S110P: Ai-Tai's first dedicated monitoring and control switch | Breakthrough listing

Today, video surveillance systems are widely used in various industries, and their importance is not to be rumored. With the innovation of computer technology and the upgrade of network bandwidth, video surveillance systems have also been upgraded all the way from closed-circuit television monitoring to PC-based card insertion. Video Surveillance, and then to the intelligent monitoring solution that integrates the basics and integration of various video information processing. The essence of these changes is the constant need for monitoring clarity and fluency. Therefore, select the appropriate switch that meets the needs of monitoring the overall network architecture performance. Has become a problem that needs to be solved urgently in the formulation of the early stage of the high-definition monitoring system and the project quotation.

S110P, AITAI's debut in 2017, is the first dedicated monitoring and control switch developed to monitor the actual needs of network HD monitoring.

Gigabit uplink cache

The S110P is designed for security support Gigabit uplink interface + large cache design. Compared to the 100M models, the S110P has a one-to-one Gigabit uplink and can increase the uplink rate by a factor of 10, and solve the long-distance transmission problem of optical fibers. , To ensure smooth and smooth transmission of multi-channel high-definition video, the picture is not stuck, not lost.

The 1.5M large cache of the S110P is designed for video surveillance systems that require large traffic transmission. Compared with the 128K-512K cache design of ordinary unmanaged switches, it is used in network video surveillance even if all eight ports are accessed. The 1080P camera can also guarantee the real-time video transmission. No packet loss or stalling occurs due to caching.

CDM thermal design, long-term stable operation

At the beginning of design, the S110P has been designed with a unique CDM heat dissipation system to ensure long-term stable operation of the S110P. CDM C: chip, using chip-type aluminum heat sink, high thermal conductivity and low density High-intensity heat dissipation effect; D: Distance, 5.4mm scientifically estimated sidewall arrangement of cooling vents, horizontal air convection, good heat dissipation; M: material, industrial grade all-metal fuselage , Forging of stainless steel, the whole machine passes the high and low temperature cycle test. Even in high heat and high humidity environment, S110P can run stably and efficiently for a long time.

PoE power supply and intelligent protection hold complex environment

The S110P is the first monitor-only switch from Airtech. With the PoE power supply function, the S110P can remove the power cable from the network and save the cost of laying the power cable. The high-definition surveillance camera can be freely placed. The flexible networking is Plug and play, easy to use.

The S110P provides PoE intelligent protection. After detecting that the output power of a single channel exceeds 20% of the normal output power of 30W, the S110P automatically stops supplying power to this port. After 30-60 seconds, the device automatically restores the port's functionality.

S110P PoE power supply and intelligent protection, easy hold complex environment, without fear of distance and power supply difficulty, to fully meet the requirements of the installation space of the project equipment.

One-key VLAN function to improve network security

S110P Aetna Security Surveillance Dedicated Switch, a unique one-key VLAN function, after the switch is enabled, the switch ports are blocked to block communication, and can only forward data to the uplink port to improve data exchange efficiency and system security, and effectively solve the high-definition monitoring caused by broadcast storms. The screen is stuck, not a smooth question.

S110P Aytech first monitor dedicated switch, from design to configuration to function, across the board to give you an efficient, safe, simple, and stable monitoring of private switches.

In addition, in order to adapt to more use environments, Airtex has also introduced the S110P-24V non-standard PoE monitoring switch to provide you with the most suitable products and make unremitting efforts.