Lantern Festival not only to see the lanterns, bring these things more meaningful

Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival, I believe many of my friends are ready to watch lanterns with family or friends right in this family big day, in addition to viewing lanterns and eating dumplings, in fact, there are many meaningful things worth doing As children, we bring parents some technical products that help their parents easily clean their housework, cook easily and reduce fatigue.

· Intelligent sweeping robot, freeing up parents' cleaning time

During your absence from home, parents may spend more than half an hour a day cleaning their homes. Frequent bowing not only creates pressure on the spine, but also causes backache. Even sleeping Sleep uncomfortable.So what can replace the daily cleaning of parents to do it?

At this time, the role of a household sweeper, which was born in the era of smart technology, is revealed. Just one click to turn on the floor cleaning problem to liberate parents swept the time, but also to prevent dust from affecting their health .

PuSunNike 790T is a good sweeping robot, which follow the tradition of people first sweep again and again, equipped with 180ml large capacity water tank, the first fine sweeping and then use a large water tank to wipe the uniform water supply, with the damp cloth dry wipe, let The floor is clean and clean as a mirror, the transparent dust box can also detect whether the floor is clean.

In addition, 790T has a variable frequency suction mouth and floating roller brush, in the cleaning process encountered different cleaning scenarios, are free to convert. At the same time using a digital inverter motor can produce 2150Pa suction hair, dust net .If not only to meet the suction Take the dust and particles, but also can be replaced with V-type floating roller brush, fiber bristles can penetrate the gap, to achieve deeper cleaning.

Another 790T blind spot light recognition, will focus on cleaning some hard to see, it is difficult to clean the area, such as the end of the sofa bed.

Good horizons, surface with a larger screen better

TCL surface thin 4K TV 55A950C TCL TV C series family member of the metal fuselage with aviation grade alloy aluminum, echoed with the arc screen body, making the TV as a whole more comfortable and natural.

In addition, the curvature of the 4000R and the curvature of the human lens is similar, people watch more comfortable, and an immersive viewing experience.In terms of sound quality, TCL A950C with front audio, front audio unit to improve the TV PA direction, sound and picture one, people immersive viewing experience.

At the same time, TCL A950C supports intelligent voice function, which is different from the traditional search for TV programs one by one by remote control. You need to say the program or movie you want to watch, and it will be searched for you immediately and intelligently.

· Almighty microwave oven to help you heat, boil, stew, roast, steamed

Lantern Festival, in addition to having a good TV for our entertainment, we have to eat well.Then this Glanz microwave G80F20CN2L-B8 (R0), you can help you make a lot of food.

Whether it is roasted ribs, popcorn, baked bread, salt shrimp, it can easily cope with a total of 12 intelligent food menu for you to choose from.

Intelligent control interface, using a humane and simple design, make the function of the microwave at a glance, making the operation more fluid. In addition, 800W power, can play a rapid heating effect.

In terms of intelligence, you can set the time in advance, it will help you to cook food, you only need to point up, you can enjoy.

· Healthy breakfast, a cup of breakfast milk essential

Many people do not pay too much attention to breakfast, often do not eat or hate things to be perfunctory, healthy breakfast, how perfunctory it?

Gobo this broken machine BL-513, black and red base, with a silver cup wall, cool and stylish.

Technically, Gobo BL-513 wall broken machine uses a vortex spoiler technology and six-leaf three-dimensional mixing knife, so that food ingredients in the eddy current for effective mixing, so that the taste more smooth, but also easier to clean, more speed Fast, broken rate higher, retain food nutrition, while using more assured.

In detail, the machine uses a vacuum anti-scalding lid and a strong base sucker, not only to prevent burns, but also can be used in a more stable, non-slip, safe and reliable. Healthy breakfast, with a cup of hot milk more Oh.

Lantern Festival, we must pass the atmosphere of the festival, the usual day, nor underestimate Oh, after all, normal life is our normal, often communicate with their parents, is the most meaningful thing.