'Survey' gift industry partners are happy or hard?

Of course, the best and best is to love his party. Unfortunately, few people have this lucky, because the industry market, personal good, hobbies, three Most of us can only meet two things at the same time, and the three people who are all-encompassing tend to be extremely successful entrepreneurs - Qiao Bangzhu, Musk, Trump (well, at least, the president of the United States) and many more.

Do not do things for money, I do things because I enjoy.

I remember in an interview, the success of our model after 80 Lee (bubble network, the founder of car home, Wei to car investors) said: '80 not necessarily do what you like, after 80 want to do Their favorite thing, but most people do not know what they like. 'Xiaobian feel a little like this, the only child we got all the parents' love', all the choices are also parents' love 'decision, To test a good university, to find a good (stable and not tired) work, into a baby is most of their aspirations. Somewhere, most of this generation of life will be so settled down, do not misunderstand, I Not to say that this is not good, but this may still be some helpless regret, I would rather hear more people like Lee appeared, they are so independent and full of constructive.

The gift industry can do a lot of interesting products, just make a category of products will make him feel very boring.According to Trump logic, this is a good reason to do business.Enterprise gift industry is indeed very broad, Different from foreign promotional gifts dominance (generally priced at about 1-2 US knife, the average order size of 900-1000 US dollars), the domestic gift industry subdivided into four blocks, namely, promotion, business, points and Welfare, the unit price and the amount are relatively higher.According to the United States Enterprise promotional gifts Industry Association statistics, corporate gifts involved in clothes, electronics, stationery, bags, drinking water tools, home appliances, outdoor more than a dozen categories, 1 million + Optional products, the market size of 19 billion US dollars. According to the statistics of the domestic industry association, the market size of 120 billion yuan, an annual increase of 10-12%, 10,000 + gift suppliers, hundreds of thousands of gift companies or individuals. Another algorithm, 40 million companies, each company spending an average of 3,000 yuan each year to buy gifts, that is 120 billion yuan, seemingly reasonable.

As the gift industry threshold is low, as long as there are some friends, you can carry out the gift business, so start fast. Many 1-3 personal gift company (many are family-owned enterprises) can 1-3 years -1 million -1 million Of the scale, it can be said is also a good business to make money.We have divided all enterprises into two types of gifts, one is a professional, one is non-professional.

Professional is just need high-frequency, large and stable budget, the general market department (gift departments) to mention the demand, the procurement department to screen suppliers than the price, the more fierce competition, customer relations and gift company supply chain control management both need It is better to be in place.

Nonprofessional is the procurement of gifts 1-2 times a year, less budget, mostly at the end of the year back to the customer or the annual welfare, the procurement process is relatively simple, involving fewer staffs.The gift of the most interesting business may also be the most frustrating thing Is the time to do gift recommendation. The interesting place is to show their taste and creativity of the moment. Jingle bell, my dear, to be a gift recommended? Today before get off work to Oh, the boss decided to ... ... separated A few days ... Jingle bell, the boss read, do not like it, find some recommendations.

Fear of what the customer can say, no delivery, no price, no direction, no keywords, as orders, someone has always said that after dinner, this does not like, that allergy, sweat rain. To do the recommended program to do vomit blood is not equal to receive a soft hand orders. The most afraid of evolving into a human suspicion.

What kind of gift does the boss like? What kind of gift is it to be won? A similar problem has plagued all the gift industry partners. Each time you hear the customer's success, the gift reacts well (three months later, Bank SMS), or pleased moved, everything is worth it. God finally satisfied ...

Yes, every industry is not easy, like life, crying and laughing, pain and happiness.Enterprise gift industry is to make a difference on the surface of the trading company, especially the gift buy distributors, in fact, in essence or service Of the company from choice / creativity / supply chain to choose to go through a lot of steps between the ... Although you need to go through so many steps, but also to maintain a good relationship, far from the retail to the simple direct (customers like Pay), but business purchases are bulk purchases, dozens of thousands of centralized purchasing is not fast retail can be achieved quickly, and often require a lot of retail investment in advance, the loss period (investment period) is relatively long.

In the gift industry, as long as some friends in the enterprise responsible for or referrals to determine who can start, while the other gifts widely dispersed, alternative strong, bulk purchase, customized customer demand and other characteristics of change, to give everyone the opportunity to show their ideas And taste, creative .This is why many gift business people, though small, but can do considerable business, the most important thing is to achieve a certain scale (hundreds or even tens of millions), of course, be large Tens of millions still have difficulty, if not ambitious (millions to tens of millions), it is a good easy way to make money in the United States and 90% of European gift companies are 10 small and micro enterprises There are more than 30 years of existence in the industry, all of which are very moist and alive.

From the supply chain perspective, the three-tier structure, the gift supplier (manufacturer or brand) -> gift distributors -> end-use business, you may say that as early as the electricity supplier era, how can gift distributors Survival? Xiao Bian's view is that gift distributors will always be moist to survive, the core reason is: the essence of the gift industry is a non-standardized service industries. The majority of end-user companies have a wide range of abstract needs, a simple purchasing, Complex product design, manufacturing, event planning one-stop service. Not to mention each business has different procurement rules and processes, such as the more prominent account issues.

Although there is no absolute, but most of the terminal companies choose to find distributor cooperation rather than direct manufacturer or brand, because it is convenient and save more in line with the norms of the general company procurement process.Facilitate trouble is always we stand on the customer's point of view must be followed Guidelines, their own and ultimately worry about it ... Want to save trouble, who do things?