Spring Festival and chasing "Fair Princess" memorable classic artifact

We still remember that before the summer and winter will be chasing a file drama "My Fair Princess"? After four years once again return to the public's vision, and sought after by everyone hot, after all, careless little swallow, with hearty laughter of the emperor Arma and love needles, such as the capacity of the lively characters have accompanied our youth.

Have you ever wanted to chase it again? Although the TV series is old, we are not old-hearted, of course, watching such a classic TV series and getting a good TV out of it.

TCL 55-inch 4K ultra-clear TV: D55A630U

TCL's TV, slim metal body has a natural sense of quality, mainly because it is through 7 major processes, polished from 51 processes.

In addition, it is equipped with a faster and more powerful 30-core professional TV processor than ever before, with a 8.29-megapixel RGB true 4K screen and next-generation HDR display technology, H.265 hardware decoding technology, Source HDR to HDR conversion technology close to the HDR, can bring us a wider range of brightness, so that the scene close to what you can feel the truth.

In addition, TCL TV D55A630U is also equipped with a simplistic system TV + OS 3.0, the system uses a beautiful UI design, integrated home page, video, life and other categories of interface, with a more concise way for us to show a A more easy way to operate.

Hisense 55-inch AI TV: LED55EC750US

Hisense TV LED55EC750US just as the name of the appearance of the same, all-metal body with a dark night black border, coupled with electroplated gun color base, modeling thin but fragile prism fragile, worthy of Midnight Knight.

In quality, it is equipped with a 3D color reproduction technology, coupled with HDR contrast enhancement and full-channel technology, 100% restore the true colors, and greatly improve the picture clarity. Use it to watch "Fair Princess" and then suitable Together with the 3D audio processing technology, let us experience the greatest extent to bring our extraordinary drama experience.

In addition, Hisense's LED55EC750US TV is still an artificial intelligence TV. The VIDAA system can be customized according to personal preference. Not only IP-based drama, but also cinemas, satellite TV and other high-quality video sources. In addition to watch more high-quality video.

Changhong 55-inch 4K ultra-high definition TV: 55D2P

Changhong TV, in appearance, D2P simple lines and the same with the Apple MacBook anodizing process, with the thickness of only 11.9mm thin body, place it in the living room will not pull down the living room The color of the

In the picture quality technology, Changhong D2P equipped with a new image algorithm processing technology --- 2K to 4K times the line technology, 1080P video or even online video can be upgraded to native 4K quality level, showing a richer and more natural details Even in the absence of 4K sources can enjoy close to 4K sharpness results.

In addition, it is also equipped with artificial intelligence voice technology, want to see that is to say, 3 seconds broadcast. Watch the movie, check the data, look for recipes to check the weather, it can be achieved through intelligent voice, the elderly and children can easily grasp.

Sharp 60-inch 4K smart TV: LCD-60MY5100A

Sharp TV LCD-60MY5100A, is a 60-inch high-definition 4K TV with Japanese original LCD panel, the body thickness of only 9.9mm, with narrow narrow frame, slim streamlined base, making the entire TV looks stylish and elegant , Wild variety of home style.

In addition, the picture quality, Sharp TV LCD-60MY5100A also uses a unique optical transmission alignment film technology, can precisely control the liquid crystal molecules, the details of the slightest bloom, full color. At the same time, 4 times FHD panel resolution, and use of unique Of the picture quality adjustment technology, the picture can be more perfect in front of us.

In the sound quality, the machine is also equipped with fever-grade Dolby Audio and DTS2.0 audio decoding, 360 ° stereo surround sound with 100Hz-20KHz wide range, excellent depth and three-dimensional sense of the more telepresence.

At the same time, it also supports wireless TV screen mobile phone, a key control, the mobile TV drama resources a key to the TV screen, but also to do home KTV, game entertainment, a key to your favorite, wonderful enjoyment, to Your most wonderful experience.

With these several TV, I believe we can see more clearly "My Fair Princess", a good aftertaste that different memories.