Haoyuan: optimistic about the prospects of remote control products

Year-end and New Year's Day, the toy industry representatives both at home and abroad have used the Chinese and foreign toy all media center (Chinese and foreign toy network & "Chinese and foreign toys manufacturing") New Year's blessing topic to share experiences, exchange ideas, pass blessings. toy factory Chen Hao, general manager believes that innovation is not easy, but toy manufacturers are trying to create innovative products, and the toy market signs of stabilization are also being consolidated.
'The toy industry reversed signs of continuous declines in the past two years in 2017 and gradually showed signs of improvement. By the policy of opening up the second-tier national policies and the' One Belt and One Road 'initiative, the deflation in the economy was eased and the toy industry ushered in the spring, To achieve faster development. 'Chen Hao said that major manufacturers continue to seek breakthroughs in innovation, multi-channel mining, the collision between many fields, but also bring a lot of opportunities.
According to reports, the second half of 2017, Haoyuan toys Remote control toys Sales have increased dramatically, some hot products have emerged out of stock situation, is currently working to coordinate parties to ensure that there is sufficient supply to suppliers.
Guangzhou toys in April, Haoyuan toys booth by the customer 'crowd'
2018 global toy industry presents the trend of three trends: exploration of nature, teamwork, just for fun, the importance of toy products to the growth of children is self-evident.Whatever the market economy changes, Chen Hao still optimistic about the prospects of remote control products, he Said, 'Although innovation is not easy, but innovation, good quality, experience is still the direction of the manufacturers.'
Since its establishment, Haoyuan Toys has been blessing to the Association with the help of Guangdong Toy Association's service platform - Guangzhou Toy Show, all Chinese and foreign toy media centers to expand its market and promote its brand. In 2018, it coincides with the 30th anniversary of Guangdong Toy Association , He said:
Thirty years of hard work, 30 years of continuous exploration, 30 years of perseverance, thirty years of hard work, only the Guangdong Provincial Toy Association today's great achievements, fruitful. I wish the association and its service platform - Guangzhou Toy Show, Chinese and foreign toy network, "Chinese and foreign toy manufacturing" magazine to do better and better, more and more successful, for the toy industry to bring more and better and more information and services. The future, the courage to climb the peak! Looking forward to the next more brilliant The thirtieth anniversary!

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