Mito rabbit blocks robot and fingertip building blocks won the United States 2018 Tyrolevi Toy Award

January 2018, millet ecological chain products' rice rabbit blocks robot Crawler armor 'and' fingertip building block 'both won the Tillywig Toy & Media Awards Tyreweig toy award. Among them, Mi rabbit building block robot crawler armor access to Parents Favorite Products (parents favorite toy product award), fingertips Building blocks for Best creative fun (most creative fun award).

Mi rabbit building blocks robot crawler armor access to Parents Favorite Products (most parents favorite toy product award)

Fingertips building blocks Best creative fun (most creative fun award)
It is no coincidence that the Mito Rabbit Caterpillar crawler armor and fingertip blocks won this prize. As early as 2017, the Mito Rabbit Toy won the 2017 Brain Child's Strongest Brain Trophy at the Tyroleague Toy Awards. Tillywig Toy & Media Awards The Tywi Wigg toy award is one of the most authoritative awards in the toy industry in the United States. The American retailers, parents and the media are very influential awards, and are also influential indexes for American parents to buy toys.
The award process is to invite consumers, retailers and media opinion leaders to try and vote to select the most entertaining and educational toys, all winning products are rich in entertaining significance.
Mito rabbit block robot crawler armor built by more than a thousand pieces of building blocks, each piece are made using zero-draft technology made by the technology allows precision control within 0.005mm, and the choice of materials used , In strict accordance with international environmental standards of production, not only passed the highest level of domestic safety certification, also passed the EU RoHS certification to ensure that each part safe and reliable. And the operation, the product uses a programming + remote control, except with mobile devices Control, but also through the graphical programming, so that the robot to complete more instructions through unlimited programming and modeling ideas, you can create your 'exclusive robot'.
Fingers as a building blocks can be small and large is the only one Jizhi Jie decompression artifacts, rice rabbit fingertips building blocks created by DIY original form, for users to create the fastest, most practical extraction products, so that work and study The pressure is completely released.Unique color design and zero draft technology, rice rabbit finger jigsaw building blocks are leading a new wave of EDC through DIY construction, daily play, with the product docking and other means to bring an unprecedented practical experience will be Daily negative emotions completely removed.

On January 5, 2018, Lei Jun, the founder of millet technology, recommended fingertips in private microblogging. Through the text of Weibo, it can be seen that Ray always suprised this little thing and said 'I did not expect this stuff Pretty fun '.
Thus it can be seen that the attentiveness and ingenuity of the Mito rabbit building robot has become one of the most popular building blocks toy products in the world. It is also true that the Mito rabbit toy robot is not only recognized by domestic toy industry and education experts , And the jury highly praised.
Tillywig Toy & Media Awards The Tyrwhisch Toy Awards include:
1. Best Toy Award Top Fun: awarded toys with excellent design, structure and play functions;
2. Best Toy Silver Sterling Fun: Awarded a distinctive product with a reputation for quality and origin;
3. The strongest brain prize Brain Child: granted to mobilize the child's enthusiasm and entertaining toys;
4. Best Family Fun Award Best Family Fun: top-notch toys to promote family activities and fun;
5. Parents 'Favorite Prize Parents' Favorite Products: Toys that improve the quality of everyday life of the family;
6. Best Creative Fun Awards Best Creative Fun: Give toys that promote imagination and creativity.