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With the full liberalization of the second child policy in recent years, the market potential for infants and mothers is unlimited, and the main products for infants and young children's household appliances are more and more concerned by this part of the population. What Children's TVs, Children's Air Conditioners, Children's Refrigerators, Children's Toothbrushes and Other Appliances Needs The amount of appliances designed specifically for children is more and more, becoming a new force gradually become prominent appliances category, but I think, as a novice mother, every day around the most children in addition to feeding, is washing Shabu shabu those things.

The so-called wash shabu shabu, in fact, is to wash the baby a variety of daily necessities, for example, his daily change clothes, he Bath towel, he Of the handkerchief, its bibs, of course, there are his pad was, his sheets, he can put in his mouth and are closely related to life, are usually the object of the focus of cleaning .In addition to the tedious and costly washing In addition to time and energy, how to wash the health, wash more clean actually make me a novice mother, such as saliva towel so often contact with intimate objects, wash finished, in order to reduce the growth of bacteria, I also have to use boiled water Hot, so that it will be a little relieved to the children after use, but whether it has played a high temperature sterilization effect? ​​I really do not know. There are some other large personal items at home close to the toilet, how to quickly wash? Adult washing machine drying Children's clothing that is not hygienic, can not dry and wait until Shashi dry? Have not wait until Drying, the baby is not naughty under the ass under the pad was dirty again, so the long run, really let the author think the laundry is already a difficult headache.

However, in fact, many mothers in the usual cleaning of children's clothes when there will be such trouble, visible stains are washed clean, but those who can not see the stains and bacteria do not know if there is no clean? And for baby laundry first Requirements, can be washed on the one hand, the health of washing, washing more convenient and efficient, it should be a lot of mothers who are more concerned about the problem. Hand wash not only takes more time and effort, baby clothes left on milk stains , Pee Stains, then Stains Although the hand wash can be solved, but can not fundamentally achieve the thorough washing, because the visible stains can be cleaned, but room temperature washing and regular washing, contaminated bacteria in clothes, how to solve these? So, Buy a baby dedicated washing machine has become the top priority for the whole family, of course, is the first of its kind.What kind of washing machine that can solve the problem of laundry, but also make laundry more healthy, more convenient, so that the mother more Relief?

Konka is to solve the baby's laundry problems, launched a new Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 Washing Machine This is a washing machine that combines health, intelligence, category washing, commonality, aesthetics and environmental protection, and smart and healthy functions are two of the products.

kmini washing machine, developed specifically for infants and young children, fourth gear temperature setting, 90 ℃ high temperature cooking wash, 60 ℃ high temperature washing function, 40 ℃ care wash, 30 ℃ mild soaking wash , Classification of nursing personal clothing, to achieve an effective sterilization of baby clothes washed, showing us a new perspective baby care washing, of course, in addition to these, this washing machine is also equipped with a unique Clarity Chi detection technology. Clarity Chi detection technology Refers to the use of light sensing system to detect water quality during the washing process of automatic detection until the washing water is really clean, stop rinsing into the dehydration process, so not only to ensure the cleanliness of the laundry, but also to love clean mother We are more assured of laundry, peace of mind at the same time, this washing machine is also used Zero-pollution, environmentally friendly materials, and laundry equipped with a quick barrel air drying function, natural wind speed drying, inhibition of bacteria in the inner tube breeding, but also to solve the mom's laundry worries for the future.

Well, said so much, what exactly is this washing machine? Is there any good on the product description, so healthy, so easy to wash, so suitable for baby laundry? Evaluation Center to bring you a detailed product report, take a look at it.

mini and temperament this washing machine must know you most

At first glance to see Konka Kmini washing machine, I was attracted by its small and cute packaging, color hopping packaging with distinctive design, so that this washing machine at first glance memorable people, and washing machine volume It is compact, so this washing machine is more colorful packaging under the package looks lovely and mini.

Open the package, you can see the washing machine inner tube pay the product accessories.These accessories include the washing machine inlet pipe assembly, drain, safety cover + positioning pin, water tee, drainage tee, waterproof board, manual. Consumers buy 4008800016, Konka will arrange to install the master door to install this washing machine for you.And this washing machine to enjoy the whole 3-year warranty, the motor repair 10 years of service, with such value-added after-sales service , Consumers can not only buy the rest assured, more peace of mind can be used.

It is worth mentioning that the aircraft is also equipped with a random access, drainage Tee interface for the user to purchase a second washing machine family to solve the worries, this intimate design have not touched mothers? Want to buy the washing machine Friends can be practical procurement.

In the moment to open the packaging, Xiaobian like this on the Konka washing machine. Washing machine gives the first impression is very compact, and washing machine color is more simple and very texture, wild more stylish.

The size of the machine dimensions of 390 × 420 × 720 mm wide and deep, covers an area of ​​less than 60 * 60 cm square floor tiles half, as the family's second mother-only washing machine, this small size is undoubtedly the mothers Preferred.

In addition to compact body, the section Konka Kmini XQB25-W620Washer side panels with curved concave design, smooth lines let washing machine design sense full.

In addition, the machine fuselage 100% non-reusable green materials, health and safety.In the course of using, I found that the washing machine highlights the tempered glass cover, with soft damping effect, lightly force, washing machine cover version It will automatically close soft, so that not only safer and more consumer peace of mind.

Konka Kmini XQB25-W620Washing machine is also equipped with stylish and clear touch screen design, the user can cover the touch screen on the version, adjust the laundry program heart, and according to their own laundry needs to choose what kind of water temperature for clothing cleaning, the central figure of the display Is the choice of different procedures washing machine washing time required, different washing procedures washing machine will automatically match the different washing time, the central display in the display.

The top of the screen is the reservation button at the top, down clockwise is the child lock button, followed by the washing machine switch button, the display is below the pause button, and then to the left is the program selection button, and the program button is Washing machine water level adjustment buttons, consumers can according to their actual laundry conditions and laundry needs, washing machine touch screen on the heart of regulation.

A good mother and child washing machine, clean clothes at the same time should be more healthy sterilization, Konka Kmini washing machine performance in this regard? Let us take a look.

Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 high temperature washing washing machine more understand you!

This Konka washing machine has a fourth gear temperature washing set, 90 ℃ high temperature cooking wash, 60 ℃ high temperature washing function, 40 ℃ care wash, deep soaking wash at 30 ℃. So, different washing procedures are suitable for what kind of laundry?

First of all, to introduce this washing machine Konka washing capacity, washing time, etc. washing machine rated washing capacity of 2.5KG (standard dry cloth quality), but consumers need special attention is the high temperature, cooking two The maximum washing capacity of the program is 1.5 kg.

1. Standard: Suitable for washing conventional materials of clothing. 'Washing time: 45 minutes'

2. Soak: Water temperature 30 ℃, suitable for washing dirt dirty clothing. 'Washing time: 70 minutes

3. Warm: Water temperature 40 ℃, Suitable for washing underwear and other clothing. 'Washing time: 60 minutes'

4 high temperature: Water temperature is 60 ℃, Suitable for washing clothes and other daily clothes. 'Washing time: 70 minutes

5. cooking and washing: Water temperature is 90 ℃, Suitable for high temperature sterilization washing clothes. 'Washing time: 85 minutes

Fast wash: Suitable for washing slightly dirty, perspiration and other clothing, especially in summer. 'Washing time: 20 minutes'

Single drift: In order to more effectively remove the laundry did not wash the detergent and other stains. 'Washing time: 14 minutes

8. Single off: Individual dehydration function. 'Washing time: 9 minutes

The company is located in:9. Air dry: The use of dehydration bucket high-speed rotation of the suction effect, so that further dehydration of wet clothing, dehydration more than normal, the whole process about 30 minutes. 'Washing time: 30 minutes'

From the introduction of the washing program point of view, this Konka washing machine advantages lies in its unique cooking function, from Water temperature of 30 ℃ to Water temperature 90 ℃, consumers can easily choose according to their needs of washing.

In order to examine the high-temperature washing performance of this washing machine, the World Wide Web home network chose its 90℃ washing process running in the washing machine running test the washing machine high temperature heating function and in the washing with real stains to simulate the daily washing of children's clothing for real washing look at the washing process in this washing program washing machine in addition to water temperature heating In addition to sterilization performance, the laundry is also more outstanding.

In the laundry process, we tested the washing water temperature, after the temperature tester showed that the current washing water temperature reached 89.3, excluding temperature heat loss interference, the barrel of the water temperature can certainly reach 90 ℃, 'boiled' deserved reputation.

Professional testing, do not imitate

Thanks to this Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine The use of the world's leading heating tube technology, heating time is shorter, more prominent bactericidal effect, the heating pad using DuPont LCP (special materials), the heating tube will not be deformed, while more sterilization and disinfection rate, so that baby clothing Easily stay away from common flora.

◆ let the laundry have more assurance of nano-antibacterial can see

In order to make the baby hospital washing process more healthy, this washing machine liner filter box using nano-antibacterial material, antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli up to 99%, Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate of 98% by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology Antibacterial Materials Testing Center for testing, and provide authority certificates.

Test Report - Click to view larger image

In order to users more secure use of washing machine washing function, to prevent the washing machine in the heating process is opened, causing danger danger, Konka kmini washing machine also set a special safety lock.Mums into the laundry just need to open the safety lock , You can safely and safely wash your clothes.

Safety tips on the inner lid of the washing machine

After some cleaning, we compare before and after washing too Clothing , It can be seen whether it is milk stains or tomato sauce stains, after high temperature cooking, stains have been completely no It's Traces of clothes washed under high temperature water, completely restored the clean, no residue stains, and the choice of high temperature cooking wash not only effectively wash the stains, but also the clothes were sterilized at high temperature, serve two purposes.

Test clothes before and after washing contrast

Konka Kmini XQB25-W620Excellent washing performance of washing machines, which also benefit more from it Stainless steel gem barrel, so that the inner cylinder wall simulation gem structure design, fine and smooth hole removal can effectively reduce high-speed operation of clothing wear, effectively prevent knotting clothes, make laundry more fluid.

Do not rely on technology Clarity Chi inspection for the love escort laundry

Why this washing machine to be able to do a healthier washing machine cleaner? Then I have to mention the washing machine is equipped with a unique Clarity Chi detection technology.

It is reported that the Censor Zhishen technology is the use of photosensitive detection system for washing water quality pollution detection automatically until the detected water is really clean, only to stop rinsing into the dehydration process, so not only to ensure the cleanliness of the laundry, more Is no worries for laundry.

In order to straightforward comparison of the cleanliness of the washing machine in the washing process of drainage, washing machine WWW washing three times have carried out a kind of drainage samples, through the most direct visual contrast for everyone to show this washing machine Clarity Chi detection advantage.

Drain from the sample can be clearly seen, ① mark the barrel of water was cloudy, washing clothes drainage, and ③ clear water two barrels of water, from the visual cleaning can be aware of the difference, and ② mark the barrel Water only has some clothes fiber residue, the last one is almost the same with pure water.

Why do such a comparison? Because of the cleanliness of the drain can be informed how much laundry residue, drain the more clean, less laundry residue, it is more healthy. Clarity Chi detection technology , It is in understanding the exclusive core features of product upgrades that have been added to the situation in the hope of making these invisible purifications visible by utilizing the cleanliness of the water.It can be used in the washing process by Light Sensing Technology Intelligence Perception of water pollution, foam volume, automatically identify the degree of water pollution, and according to the detection results, intelligent matching the best washing program, until the washing results to the standard value of the net so far, really wash clean and assured, effective care of the baby Healthy skin.

For a more straightforward observation of the washing machine water usage, the World Wide Web home grid will be three times the washing machine drains concentrated in a storage box, so that everyone on this Konka washing machine water at a glance.

Konka Kmini mini washing machine is quite provincial water, a complete washing process only about 45L of water, compared to similar products on the market close to 60L of water consumption, Konka Kmini washing machine's water saving advantage is obvious, and save so much water once, The long years of washing will save more water, saving a considerable amount of water for the home.

◆ WIFI smart things easily remote control your housework

In the laundry process, mothers can take time to brush the brush, or have fun with their babies. If you want to know the laundry process, you only need to connect the washing machine with your cellphone in advance and follow the specified steps to view it anytime, anywhere The laundry process, to understand the washing machine washing changes.

First scan the two-dimensional code on the body of the washing machine, and then download the 'Jingdong Micro Alliance' APP, after the download is complete, installation instructions can be easily added to the washing machine and control the washing machine on the phone.

In addition to being able to control the washing machine on a mobile phone, Jingdong Micro-Alliance on the mobile phone can also clearly understand the washing process of the washing machine, including the remaining time of washing, the turbidity of water in the washing bucket, and the mobile phone can be viewed at any time When the laundry is complete, mothers can also be the first time the power of the washing machine with a cell phone off, safe washing machine, it is so easy.

Outstanding performance beyond your imagination Konka washing machine to do it

in Konka Kmini washing machine washing process, World Wide Web home network Three sets of noise were tested. For example, in the washing preparation stage, the noise of the washing machine was about 51.4 dB during the water filling process. When washing, the noise of the washing machine was 48.9Decibel; In the final stage of dehydration dehydration, the noise is only 44.9 dB, we can make a comparison according to the noise level table with the daily noise situation.Ambient noise is about 35 dB '

Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine standard wash program, wash the power consumption of only 0.07 degrees, the electricity consumption is very low, almost 14 times the cost of 1 kWh electricity, so energy saving, there are many Moms put it down?

As the core function of Konka Kmini washing machine, the program of "washing and washing" is the focus of our test. So, how much power does it consume at one time? Because the power consumption of the washing machine comes from the heating process of water, The program again heated the water temperature to nearly 90 ℃, more electricity, so the whole process of washing the World Wide Web grid consumption was 1.66If the choice of other washing programs when the power consumption will be much lower than the current consumption.

After washing, you can also use Kmini self-cleaning bucket air drying function.This function is through the inner cylinder to tell the spin inhalation of natural wind, with the slow shaking program, to speed up the clothes dry, leaving no wrinkles, while avoiding mildew within the cylinder environment , Effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

■ written in the last:

As we all know, the bacteria, fungi, dust mites and other allergens in clothing if not completely cleared, will cause a variety of skin diseases, allergic diseases, seriously affecting the health of families, especially families with elderly, children and sensitive populations. Washing machine from high temperature cooking, sterilization and other directions to start, let you easily worry about laundry.

The Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine, set the phone wifi Internet touch computer control panel, intelligent security door lock in one, the washing machine is not only equipped with a unique Censor Chi technology, 90 ℃ high temperature cooking, nano-antibacterial, self-cleaning Barrels dry four major health functions, its temperature of 4 files, three-dimensional bionic hand wash and many other laundry features, but also attracted many want to buy baby washing machine moms eye.

This model is currently Konka Kmini XQB25-W620Washing machine in Jingdong price 1899 yuan, as a compact and energy-saving appliances while a good tool for washing, you still have any reason to start? Ready to buy baby washing machine at home, the mothers hurry up now.