'Quick' | More than one step | Haier fast drive washing machine AWE deep experience

It is said that Kung Fu is not too fast, but can you be willing to take a quick step?

I feel that not only is laundry faster, but also an attitude towards life, and the rhythm of life. Therefore, if a washing machine can save you an average of 55% of your laundry time, you will not have a strong impression on it. interest? If the author tells you that it is not just laundry speed, will you be more curious to him?

Experience laundry 'pleasant' Haier direct drive washing machine stunning appearance AWE

This Haier fast direct-drive washing machine debuted on the AWE is not only a step closer to washing, but also a step-by-step approach to power saving, allowing you to enjoy the 'pleasantness' that laundry brings.

So, what is the charm of this all-conquering washing machine? The World Wide Web will be at AWE's site for you to fully understand.

The Haier Express Direct Washing Machine debuted at this exhibition features a rich and versatile home design, smooth lines, a large viewing window, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of laundry, and laundry can also have its own taste.

In order to fully facilitate the user's laundry, this Haier direct-drive washing machine also uses a large-screen touch design, moving your fingers, you can easily enjoy the fun of laundry.

Haier's direct-drive washing machine facilitates laundry for the convenience of users. It introduces various laundry modes for users. Users can choose according to their own laundry needs and enjoy happy laundry. In addition, in different seasons, the user can choose different laundry procedures according to the different materials of dressing.

Interpretation of features:

1, fast direct drive technology, 55% less than average drum washing machine

Speaking of this Haier will directly drive the washing machine, then it has to mention its fast and direct drive technology. In order to solve the roller washing clothes, but it takes 1-2 hours long laundry problems, Haier at the home of the Fair Brought Black Technology -Direct drive technology.

A direct drive motor can output two kinds of driving force at the same time, driving the inner cylinder and the drive disk to run in one direction, one at a time, and one at a time. Vertically rubbing the clothes while rubbing horizontally to improve the washing efficiency, the cleaning ratio is 1.17, the highest in the industry, and Haier Fast Direct Drive Technology Reduced the washing time of drum washing machines by 55%, becoming one of the most popular 'black technologies' in the show.

2, Dual-drive washing, 72% energy saving than European standard A+++

Haier's washing machine adopts a dual-drive washing method. It has been upgraded from the 'bump-style' of a common drum washing machine to the 'wash-and-knead' hybrid washing method with a washing ratio of 1.17, which is the highest in the industry. At the same time, Haier fast direct-drive washing machines are more traditional than the drums. The washing time of the washing machine is reduced by 55%. Haier washing machine equipped with fast direct drive technology also excels in terms of energy saving. Compared with the ordinary drum washing machine, the power consumption is up to 52%. Without heating, it is 72% more energy than the European standard A+++.

3, Intercontinental Leading Technology Haier direct drive washing machine done

After years of development, washing machines have been continuously updated, and products that fit the needs of users have been launched. Is there a product that can fit in one step, that is, it fits the needs of users, and it also makes washing machine time, laundry power consumption, and cleanliness To the perfect product? Haier made a direct drive. Haier made self-disruptive innovations on the basis of direct drive, iteratively launched original technology to speed up direct drive, greatly reducing washing time, saving electricity for washing, subdividing users' washing needs, and leading the industry into a straight line with real products and technologies. Drive 2.0' era.

From the perspective of users, Haier hopes to provide users with a more convenient washing experience while improving washing efficiency. Haier direct drive washing machine It is this type of washing machine. It not only greatly shortens the user's washing time, but also Compared to ordinary drum washing machines, the power consumption is up to 52%, and Haier is constantly moving forward in this kind of self-innovation, which has brought us another product of home appliances. Not only meet the needs of the user's differentiation, but also led the industry many changes, leading the development trend of the home appliance industry.