Ruijie Networks wins bid for China Unicom Data Center Project

Recently, official information from China Unicom indicated that the bidding for the procurement of equipment for China Unicom's data center has been completed in 2016~2017. For the data center scenarios of different scales, this tender is divided into 3 bid segments. Ruijie Networks has strong experience. Technology accumulation and innovation capabilities stand out in the highly competitive 3rd bid. Its RG-N18000-X (Newton Newton) series of cloud architecture data center core switches, RG-S6220 series data center access switches successfully selected.

In recent years, the construction scale of China Unicom's data center has continuously expanded, and six state-level cloud data centers in Xi’an, Langfang, Hohhot, Harbin, Chongqing and Zhengzhou have been completed and put into operation. This is achieved through a new generation of high-speed, high-capacity, high-performance networks. Interconnection, providing nationwide cloud computing service capabilities. In order to better promote the rapid development of IDC networks and cloud computing applications, China Unicom launched a new phase of data center switch centralized procurement project in October 2016.

This tender attracted a number of domestic and foreign manufacturers to participate in the competition. The manufacturers competed fiercely in terms of technical strength, industry experience, customization capabilities, and ancillary service systems. In the end, Ruijie Networks achieved outstanding results in all of the above projects. , Comprehensive evaluation wins with high score.

As the leading brand of data communications solutions in China, Ruijie Networks' data center switch products have always maintained an industry-leading position in terms of performance, functionality, and reliability. In particular, this award-winning RG-N18000-X (Newton Newton) series switches are a new generation of high-performance core switches launched by Ruijie Networks for cloud-based network applications. This product uses the 'zero backplane' innovation technology for the first time on the 100T switching platform to provide efficient and stable switching services. At the same time, it can achieve sustainable and smooth upgrade of the network in the next 10 years. In addition, the successful RG-S6220 series switches are all-Gigabit cloud computing data center access switches for converged FC/FCoE/IP networks, supporting VSU 2.0. With virtual-virtualization and rich data center features, together with the RG-N18000-X, it is possible to create a large-scale, full-network, second-tier network, and fully exploit the advantages and features of the converged network.

In addition to product performance and functionality that are fully in line with and superior to China Unicom's data center construction needs, Ruijie Networks has been included in this collection, which is inseparable from its outstanding market share, industry experience and service capabilities.

As a mainstream supplier of three major telecom products, Ruijie Networks continues to follow the construction requirements of operators' data centers and the evolution path of product technologies. At the same time, Ruijie Networks' data center switch products have been refined for many years in the domestic market. It has been firmly in the forefront of the industry and has made great achievements in the important areas of strong demand for data centers such as the Internet and finance. Ruijie Networks has participated in Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Qihoo 360, China Construction Bank, China Postal Savings Bank, Bank of Beijing The design and deployment of data center networks of different sizes.

In terms of services, Ruijie Networks has an original after-sales service system covering the whole country. There are 53 direct service support centers, 38 spare parts stores and maintenance centers, and more than 100 certification service agencies nationwide. Time responds to user needs and provides a reliable after-sales service quality guarantee for China Unicom's data center network construction.