Get rid of the APP's smart routing | Thailand A312W can see

Smart home investment wave temporarily come to an end, then who is the smart home routing access to this smart home? There is no conclusion. But AI Tai as involved in the intelligent router manufacturers, has been to break the ego and strive to upstream. Its recently introduced A312W , In addition to the exquisite appearance, excellent performance, but also to smart one step further.

WeChat management get rid of APP

AITA will be lightweight and easy to use the concept of deep into the product, get rid of ordinary smart router need to carry the APP to micro-channel management approach to reduce user costs, only micro-channel sweep, anytime, anywhere management of routers, all home home Internet Members at a glance, a key to share WIFI password and kick the two-pronged approach to easily optimize your wireless.

'1+' new members mix together

The A312W is a member of the '1+' home wireless solution. '1+' is an innovative concept that incorporates '1+' child routing from the standpoint of solving radio coverage dead ends. Multiple WIFI blocks dead ends and addresses common homes, special units, Large-sized apartment, mansion and other wireless coverage of wireless home wireless solutions.'1 + 'is the core of a variety of combinations through the mother and daughter routing, allowing customers to mix and customize to address the needs of wireless networks.

High performance application intelligence

A312W four high-gain omnidirectional antenna, 300Mbps wireless transmission rate, its unique Ai Bao learning function, let the baby fall in love learning, game acceleration, video ads filter, a key kick, bandwidth speed limit ...; A312W a new generation of intelligent Operating system, give you caring simple and intelligent application.

Exquisite appearance of classic fashion

One of the fine body, with angular antenna and polished mirror, classic chic, whether placed in the home anywhere, can be matched, never out of date. The strength of the four antenna dry A312W, get rid of the APP, light, it is worth Your attention.