Hasbro: China will become the most potential toy consumer market

In recent years, the toy market in China has attracted the attention of the global toy industry and the major toy giants have stepped up the pace of expansion in the Chinese market. Ms Christine Chang, Consumer Products Director, Hasbro Greater China recently passed the Chinese and foreign toy websites (ID: ctoy-gdta) , Shared their views and conveyed 2018 New Year's greetings to the toy industry.
Recalling the rapid development of the domestic toy industry in 2017, Hasbro has achieved outstanding results in toys and IP licensing, etc. Ms Cheung said that 'Hasbro has been committed to creating the best for families all over the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region Play experience, we hope to work with more partners to let our strong brand content deep into all aspects of Chinese consumer life. I wish the industry colleagues in the new year have more development, work together to provide consumers with more high quality products! '

Hasbro team photo, of which Ms. Zhang Kexin third left
Looking forward to 2018, Ms. Zhang Kexin said: "With the double stimulation of consumer upgrade and second child policy, China will become the most potential toy consumer market."
2018 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Guangdong Toy Association, Ms. Zhang Kexin on behalf of Hasbro to the Association and its service platform expressed encouragement and blessings .She said:
'Guangdong Toy Association has been the innovation and development for the domestic toy industry to provide a guiding, forward-looking market trends, but also for the industry to expand domestic and foreign markets to provide more opportunities for the value of this toy Association of Guangdong Province 30th anniversary and the Spring Festival On the occasion of the festival, Hasbro wishes for the Guangzhou Toy Fair, the Chinese and foreign toy nets, and the "Chinese and Foreign Toy Manufacturing" magazine is getting better and better, helping more enterprises achieve win-win cooperation with the brand and providing consumers with better products and rich content '