Technology Early News: Dong Mingzhu is not afraid of betraying Lei Jun's gambling contract. Does Xiaomi dare to audit?

1, Dong Mingzhu is not afraid to retire with Lei Jun

In the past two days, in addition to the two sessions’ recommendations, Dong Mingzhu’s most frequently asked by reporters was that she and Lei Jun’s billion-dollar bet about five years ago. “There are ten months now. To that day , It is best to ask the notary office to be notarized. The audit department is required to audit the financial affairs of both parties.

Someone said that Dong Zong was silly at the time. Why did you just bet on sales with him and just bet on him to make a profit? I said it's okay. My report is reflected by the listed company. It is transparent. I hope when it is time. It's best to have a complete audit. '

Comments: Under the supervision of the society, it is obvious that both have grown substantially. The problem is, now how Xiaomi audit ~!

2, Apple wants to play big? Chuan will independently develop the display to replace the Samsung screen

According to Bloomberg News, Apple will use its secret facilities near its California headquarters to develop its own displays for the first time, which means that Apple will get rid of Samsung's shackles and gain more profits.

It is understood that at present, Apple does not manufacture large-volume screens. The first batch of small screens is only used for testing. It is worth noting that the MicroLED display developed this time will be thinner, clearer and more energy-efficient than OLED screens. Of course, the production difficulty is also much higher than that of the OLED screen. Previously, Apple had abandoned this project almost because of the technical barrier. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk that the production chaos brings to its profits, it should be developed as much as possible. Finally, Apple may also outsource the production of this new screen.

After the Bloomberg News report on the above plan was released, the share price of Asian display makers fell. Japan Display once fell 4.4%, Sharp fell as much as 3.3%, and Samsung fell 1.4%.

Comments: It's not easy to make a display. I believe Apple didn't be so silly.

3, Samsung immediately dissatisfied, want to exceed the screen, do not think! Has applied for a new patent Smartphone screen can also be pulled up

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week announced a patent application from Samsung. This latest patent describes a smart phone screen that can expand the screen of a mobile phone by simply pulling up and down. Earth expands the range the display can display. This smartphone is better suited for watching videos, movies, widescreen TVs and playing games.

The only downside is that smart phones equipped with such a pull-up display will be thicker than most current smart phones. If consumers can use 5G networks at a reasonable price in the next few years, this is particularly suitable. Smartphones that watch widescreen content are bound to become bestsellers on the market.

Comments: The screen can be stretched, this cow is big.

4, There is also an Apple news: Apple still has plans to launch the Red Gold iPhone X

According to the news of the well-known apple giant Ben Geskin, Apple is still planning to release an iPhone X with a red gold color. The English version of the red gold is Blush Gold. Currently, iPhone X only offers dark gray and silver options. Geskin also Published a photo of the iPhone X and SIM card holder. He said that the iPhone X is codenamed D21A. The device is currently in production. Of course, the device may be released later, and may be cancelled. .

Last September, KGI analyst Guo Mingchi said that the golden iPhone X had a production problem and may postpone the sale. Since then, there has been no news about the golden iPhone X.

Comments: What kind of ghost is 'Gong Hong Jin'? Will it cause a wave of waves?

5, This is a blockchain pilot: Coca-Cola and the U.S. Department of State use blockchain technology to fight against forced labor

The Coca-Cola Company announced on March 19th that the company is working with the U.S. Department of State, the Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA), the blockchain technology company Bitfury Group, and Emercoin to launch a blockchain-based technology. The pilot project. BTA is a global platform that uses blockchain technology to generate social impact. Bitfury is one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the blockchain ecosystem.

Brent Wilton, Coca-Cola’s global workplace rights director, pointed out that Coca-Cola has been exploring more than a year on multiple blockchain projects. Coca-Cola is working with the pilot areas of the latest project and hopes to further enable this. Some of the company's policy verification process in the supply chain becomes transparent and efficient.

Comments: The hottest news about the blockchain now is that the monthly salary is guaranteed at the end of the job. Of course, Wanwei Jun absolutely does not agree with speculation.

6, Real Hammer! Leaking 50 Million User Information Facebook into Controlling Election Tools

Since the beginning of the election, the controversy over whether Facebook used user data for political purposes has not been eliminated, but it has not fallen. It is not an easy task to obtain real and sensitive personal information. What channel does the Trump team really use? Which user data has been obtained? How does this data affect the election?

On March 17th, the Guardian and the New York Times published long papers at the same time, pointing the finger at the data selection company Cambriage Analytica (CA), who served the Trump team, as a real hammer falling.

According to the Guardian’s report, CA’s data comes from the theft of information on 50 million U.S. Facebook users in total. It is necessary to know that the total number of voters in the general election was just over 130 million people. It can be imagined that the 50 million information meant for the election. .

Comments: It's no wonder that Facebook’s shares have fallen all the way recently. I heard that personality testing on social networks is the secret weapon.