Science and technology early news: Jingdong Global Buying and Jingdong not the same thing? Alleged complaints

1, Writer 66: Jingdong Global Buying Business Deal Complaint Nothing

The well-known female writer Liu Keliu issued a document today saying that a friend of the company had encountered merchant selling in Jingdong Global Purchases and had not received reasonable results after complaining to and Consumers Association. responded that it was concerned about this matter. After sales. The department is involved in the investigation and strives to restore the truth.

The article stated that JD’s global purchase declared “authentic guarantee” and “fake a penalty of 10 yuan”, but the user purchased a U.S. Comfort U belt pillow from Jingdong Global, with a price of RMB 1489 for Jingdong and US$109.95 for US official website. The actual delivery is a waistband pillow identified as Contour U, US official website priced at 33.6 US dollars. The merchant explained that the wrong goods, you can return the refund, but refused to 'deduct a penalty 10'.

The following is Full article:

The topic of this article was not that of me. It was the sister-in-law of China Central Europe. Cheng Mo, a Grade 04 EMBA, who had no way to follow the normal complaint route according to law, requested me to make public the Jingdong Memorial to the public and avoid it. More consumer victimization.

Speaking of Liu Qiangdong is our outstanding alumnus, we have no reason to criticize him again and again. No matter me, or Cheng Mo, there are many consumers who complain to Jingdong every day on Weibo. , are all expected to fight for their own harm through legitimate channels, but are always in a helpless state.

Jingdong has always regarded Taobao as an imaginary enemy. To be honest, Jingdong can never have the height of Taobao. Regardless of the number of warehouses has built, the number of direct operations it has done, and the number of robots used to manage it, it has not always put its strength in the right place.

Where is the essence of commerce? Business is to establish a credit system and maintain the order of consumption. The biggest problem in is a problem that does not solve the problem. No matter how many times you spend in Jingdong, you have no credit system, and your consumption is not protected. Nothing. I think many consumers have this feeling.

The most powerful thing about Taobao is that it doesn’t have its own logistics, it doesn’t have its own store, and it tests a no-owner’s shop as if it’s closed soon, but it’s been working hard to establish a brand new credit system, building a commercial civilization, and breaking China. Five-thousand-year farming civilization under the five-environment relationship pattern, so that strangers can also exchange business, This is the underlying model of blockchain construction.

Therefore, judging from this point of view, Jingdong is still a traditional industry, and Taobao is the Internet economy. Jingdong’s heavy asset model, as long as the investment, Ali can quickly go hand in hand, but with the credit model created by time, the late establishment of Jingdong, The more traffic is lost. Moreover, although there are counterfeits, Taobao has been working hard to fight fakes. We have recently found it inconvenient.

Jingdong is not the same. Jingdong pointed at Taobao's nose and Taobao sells counterfeit goods. While spending a lot of manpower and material resources, it strived to build a new type of counterfeit goods market, making it extremely easy for overdrafts to establish a business relationship between people.

The following is the complaint of Cheng Mo:

'Jingdong' escort, businesses assured sales!

Open the Jingdong website global purchase, 'authentic guarantee', 'fake a penalty ten', 'Jingdong global purchase, global good things and peace of mind purchase', Jingdong website jumped out a powerful guarantee, and then I thought Liu Qiangdong talked about the society in major media. The deep image of responsibility, I have always felt that buying JD is most assured!

On this day, I bought fake goods in Jingdong.

First introduce this fake product. I purchased a U.S. Comfort U belt pillow from Jingdong Global, with a price of RMB 1,489 for Jingdong and US$109.95 for the U.S. official website. What the business actually sold to me was a waistband with the logo Contour U. Pillow, US official website priced at 33.6 US dollars.

In other words, the business uses a pillow of RMB 212, posing as a pillow of RMB 700, and selling RMB 1489 to Chinese consumers.

After receiving the pillow for the first time, I took a clear picture of the product and sent it to the merchant, telling him that the arrival was not a Comfort U pillow at all.

Businesses from all aspects of appearance, brand, weight, etc., argued to me, this is the Comfort U Pillow, even after I pointed out 'Ad introduce Comfort U pillows weighing 9.7 pounds, and the pillows I received were marked 7.4 pounds' Explain that 9.7 pounds is the weight of the pillow plus courier box.

The advertisement of the product, when referring to the weight of the product, actually included the weight of the express box. This explanation was also drunk, but the merchant insisted that the Comfort U pillow was sent to me and could not be returned.

In order to prove that they have been selling this product, the merchant gave me a screenshot and sent them their sales list. This civet cat exchanges the Prince's pillow and they sell so much on the global platform!

I landed on the U.S. website, downloaded the introduction of Comfort U pillows and Contour U pillows and sent them to merchants. The merchants saw that the evidence was conclusive before giving up on the sophistry and said that they could return the refund.

After shoddy, earning huge profits, and then a return refund on everything is all right, this black heart merchants do not punish, they have no cost to sell fake, but also how many people?

Jingdong Global Purchase is 'authentic guaranteed', 'deducted a penalty of ten'! Oh, I proposed to the merchant that the fake sale must be 'deducted a penalty of 10'. The merchant easily answered: 'We sent the wrong goods.'

Find Jingdong to be fair!

I contact Jingdong customer service and complain about unscrupulous business.

Unexpectedly, the biggest rogue, it turned out to be Jingdong!

The long details are skipped. The negotiation with Jingdong customer service is briefly described as follows:

1, To Jingdong Customer Service WeChat, detailed delivery of all information and information exchanged with the merchant, including genuine and fake product information, customer service said that a detailed record, a specialist will contact me.

2. Jingdong Commissioner called me: 'Your order solution is, the merchant sent the wrong goods, you can return the goods. 'I asked Jingdong customer service, can have a look at the communication records between me and the business? She said 'no, the business made a mistake Goods. '

Whenever I come up with any evidence, Jingdong customer service insisted that the merchant sent the wrong goods.

I proposed to complain that she was incompetent. She didn't care at all. She said: 'My job number 51162, no matter how you complain, will eventually return to me. This result will not change.'

3, I continue to call the Jingdong customer service hotline, complain the merchant, complain Jingdong customer service, wiring customer service said: 'Please believe Jingdong, I believe Liu Qiang East.'

4. Jingdong called again. Actually, it was still 51162. She said, 'What's your complaint? It's the result'. I complained 51162. I actually handled my complaint from 51162. Even Jingdong did not bother to do it. 51162 said, 'Your complaint is useless, and it's back to me.'

5. I continued to complain about Jingdong playing with customer complaints. I asked Jingdong customer service several times during the period: 'Jingdong promised a penalty of 10 yuan. Is it a penalty for the business, or is it fine Jingdong?'

All answers are: 'I don't know.'

6. It seems that is trying its best to protect its fake dealers. I rely on the government!

7, call 12315, Consumers Association, said: 'Online shopping there is no invoice, we will not accept, and Jingdong is not a Shanghai company, we do not care.'

8. We found Jingdong registered in Suqian, and called Suqian 12345. We haven't responded yet. But told me that Jingdong just registered the customer service company in Suqian. It has to complain that Jingdong must go to Beijing.

9, Beijing 12345 complaints, a few days later, Beijing, a department call me, Jingdong Global Buying and Jingdong is not a company, that company registered in Hong Kong, mainland China can not control, to complain, you can go to Hong Kong to find a judicial department to litigate.

10, the same day, Jingdong customer service phone, reply to my repeated complaints, specifically told me: 'We did not see the information you submitted, the merchant said that the wrong goods, you can return.'

11, I talked to the merchants. The part of the merchants who deceived people was actually erased by the Jingdong Data Processing. The false advertising information of the merchants was also erased. (The Palace had a foreboding and saved the screenshots in advance.)

Jingdong, you are very much dependent! I took you!

Liu Qiang Dong layout so carefully, so that customer complaints can not find the North; Jingdong employees so meticulously trained, united as one, and firmly protect unscrupulous merchants against consumer complaints, Jingdong escort, businesses can really put their minds to sell fake goods!

I can't rule on Jingdong's rogues. I hope to tell the vast majority of consumers that Jingdong is playing rogue!

Everyone has the awareness of safeguarding their rights, and the world’s efforts to do everything they can. The world is not expected to change soon, but there is always the possibility and hope for change.

Comments: Believe it Liu Qiangdong certainly does not know.

2. The Internet and home appliances are the focus of consumer complaints or typical

On January 18, 2018, the Consumers Association of China announced that the subject of consumer rights protection this year is: 'Quality consumes a better life'. Its intention is to listen to the needs of consumers in the market, guide and provide quality consumption, and do a good job in pre-sales service. The consumer's quality of life contributes to a better life.

Source: China Consumer Association

A few days ago, the National Association of Consumers Association published statistics on accepting complaints. In the whole year of 2017, the National Association of Consumers Associations accepted 726,840 consumer complaints, and solved 552,398 complaints. The complaint resolution rate was 76%, and the economic loss for consumers was 516.39 million yuan. Four-and-a-half-complaints were compensated by 4,898 complaints due to fraudulent acts by business operators. The compensation amount was doubled by 8.25 million yuan. The company received 1.21 million visits and consultations throughout the year. From the data analysis results, in these complaint cases, Internet services and households were used. Electronic and electrical complaints have become a top priority.

According to the data on complaints of major service categories in 2017, the Internet service, sales service, living social services, telecommunications services and culture, entertainment, and sports services accounted for the top five complaints in service categories. Compared with 2016, the number of Internet service complaints increased significantly. Mainly because some shared bicycle companies could not fulfill the deposit refund, resulting in a surge in the number of related complaints.

According to the China Consumers Association's complaint data on major categories of goods in 2017, the proportion of all types of complaints has decreased compared to last year. The number of complaints for home electronics and electrical appliances, transportation equipment, clothing, shoes and hats, daily-use goods and building materials still ranks. The top five.

Comments: The intuitive experience with everyone is still very close.

3, The millet eco-chain company Yun Mi is suspected of patent infringement, and the official said it is not true

On the 11th, it was reported that Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Yun Mi’s patent rights for the dishwasher infringed on the beauty of the company. They were dismantled by law enforcement personnel at the AWE venue of the Consumer Electronics Consumer Expo. They took photographs to collect evidence. Allegedly, there are at least 5 products in Yunmi’s products. Patent infringement, including appearance patents, basket basket patents, door lock mechanisms, door body structures, etc.

After the report came out, Yunmi said in the evening that the report was inaccurate, and issued a statement in response: During the Yunmi Dishwasher Exhibition, it was normally exhibited, and there was no report of the said situation; Yunmi fully respected and attached importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. The staff of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Intellectual Property Association confirmed on-site that there was no infringement. Yunmi was established in May 2014. It was invested by Xiaomi, and it was positioned as an internet appliance company focusing on the research and development of small household electrical appliances. It is dedicated to providing fashion families with Security, Smart Internet Small Appliance Solution.

Comments: The domestic exhibition for the protection of technological property this piece or deep learning about the international exhibition.

4, Xbox ushered in epic level enhancement Game TV is just around the corner!

Recently, Microsoft released two home consoles, XBOX ONE S and XBOX ONE X will be followed by AMD's anti-screen tearing technology 'Freesync'. At the same time, Microsoft also released the news, XBOX ONE series host will also support 1440p resolution screen, these signs all show that Microsoft XBOX wants to continue to display devices in addition to the original living room environment.

For the living room player at this stage, this upgrade is obviously not as good as expected. However, Microsoft announced that the Xbox will carry the information of the Freesync function, and also emphasized that TV products equipped with this feature will soon appear. Undoubtedly a very exciting news, TV products for games will soon appear!

Comments: Can video games really become a living room center again? Difficult, too hard, now everyone is too playful.