Konka kmini washing machine | with AI perspective eye care of baby health

With the full liberalization of the second child policy in recent years, the market potential for infants and mothers is unlimited, and the main products for infants and young children's household appliances are more and more concerned by this part of the population. What Children's TVs, Children's Air Conditioners, Children's Refrigerators, Children's Toothbrushes and Other Appliances Needs The amount of appliances designed specifically for children is more and more, becoming a new force gradually become prominent appliances category, but I think, as a novice mother, every day around the most children in addition to feeding, is washing Shabu shabu those things.

The so-called wash shabu shabu, in fact, is to wash your baby a variety of daily necessities. Such as bibs so infants often contact intimate objects, wash finished, in order to reduce the growth of bacteria, I have to boil the water with a little hot, so that after a little ease of use to the children dry, whether after all, has played a high temperature Sterilization effect? ​​I really do not know.

Therefore, many mothers in the usual cleaning of children's clothes will have this trouble when the visible stains are washed clean, but those who can not see the stains and bacteria do not know if there is no clean? Hand wash not only need to spend more Time and energy, baby clothes left on the milk stains, urine stains, then stains, etc. Although hand wash can be solved, but can not fundamentally achieve the thorough washing, because the visible stains can be cleaned, but room temperature washing and Routine washing, contaminated with bacteria in clothes, how to solve these?

The strongest brain - water Columbia are praising the washing machine, can solve the problem of baby mom laundry?

Konka is to solve the baby's laundry problems, the introduction of the new Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine will be healthy, intelligent, sorting washing, civilians, aesthetics, environmental protection set in one, and smart and healthy functions Is the product of two weapon.

In addition to these, this Konka kmini washing machine flagship AI perspective eye (Clean test ), WiFi Zhaopin, multi-file high temperature wash, nano antibacterial.I heard that Konka also invited big coffee brother came to this washing machine conference site, Xiaobian also went, really amazing, but the washing machine in the end when washing clothes Xiao Bian in the simulation of real home environment evaluation room, with professional test equipment, test methods, a thorough look, in the end this washing machine is not as magical as the conference saw.

First, unboxing, covers an area of ​​only 0.613 square meters so petite place

At first glance to see Konka Kmini washing machine, I was attracted by its small and cute packaging, color hopping packaging with distinctive design, so that this washing machine at first glance memorable people, and washing machine volume It is compact, so this washing machine is more colorful packaging under the package looks lovely and mini.

The size of the machine dimensions of 390 × 420 × 720 mm wide and deep, covers an area of ​​less than 60 * 60 cm square floor tiles half, as the family's second mother-only washing machine, this small size is undoubtedly the mothers Preferred.

Open the washing machine barrel, you can see the washing machine barrel pays the product accessories.These accessories include the washing machine inlet pipe assembly, drain, safety cover + positioning pin, water tee, drain tee, mouse board, manual. Water, drainage links to solve the problem of a faucet at home, reflecting the intimate details.

Consumers in the purchase, call 4008800016, Konka will arrange to install the master door to install this washing machine for you.

And, this washing machine to enjoy the whole 3-year warranty, 10-year motor repair service, with such value-added after-sales service, consumers can rest assured purchase.

Second, the design: smooth lines, user-friendly design everywhere

Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine The maximum washing capacity is 2.5 kg. The washing machine for home laundry, baby diapers, baby suits, baby bag fodder, and thick coat for winter babies are easy to wash.

In addition, Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine maximum water consumption is only 50L (1 cycle), and its cleaning ratio reached 0.80, from the official picture below the product parameters, this is a power that is saving water There is also a good washing performance of laundry products.

washing machine The side panels with arc concave design, smooth lines let washing machine design sense.At the same time, the washing machine with touch-glass cover design, it is different from the traditional washing machine button design, the entire touch operation area is set in the glass cover The center of the design feel more at the same time, the user's operating experience is also more convenient and more.

Collision angle design

Full touch screen washing machine operation

Xiaobian also learned that the washing machine is damping the glass cover, Adopting the flexible cover technology, gently touch the cover slowly falling, Zhuoxue noise reduction technology, well below the traditional washing machine noise decibels.At the same time, the washing machine is equipped with a smart security door lock, the glass cover is closed, open the laundry program , Intelligent security door lock will automatically lock in. After Xiaobian got the washing machine, the use of such a gentle drop in the use of the experience is still very good.

In order to users more secure use of washing machines, Konka kmini washing machine barrel also set a special safety lock to prevent the laundry door opened by mistake.

Safety tips on the inner lid of the washing machine

Of course, if the mothers are busy taking care of their babies and want to plan their time more reasonably, they can also make laundry reservations in advance. The washing machine supports the setting of 24-hour laundry reservation and has 1 / 11L, 2 / 15L, 3 / 19L, 4 / 23L water level for the four consumer choice.

Third, the interpretation of special features

1, AI perspective eye

Speaking of the features of this washing machine, then I have to mention the washing machine is equipped with a unique AI perspective eye.

It is reported that, AI perspective eye It can intelligently sense the stain water and foam volume of the washing water through the light sensing technology during the washing process, and can automatically identify the degree of water pollution and intelligently match the optimal washing program according to the detection result until the washing result reaches the standard value Clean value so far.

2, 90 degrees high temperature cooking wash

Konka washing machine has a fourth gear temperature washing set, 90 ℃ high temperature cooking wash, 60 ℃ high temperature wash function, 40 ℃ care wash, 30 ℃ gentle immersion wash. Compared to ordinary infant washing machines, this Konka laundry special high temperature The degree of washing, which is why? This is because the high temperature washing function, can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, suitable for high temperature sterilization of clothing. Like some common Escherichia coli, mold, etc., can be killed at a high temperature of 90 ℃ cooking process.

In the touch screen choose to cook wash

Washer-specific high-temperature cooking, but also benefit from it The use of the world's leading heating tube technology, heating time shorter, more prominent bactericidal effect, the heating pad using DuPont LCP (special materials), the heating tube will not be deformed, while more sterilization and disinfection rate, so that the baby's Clothing easily away from common flora.

3, stainless steel barrel inside the gem

In the barrel design, it uses a unique KKK Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine inside the barrel of stainless steel stones, so the inner wall of the wall simulation gem structure design, fine and smooth hole removal can effectively reduce the wear and tear of high-speed operation to effectively prevent clothing knot , So that laundry more fluid.

4, Three-dimensional bionic hand rub wash

In addition, the washing machine using three-dimensional bionic hand scrub system, that is, through the shock wave, bouncing stubborn stains, activate fiber activity, so that laundry more care clothing.

5, self-cleaning bucket dry

The function of the self-cleaning bucket of the washing machine is to dry the air through the inner barrel and to cope with the slow-moving shaking process to speed up the drying of the clothes without leaving folds and mildew in the inner bucket and effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the inner bucket.

6, nano-antibacterial material

In order to make baby clothes washing process more healthy, this washing machine liner filter box using nano-antibacterial material, bacteriostasis rate of Escherichia coli up to 99%, Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate of 98% by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology Antibacterial Materials Testing Center for testing, and provide authority certificates.

Test Report - Click to view larger image

7, mobile WIFI Zhaopin

Scan the two-dimensional code on the body of the washing machine and then download the JD-APP. After the download is completed, follow the operation instructions to easily add the washing machine and control the washing machine on the phone.

In the laundry process, mothers can take time to brush the brush, or have fun with their babies. If you want to know the laundry process, you only need to connect the washing machine with your cellphone in advance and follow the specified steps to view it anytime, anywhere Washing machine washing status, washing washing machine to understand the situation.

In addition to being able to control the washing machine on a cell phone, the Jingdong Micro-Alliance on the cell phone can also clearly understand the washing time remaining in the washing machine and the turbidity of the water in the tub when the laundry is completed. Turn off the power of the washing machine with the phone.

Third, cleanliness test:

Through the above pair Konka Kmini XQB25-W620Washing machine introduction, I believe we have its appearance, some of the features have a comprehensive understanding of the function, but its clean effect in the end how? Then Let Xiaobian and we take a look at it.

1, closer to the life of the washing test

For infants and young children clothing, their most common stain is milk stains, and milk stains, saliva stains and other baby are 0-3 years old stage specific and high frequency of stains, such stains with the naked eye is not easy to observe, It is also called 'invisible stain' Invisible stains and complementary food stains not only appear in high frequency, it is not easy to clean, so this test choose bibs as a washing object. 'The picture below is my baby one day to wash the bibs, due to add food supplement, Stained with various colors of complementary food, need to clean it is not an easy task!

Add weight clothing, into the washing machine wash

2, Why choose high temperature cooking?

Select high temperature cooking program for testing, there are two main reasons: one is that this is Konka washing machine unique product features, so the performance of its high temperature cooking in the test I really want to experience, and second, High-temperature cooking should be a favorite washing procedures for mothers, because most of the baby clothes need high-temperature germicidal washing, so in this test is undoubtedly high-temperature cooking is preferred.

3, high temperature heating function display

The advantages of this Konka washing machine lies in its unique cooking and washing functions, from water temperature 30 ℃ to water temperature 90 ℃, consumers can easily choose according to their own washing needs.

Professional testing, do not imitate

In the laundry process, we tested the washing water temperature, after the temperature tester showed that the current washing water temperature reached 89.3, excluding temperature heat loss interference, the barrel of the water temperature can certainly reach 90 ℃, 'boiled' deserved reputation.

4, AI perspective eye Precise monitoring of water turbidity Accurate laundry

Choose to cook after the washing machine display will show the washing time, and washing machines in the washing process will be based on the washing machine AI perspective eye will Matches the best washing program intelligently until the washing result reaches the standard clean value.

In order to straightforward contrast washing machine in the washing process of drainage cleanliness, World Wide Web home appliance washing machine washing three drainage have been kind of sample, through the most direct visual contrast for everyone to show the clarity of this washing machine Wisdom Advantage.

It can be clearly seen from the remaining samples of the drainage that ① the water in the marked barrel is obviously cloudy and is the drainage of the laundry; ② ② The water in both of the two buckets is obviously clear and visually distinguishable from the visible cleaning; and ② Only some of the water in the logo barrel remains in the clothing fibers, and the last one is almost the same as pure water.

5, then let us look at the results of cleaning it:

After some cleaning, we Can see saliva towels have been cleaned, The choice of high-temperature cooking wash not only effectively wash the stains, saliva towels also carried out high-temperature sterilization, kill two birds.

6, how much water consumption?

For a more straightforward observation of the washing machine water usage, the World Wide Web home grid will be three times the washing machine drains concentrated in a storage box, so that everyone on this Konka washing machine water at a glance.

Konka Kmini mini washing machine is quite provincial water, a complete washing process only about 45L of water, compared to similar products on the market close to 60L of water consumption, Konka Kmini washing machine's water saving advantage is obvious, and save so much water once, The long years of washing will save more water, saving a considerable amount of water for the home.

7, how much power consumption?

As the core function of Konka Kmini washing machine, the program of "washing and washing" is the focus of our test. So, how much power does it consume at one time? Because the power consumption of the washing machine comes from the heating process of water, The program again heated the water temperature to close to 90 ° C, more electricity, so the whole process of washing the World Wide Web home power consumption was 1.66 degrees .If the choice of other washing programs when the power consumption will be much lower than the power consumption.

8, how much noise?

In Konka Kmini washing machine washing process, the World Wide Web home network test to three sets of noise, such as in the washing preparation stage, the water injection process, the washing machine noise is about 51.4 decibels; washing, the washing machine noise is about 48.9 decibels; in the final rejection Dry dehydration stage, the noise is only 44.9 db, we can according to the noise level table with the daily noise situation to make a comparison. 'Ambient noise of about 35 decibels'

■ written in the last:

As we all know, the bacteria, fungi, dust mites and other allergens in clothing if not completely cleared, will cause a variety of skin diseases, allergic diseases, seriously affecting the health of families, especially families with elderly, children and sensitive populations. Washing machine from high temperature cooking, sterilization and other directions to start, let you easily worry about laundry.

This Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine, set the phone wifi Internet touch computer control panel, intelligent security door lock in one, the washing machine is not only equipped with a unique AI fluoroscopy eyes, 90 ℃ high temperature cooking, nano-antibacterial, self-cleaning bucket dry Four health functions, its temperature of 4 files, three-dimensional bionic hand wash and many other laundry features, but also attracted many want to buy baby washing machine moms eye.

Currently this model for KONKA Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine hot in Jingdong, 'brand huge benefits' shocking snapped price to the hand price only 1999 yuan! Sun single purchase machine to send the whole three-year warranty, the motor repair 10 years! As a Small size saving, but also a tool for healthy laundry, why do not you have any reason to start? Ready to buy baby washing machine at home mothers hurry up now.