wisdom of life

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At one time, industry experts stated that 'the next 20 years are artificial intelligence +, and each industry will be transformed by artificial intelligence.' Today, this is by no means a 'rumor'.

On March 10th, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang stated at the first session of the 13th National People's Congress that in the future, the integration of key technologies for the implementation of the next generation of artificial intelligence science and technology will be accelerated. The transformation and application of artificial intelligence innovation results will be gradually accelerated, and the promotion of artificial Smart applications are applied to the development of industries and applied to all aspects of social life.

In various industries, it has been widely recognized in the past that the “traditional” home appliance industry has witnessed the application of artificial intelligence technology in the past two years. Various kinds of novelty-goods that are centered on intelligence continue to emerge. Smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart air conditioners, Smart kitchen appliances, etc., bloom everywhere, not only satisfying consumers' intelligent and differentiated demands, but also creating a smart life with a convenient multiplication.

(AI refrigerator, just at the site of our home-American AI smart refrigerator launch conference)

On AWE 2018, Midea Refrigerator launched the new AI Smart Refrigerator, which once again pushed the refrigerator industry's intelligence level to a new height, achieving 5M remote speech recognition, the world's leading millisecond image recognition, and the world's first 21.5 inch invisible touch screen. As well as the use of the “3+1” model pioneered by users and refrigerators to support big data, it has created unprecedented value for refrigerators. Among them, the US-based refrigerator's annual flagship smart model, the ALLINSIDE AI smart refrigerator BCD-750WGPZV, is particularly dazzling.

(AI smart refrigerator 750 shines at AWE2018 booth)

(US AI smart refrigerator '3+1' new mode layout)

The reason why it is called 'ALLINSIDE all-fresh space' is because in design, Midea's AI Smart Fridge 750 is designed with a cross-to-open door, but it has a larger capacity than a normal cross-to-door refrigerator, with a dream of 750 liters. The large space is also the industry's first AI smart refrigerator with the largest capacity, while the internal use of the humanized design of fine storage, specifically planning 'stomach space', 'hidden space', 'smart moisture control drawer', 'sealing cabin' , 'Smart flip box', 'Large bottle space', 'Fast freezing fresh compartment', 'Freezing zone', 'Temperature change space' and more than a dozen divisions, for a variety of ingredients carefully built to better meet their different storage needs Exclusive space, so that all fresh can all inside.

( 'ALLINSIDE Fresh Space' creates exclusive space for a variety of ingredients)

For example, the 'seal chamber' can put mother's commonly used skin care products, masks, and make it not degenerate in low temperature storage, 'big bottle space' can be placed without sparkling wine, whisky, 'change temperature space' can put favorite salmon, To maintain the best taste, fresh instant, 'Zhugou space' is also set to 'defective', 'zero degree', 'micro freezing' 3 mode adjustment, to make fresh stay more durable, 'Smart flip box' can be put Frequently used grains, chocolate, etc...

The most special design is the unique 'warm heart crisper' of the beautiful AI smart refrigerator 750. As we all know, the refrigerator is used for 'cooling', but can you imagine it can also be used for 'heating'? In fact, This magical refrigerator product really realizes 'cold and hot coexistence': 'Warm heart crisper' has a total of 'ready to eat', 'red wine', 'refrigerator' 3-speed mode adjustment, can achieve 5 ~ 20 °C range of temperature changes, For users with poor gastro-intestinal conditions, this “warm-keeper” can be independently heated and precisely controlled. For example, if you want to eat along with snacks, you can place it in this “stomach-raising space” and choose “Easy-to-eat”. The model allows it to maintain a suitable temperature of 20°C, thereby eliminating the potential health hazards of eating raw cold foods. If it is to treasure my dad's favorite red wine, you can also choose the 'red wine' mode and put this 'warm-hearted food preservation box'. A key becomes private wine cellar space.

(Usage refrigerator original 'warm heart crisper' design, create 'stomach space')

In addition, the ultra-fast freezing compartment specially added by Midea's refrigerator freezer is also a big feat, and the general refrigerator product freezer is at a low temperature of -18°C, but this beautiful ALLINSIDE AI smart refrigerator 750 can achieve a -30°C fast freezing speed. In the shortest period of time, it locks in fresh ingredients such as Alaskan lobsters to maximize the taste and nutrition of the ingredients.

(Fast freeze-freezing cabin demonstrates the strength of refrigerator technology in the United States and can reach -30°C speed freezing)

Take a look at these two designs, that is, 750 can achieve a temperature change of up and down 50 °C, breaking the industrial temperature limit , It must be said that this is a very astonishing number! In addition, the 750's freshness and intelligent control of humidity, PST intelligent sterilization and other core technology blessing, all of which have brought absolute protection for fresh food ingredients.

In terms of smart experience, although there are quite a few smart refrigerator products on the market, it is clear that consumers are not satisfied and generally reflect the 'lack of bright spots' and 'intelligence'. However, with the experience of the author at the AWE booth, he experienced it. The 750 refrigerator subverted the limitations of existing smart refrigerators and made a lot of useful trials to really make the previous 'empty vision' a reality.

(US AI Smart Refrigerator 750 has the world's first 21.5-inch invisible touch screen)

The 21.5-inch high-definition smart screen embedded on the right side of the fuselage incorporates many new features. For example, the world's leading millisecond-level image recognition is achieved through the built-in high-definition anti-fog camera. Users can see the status of each ingredient in the refrigerator in real time. It can identify over 500 kinds of ingredients, do not worry about the refrigerator and recognize watermelon as an apple, and can provide encyclopedia knowledge of the ingredients according to the existing ingredients, and perform intelligent group dishes; for example, there are few refrigerators on the market that can handle voice control. Must stand near the refrigerator to be able to operate, not far away from the spirit, but the 750 has 5M remote voice control function to solve this pain point, human-computer interaction distance up to 5 meters, the user can be in the living room Realize the control of the refrigerator in the kitchen. From then on, you can free up your hands by controlling the refrigerator. For example, this smart refrigerator can record the physical conditions of family members, and according to the taboos of different members, the illness can be tailored to the whole family. Equivalent to a full-time 24-hour caring nutritionist.

(This big screen adopts a new UI interface, which is more convenient and smoother and more user-friendly.)

In the field of smart refrigerators, Midea Refrigerator has always played the role of a pioneer, led the associated smart technology, product exploration and innovation. In this AWE refrigerator on the United States released a number of technical achievements, opened the AI ​​smart refrigerator for all audiences, The future of smart technology also demonstrates the industry position of U.S. refrigerators as smart AI refrigerator leaders.