Technology Early News: The 60th anniversary of the advent of TV sets.

1, 2020 China's smart TV market penetration will exceed 90%

Recently, some media have learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on supporting the application of artificial intelligence in home appliances and other fields. By 2020, the penetration rate of smart TV market will reach over 90%.

Among the many technologies of artificial intelligence, voice interaction technology has taken the lead in the application stage, demonstrating a strong market potential. Smart TVs based on this technology are considered as the next 'portlet', and many home appliance companies have been deployed here. It shows that by 2020, the global artificial intelligence system will bring over 47 billion U.S. dollars in income for home appliance companies.

Comments: Non-smart TVs have estimated that most color TV companies have stopped production. Who would dare not pay attention to the entrance?

2. The 60th Anniversary of the First Black and White TV in China Now Selling Up to a Thousand Yuan

On March 17, 1958, China’s first black-and-white TV set was launched with the Beijing brand television, which is now 60 years old. From birth, production, popularity to disappearance, the long period of time that black-and-white televisions have passed, in the fast culture The popular today is enough to be a generation of memories.

At Sun Jianmin's booth in the Zhongxing Road flea market in Yuzhong District, the number of black-and-white TV sets is a large number in this market. There are more than a dozen black-and-white televisions in the store. He told reporters that his collection includes 9 heroes from the 1970s. TV, because of its age, currently no sound image, but the price is still as high as 800 yuan. The reporter also saw the red shell of foreign black and white TV, including 9-inch Toshiba, Hitachi TV and so on.

There are only two types of people who rent black-and-white TV for him: First, collectors, and second, exhibitors. The price depends on the age of the TV. The brand, model and size may vary from a few hundred yuan to a thousand yuan.

Comments: Up to a thousand dollars, um, um, still quite cheap.

3, Iqiyi update prospectus: ADS up to $ 19 per share March 29 listing

iQiYi submitted an updated F-1 prospectus to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Sunday.

The prospectus shows that iQiyi currently expects the IPO (IPO) to be issued at a range of US$17 to US$19 per ADS share.

IGI Arts plans to sell 125,000,000 ADS shares in the IPO. If the underwriters exercise the over-allotment option, then the total number of shares sold will reach 143,750,000 ADS shares. Therefore, IGI's total IPO financing will reach a maximum of 2.73 billion. Dollars.

Comments: Technology and Chinese elements seem to be generally favored by investors. It is estimated that it will reach more than 10 billion US dollars.

4, The new type of lithium-silicon battery will increase the battery power by more than 30%

According to foreign media reports, Sila Technologies and Angstron Materials have developed a new lithium-silicon battery technology that can increase the battery power of mobile phones, automobiles, and smart watch batteries by 30% or more in just a few years. It will soon be ready for production.

The core of the new technology lies in 'anode manufacturing', which is mainly made of silicon. The anode is the main component of the battery. The current anode of the battery is made of graphite. The new anode is made of silicon and can store more power, but in the real world. In China, silicon anodes are often fragile or have short life spans and are difficult to promote.

Sila Technologies has developed a prototyping product that successfully solves these problems. It fuses silicon with graphite nanoparticles to make the product more durable. Sila Technologies also said that if they use the new technology they developed, the battery stores more electricity than today. The lithium-ion battery is 20-40% higher.

Comments: The 'breakthrough battery technology' on the Internet is still quite numerous, but only thunder was heard and no rain was seen.

5, scientists invented a new type of graphene membrane: 99% filtered seawater

With the continuous development of human beings, water pollution has become a global problem.

Scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia developed a new type of graphene membrane called Graphair.

They filtered the water samples collected at Sydney Harbour directly to the degree that they could drink. The test results show that more than 99% of the pollutants can be filtered out. Compared with conventional graphene, Graphair membranes are simple to manufacture and cost more. low.

Comments: The most expensive water purifier depends on you.