Konka Lu Jian: Vow to return to the first camp, Konka Color TV remodels Rongguang

The annual 'Chinese home appliances and consumer electronics fair' AWE recently re-opened in Shanghai as one of the world's three major home appliance and consumer electronics show in recent years, AWE received more and more international attention to home appliances and consumer electronics giant, has become the world's household electrical appliance enterprises to display their brand, technology and the strength of the stage. Konka domestic consumer electronics giant also unveiled a high-profile current AWE, China booth without extravagance and temperament outstanding and groups of display products have attracted the attention of visitors. where 75 inches 8K split-screen TV and a fully A2 Art Konka TV has become the new leader in the booth.

As the root of the Konka industry, TV is naturally the core of Konka's industry and also occupies the core of Konka's AWE platform. Following the launch of VVTV and Sports TV last year, the most impressive impression of Konka TV is 'change'. In the past few years, the company has jumped out of its obscurity and became a rare color in a quiet TV market. In particular, Konka Group's performance in the past year was stronger than it was in the past, and this profound change in Konka was commented.

“This change has both internal and external causes. Both of them cannot be combined to form the rise of Konka. ' At the AWE site, Lv Jian, executive vice president and general manager of the multimedia business unit of Konka Group, expressed this. He said that The color TV business is the foundation of Konka. However, how this fundamental industry can develop is indeed a problem that Konka has to face. Especially in the era of rapid changes in the business environment, manufacturers need to have a clear-headed mind, not only sticking to the heart of the industry, but also Adapting to the environment. Konka achieved its achievements last year. It should be said that these two points are adhered to, enabling the color TV business to achieve the most rapid development in recent years.

He analyzed the current situation in the color TV industry and believed that the current domestic appliance sales channels are complex. On the one hand, the offline sales share continues to shift to the online. On the other hand, online channels are also beginning to shift offline, especially into the 4th Five-Year. The market layout. At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce online competition, the previous model of low-cost machines for online sales is shifting to high value-added high-end models, which requires the color TV manufacturers to be able to obtain suitable online sales. The models. And last year, Konka introduced several television models that were screamed by the industry. In fact, this is exactly the characteristics of this channel, which has captured the market share. He admitted that Konka is now developing more color TV services. 'Easy', 'In the past, we must consider the pressure for survival. But now that survival is no longer a problem, you can dive down and explore how to survive better. The business results under different mentalities are obviously not the same.' He said, whether it is The users or partners are all aware of Konka's changes over the past year. However, Lv Jian also stated that under the changes in the external situation, Konka TV still needs to be determined. At present, our main channel is still offline, so we must leave more energy online. It is reported that the current proportion of Konka TV's online and offline share is narrower than before, but offline is still the mainstream. The key to doing a good offline channel is to do a good job of making products well. There must be differentiation and additional value. ' Lv Jian said. For example, Konka currently launches a TV product with a 3G memory configuration, although it costs 1G more than the original memory. , 1.5G products are much higher, but Konka looks for consumers' rigid demand for high-quality products and realizes the unity of high added value and high sales volume. This is clearly not possible before the reform.

The reform of the mechanism sounds vague, but in fact it is subtly affecting all levels within the enterprise. The new changes brought about by Konka's new young executive group last year actually infiltrated all levels of the company. 'For example, 24 hours approval The system is particularly effective for employees doing business. In the past, it took a long time for approval. Today, the signing and guarantee from the grassroots to the highest level is completed within 24 hours. This efficient mode has enabled us to win a lot of victory in TV operation. In this regard, Lu Jianshen felt that he described it as 'Konka's soul is changing.' Likewise, Konka's implementation of an architectural transformation in the multimedia segment of the main color TV business last year continued to result in improved operational efficiency. Last November 18th The establishment of Konka Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the color TV business, brings together Konka's color TV business from R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service to companies that have significantly improved the efficiency of Konka Color TV's response to changes in the outside world.

In the era of the picture tube, Konka was once the industry leader. Konka has a glorious past. Now our mission is to regain Konka Glory. ' Lv Jian told reporters that the 'three-year goal' within Konka Color TV has already been formed. The industry's top three, returning to the first camp of the industry, is the unanimous goal of Konka from top to bottom in the next three years. From this point of view, it is not surprising that Konka Color TV has changed since the beginning of last year. 'Konji TV has already begun to take off. Last year, we have returned to the second industry in Guangdong, the largest color TV manufacturing province in China. Among which, Guangzhou has reached the first place, Shenzhen and Dongguan are the second; this year we will continue to explore key markets, and strive to return to the top three industries in Jiangsu and Shandong. In Lu Zhang's mind, the timetable for how to return to the first camp within three years has actually been written down.

Facing the joy of the contrarian growth in the industry last year, Lv Jian also frankly stated that the current Konka and even the entire color TV industry are facing challenges. He said that in 2018, the overall color TV industry in China will continue to carry forward with a heavy load. The market capacity is still in an awkward state. Under this situation, most color TV companies in China are still in a state of not controlling the upstream screen resources, resulting in a relatively high risk of inventory protection. Therefore, inventory management and improving the efficiency of the supply chain are the responsibility of each color TV company. Required courses, Konka is no exception.