Minimal 1080P smart micro-vote | micro whale M1 price of 4798 yuan

M1 is a very small 1080P smart micro-whack released last year by the micro whale. The shell is sandblasted with a unique octagonal design that allows multiple angles to be placed when placed for unlocking more viewing positions. As a 1080P projection product, the Micro-whale M1 has such a compact size because it uses Texas Instruments (TI) latest 0.33-inch Full HD chipset, get TI The starting point of the new technology platform, fully reflects the strength of soft and hard micro-whales.

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For example, in terms of software, the mini whale M1 has built-in WUI 2.0 operating system that is basically the same as that of the micro whale TV, and has very useful intelligent voice functions such as setting a schedule, querying the weather, voice barrage, dialect recognition, opening a third party application, Remind, etc., can help you to do a lot of things.In addition M1 vote screen function is very comprehensive, in addition to the common mobile phone screen, computer screen can easily be achieved, or even without the network can vote screen, but also by switching it to become independent Sound to use.

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