Check out those TVs that people have never seen on AWE. Which do you prefer?

Friends who went to the AWE site, I believe that there are always several products that you can't forget. Maybe it's a mirror that can help you try on your clothes. Maybe it's a robot that talks to you... Let's introduce me to you. A TV that people can't forget.

8K eight screens, perfect interpretation handed down

Everyone who went to the Sharp booth was prepared to be admired by such a 'TV'. It was composed of eight 104-inch 8K resolution screens. It was composed of 8 screens with 8K resolution and the Sharp Eight Diagrams could be divided into two screens. An 8K*5K monitor, is currently the largest LCD screen with a maximum resolution of 16K. It can be used for appreciation, restoration, research details to understand current history, future cooperation with the media, and can also be used for home decoration as a video wall.

It is totally inappropriate to say that it is a TV, but in this way, we can understand from another perspective: It is more to tell us that it is a real 8K effect and 8K technology application scenario. This is for us in the future. The history of cultural relics, the application of health care, etc. have great significance.

Domineering, Hisense 300-inch 8K laser cinema

Hisense, which built the booth with the World Cup as an element, not only displayed the World Cup official designated TV, but also brought us a laser cinema. This 300-inch 8K laser cinema has a width of 6.6 meters and a height of 3.7 meters. The rate display pixel is as high as 32 million. Since the TV uses a laser light source, the service life is also prolonged, and the ultra-high 20000 hours is 1000 hours higher than the ordinary projection lamp projection life, reducing the follow-up maintenance costs. And the laser light source is pure in color, and the coverage in the color gamut space is strong. Xiaobian would like to whine: With this TV, why go to the cinema?

Changhong Cool Goods, Romantic Art TV

If you say something that attracts your attention, it is certainly a game competition. At AWE, Changhong invited the SC team, ESTAR team and the audience to conduct a few exciting chicken rewards, attracting countless people to stop. But there are also To this romantic TV, Changhong Q5R. The Changhong CHiQ Q5R TV incorporates a noble and stylish art swan pattern and Swarovski crystal elements, adding a dream and romantic atmosphere to it. Embodies the humane emotional needs and artistic beauty.

With the rapid improvement of people's living standards, consumer demand for color TV products has gradually progressed from pure pragmatism to both inside and outside. The fashionable and artistic design of products has become one of the most important concerns for consumers. Changhong Q5R Appeared to meet consumer demand for good things.

Konka A2 Glass Art TV, viewing without borders

As one of AWE's important exhibitors, Konka also brought us many good products. Among them, this A2 full-art TV is popular with consumers. The machine uses a high-strength tempered art glass for the front and back panels. The use of a transparent glass substrate before and after has achieved a 'borderless' effect. In actual viewing, it can help consumers extend the field of vision, so as to obtain a better viewing experience.

In addition, Konka’s A2 Art TV is also equipped with Dolby Vision’s HDR imaging technology. Using HDR innovations used in Dolby’s world’s most advanced cinemas, Dolby Vision is the industry’s only end-to-end HDR solution that can bring High brightness and contrast, as well as more comprehensive and rich colors.

Hu Ge strongly recommends, Sony's new OLED TV A8F

The AWE exhibition also attracted countless celebrities to help out. Among them, Hu Ge came to Sony's booth. Together with Sony, it released the new OLED TV A8F.

The new A8F inherits all the technical advantages of the A1 series, and includes X1 advanced image processing including 4K HDR dynamic item reconstruction technology, 14-bit smooth gradation, dual image database, precise color rendering, and dynamic contrast enhanced five black technologies. The chip, combined with OLED '8 million self-luminous, wide viewing angle, no residual image' and other advantages, brings more real and delicate light and shadow performance, color contrast and shadow detail.

The A8F series incorporates Sony's screen sound field technology developed by Sony, which abandons the traditional TV speaker system and emits sound directly through the screen. In combination with Sony DSP, speaker positioning and other core technologies, it not only can fully enhance the audio performance of TV products, but also brings users transparency. The mid-high frequencies and the shocking low frequencies can really provide the 'sound and picture integration' effect that was difficult to achieve in the past. That is, the sound can move synchronously with the movement of the main body of the picture.

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