US Netgear introduced Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 802.11 AD routing

December 12, 2016 As a leading provider of network equipment for smart home, US Netgear announced the launch of the new night-hawk X10 AD7200 intelligent tri-band Gigabit wireless router R9000, the router is the industry's first Fastest router for streaming and instant backup.

Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 smart wireless router, powered by a powerful 1.7GHz quad-core processor, giving rapid completion of data transmission and file backup sturdy momentum for the home and SOHO office router's fastest processor and a new generation of Wave 2 Wireless Network architecture and a new generation of 802.11AD high-speed wireless network to bring you up to 7.2Gbps ultra-fast network experience.The latest MU-MIMO (multi-user multi-multi-into more) technology, high-speed simultaneous processing of multiple devices to protect complex WiFi Applications run smoothly, while the 160MHz bandwidth achieves double the wireless access speed of mobile devices, and an external four active antennas can effectively enhance the signal strength and penetration.

'802.11AD with supercomputing capabilities will greatly enhance the user experience when dealing with applications that require large amounts of data to be transmitted. "Compared with 802.11AC technology, 802.11AD technology has greatly improved network latency, while the latter Of the network latency is only 1/10 of the former, a feature that is critical for VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) applications, said Michael Thelander, chairman of Signals Research Group.

Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 can achieve ultra-smooth 4K streaming and transcoding access Plex Media Server can even access remote equipment. Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 is the industry's first wireless router without the need to run Plex media server through the computer. Local access after memory, Plex can play your choice of movies, TV shows, music, video and photo collection, easily locate and play your favorite content. Plex application is compatible with almost any device, such as mobile phones, flat panel, broadcast equipment, game consoles, smart TV, etc. no matter what device you use, can enjoy smooth streaming media experience Unlike the video into the computer, equipped with a new generation of AD Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 wireless router Plex server is easier to set up, is no longer worry out lines supporting advanced features you can enjoy as long as the purchase Nighthawk X10, and get free trial period of three months Plex pass.

Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 is the industry's first home router with Gigabit ports 10Gb, to support fiber optic connections. Meanwhile, Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 also enables the speed of light, such as backup and streaming experience a Class NETGEAR® ReadyNAS network attached storage devices, is the ideal choice for high-definition video enthusiasts to collect the dual-port USB3.0 easy to add backup storage and file transfer in a wireless network environment, in addition to the device also provides additional storage options, such as six months free unlimited use of the Amazon network disk backup Copy your files to off-site cloud storage.

'The Nighthawk Nightingale X10 broke the unprecedented speed of moving large video files over the network and creating a new benchmark for the industry,' said David Henry, senior vice president of Home Networking at NETGEAR. Nowadays video files are getting bigger and bigger with 4K and VR videos, and in the future more people will be able to work from home, and downloading and moving large volumes of files across a network is trickier Nighthawk The Nighthawk Nighthawk X10's powerful features now provide the unparalleled speed of transfer you need in the future and the ease and ease of access to documents stored on the web. '

Currently, Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 in Taobao crowdfunding, consumers can participate in the crowdfunding (, with great value to enjoy Nighthawk Nighthawk X10 shocking charm. Nighthawk X10 key Technical Features:

• Next generation Wave2 wireless network, supporting up to 4600+ 1733 + 800Mbps wireless speed

• Ultra-fast 60GHz 802.11AD wireless networking technology enables instant download and backup of online games and minimizes latency

• Plex Media Server has access to all media anywhere, anytime

• Powerful 1.7GHz quad-stream processor for enhanced 4K streaming and VR gaming experience

• High-performance active antenna for a wider range of wireless signal coverage and higher speed network experience

• 6Gb Ethernet Dual Port Wired Interface enables faster file transfer in multi-line aggregation mode (wired transmission speeds up to 2Gbps)

• Dual USB 3.0 ports accelerate streaming and backup for easy access to your storage media

• Amazon Web Disk to help you automate cloud backups

• NETGEAR® ReadyCLOUD® enables easy, private, secure and remote access to USB storage

• 10Gb Fiber Port Enables Speed ​​of Backup and Streaming Import and Export of ReadyNAS or Other Network Attached Storage Devices

• MU-MIMO technology enables simultaneous data transfer between multiple devices

• The new NETGEAR® Up app runs, configures your router to your liking, and is easy to access on any Android or iOS system from any mobile device

• NETGEAR® genie® app designed for personal dashboards to oversee, control and repair your home network even when you're away from home