Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N evaluation: This time you can throw away the remote control yet?

Before starting this evaluation, I can not help but think of two issues:

1, when you are in a hurry to open air conditioning, want to let yourself immediately placed in a warm and comfortable environment, but suffer from can not find the remote control, then your mood will be like?

2, in your heart, the future air conditioning looks like?

When air conditioners using remote speech recognition technology appeared on the market, we began to believe that the era of appliances that control air-conditioners through 'human-machine dialogue' and 'throw away remote controls' was finally coming.

Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N AI voice Wang hang up, using Changhong II on behalf of voice direct technology, in terms of recognition, response time, self-learning capabilities compared to the previous generation of artificial intelligence, have qualitative improvement, to achieve the user at 6 meters The voice of the direct control of the range.At the same time is also equipped with 4 generations of fine control of natural and comfortable wind, a high standard of energy efficiency features, so much the user expectations. As a result, evaluation of this product is necessary.

Appearance Evaluation: Into a diverse environment of science and technology products

Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N artificial intelligence voice Wang hang out from the box, 'Lushan true content', give us a deep first impression - a sense of science and technology. The indoor unit to pursue minimalist white 'diamond' Shape design, the panel with piano paint treatment, at both ends with a transparent decorative border, the overall shape of the stylish atmosphere; product LOGO and voice acquisition holes compared to air conditioning overall panel is only 'star point' decoration, Q3N at first glance seems to be space Some kind of equipment in the cabin awaits the awakening of the AI ​​system. The size of the indoor unit is 860 mm × 294 mm × 234 mm (W × H × D), which is a popular integrated machine design, Reduce the visual thickness, a little bit is not bulky; turn on the power after the boot, LED high-precision invisible window appears above the voice acquisition hole, the white figure is clear and not dazzling, very convenient for users to view and control. Shut down, the display window Completely invisible, maintaining the overall appearance of the indoor unit.

This appearance is undoubtedly more in line with the current trend of electrical design, low profile, simple, generous, hanging in any style of home space will not be "excessive profiteering." Integration with the environment or simply ignored by the environment, It is a clever design of the appearance of the air conditioning.Compared to some on the market using the 'gold', 'Obscure' and even the design of air-conditioning, Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N artificial intelligence voice Wanghang easier to attract the pursuit of quality of life Crowd.

Intelligent voice test: 24/7 standby voice manager

Looked at the appearance of internal, artificial intelligence voice control function of natural bear the brunt, first began to experience.As an artificial intelligence air conditioning, Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N artificial voice king voice recognition technology maturity and application of the scene will show how?

When we turn the air conditioner back on again, the Q3N's voice module starts up, so consumers in the air-conditioning season almost never de-energize the air conditioner, so the Q 3 N voice module can be on standby for 24 hours.

We arrived at a distance of 5,6 meters from the air conditioners (Q3N's official voice control range was 6 meters), said 'CHIQ Air Conditioner' (pronounced 'Enkempt Air Conditioner') at a normal conversation volume, and the Q3N Air Conditioner immediately softened The female responds with 'hello!', Indicating that it is ready to receive voice commands. "When we say 'on', 'heating', 'dehumidifying', 'air fresh' ... these clear instructions, Q3N can Instantly answer, and then turn on or off the corresponding function.

Q3N air conditioners can also quickly identify, answer, and instantly respond to ambiguous commands such as 'too cold', 'too hot', 'windy', 'windy' and so on .It can also tell it the desired temperature directly, such as 'twenty degrees', the air conditioning will immediately adjust to twenty degrees.Worth to mention, when the air conditioning receives the last instruction, and make the appropriate action After 30 seconds, if no further instruction is received, the voice-over-air module will automatically go to sleep state and send out the prompt tone of "I will leave first and come back later". The human-computer interaction experience is closed-loop and full of future feeling. Also means that Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N artificial intelligence voice Wang hang up the 'second generation of artificial intelligence voice direct technology' in recognition, response time, self-learning ability has been quite mature.

Under normal indoor conditions (ambient noise less than 60dB), we estimate that Q3N has a speech recognition accuracy of over 95%, while in a closed environment with an ambient noise of less than 30dB, the Q3N has a speech recognition test distance of up to 8 meters , Enough to meet the remote control needs of our daily home life, and the penetration of voice signals even more than the traditional remote control, we will no longer be physically separated from the space restrictions when using air conditioning. Open the air conditioner, say "CHiQ air conditioner" loudly.

At the time of testing, we also found that Q3N air-conditioning artificial intelligence voice system has been able to effectively distinguish between male and female voices, even dialects .As we all know, different male and female voice, combined with environmental interference is complex, to identify the two gender voice is not easy. Dialect recognition is even harder and requires the in-depth study of artificial intelligence, Q3N air-conditioning to understand dialects, is the voice of the core technology projects in the field of intelligent voice industry leaders at home and abroad are well aware that each additional one kind of artificial Intelligent dialect recognition, research workers have to make great efforts and the scene we use Sichuan dialect or 'Trump' were tested Q3N recognition ability, the result is also quite satisfactory Q3N air conditioning, including the switch air conditioning , Adjust the temperature, wind direction and other instructions received are very accurate, rapid response.

At the same time as the voice response, Q3N AI Wang Wang 72cm wide mouth also opens up, like a plane to open the spoiler, gentle action without noise, high degree of blade integration, wide angle, contribute to Meet a wider range of air supply needs.

Interpretation of human configuration: everything from practicality

Home appliances are "humanized" is often people in the choice of home appliances, special attention to the issue of 'humane' configuration and functional design so that appliances are no longer a cold machine.Many details of the design makes people feel warm heart, but also let us big To lament: the original technology is to serve people in this way. Through Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N artificial intelligence voice Wang hang up the 'comfortable natural wind', 'intelligent light sleep', 'double heating', 'remote control 'And other' humane 'function, I saw all the Changhong air conditioner in order to make consumers satisfied with the continuous innovation and efforts.

'Comfortable natural wind' technology can simulate the natural wind, make the human body feel comfortable, such as return to nature.This is because Changhong Q3N can change the rotor speed through the control circuit, so that the change of output wind speed.In the natural wind control, real-time indoor fan Of the speed of the electrical control and motor control requirements are higher.Start the 'natural wind' function, you can continue to set the upper and lower automatic pendulum, left and right automatic pendulum wind, superimposed to achieve wind speed, wind direction automatically change, so open for a long time Air-conditioned room will not feel bored.

'Intelligent light sleep' can be opened in the middle of the night for us to automatically sleep mode, which relies on Changhong inverter air conditioning intelligent light sleep second-generation technology blessing when the function module detects the indoor light weakened to a certain extent, it will switch Sleep mode, 8-speed air-conditioning display adjust the brightness of the screen, no need for us to operate half awake at the same time, when the light is bright, Q 3 N air-conditioning will automatically exit the sleep mode energy-saving operation, until the return to normal power operation. Simple functions, but we realize the 'dream' air-conditioned user-friendly upgrade, since then open the air conditioning can feel at ease sleep, no 'display too bright affect sleep', 'waste of electricity' worries.

For most northerners, one of the reasons why air-conditioners are "hard to popularize" is that the air-conditioning system has poor heating capacity and can not even start up properly at less than ten degrees C. The double heating + low-temperature start of Changhong Q 3 N Technology to effectively overcome the difficulties in this cold region.It uses active PFC inverter technology, according to the load changes, automatically adjust the compressor-powered bus voltage (280V-350V), to ensure Changhong inverter air conditioner speed ability, heat Large, Q3N air conditioning system heat up to 4500 (6 0 0 - 600) W, the heating power of 1250 (180 - 1850) W, electric heating power of 9 0 0 At the same time, Changhong -25 ℃ low temperature laboratory and digital soft-start technology for protection, to ensure that Changhong air-conditioning can also be achieved at -20 ℃ normal heating.

In addition, remote control based on IoT technology is naturally the standard feature of Q3N, and we can freely control Q3N air-conditioners in the home anywhere in the world under the wifi or mobile network. Of course, the most common scenario is We went home early on the way home to open the Q3N air-conditioning, so that when the family opened the door, entered the temperature is appropriate, healthy and comfortable environment.

Cooling, heating effect, air volume and power consumption test: As always, excellent performance

Of course, to measure the quality of an air conditioner or not, it must also be a detailed test of its performance.Although many brands on the market have declared their best cooling and heating effect, the maximum amount of air, while low power consumption, but also energy saving , But after the accurate measurement under the simulated scenario, the parameter data will inevitably have a big difference, so for the performance parameters of the test, we remove the perceptual knowledge, direct data to speak.

In the simulation environment, we used electric heater, anemometer, decibel meter, high-power power detector and other professional equipment.The data show that Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N artificial intelligence voice Wang hanging machine rated cooling capacity of 3500 W, As a high-end inverter, it can realize the ultra-wide variation of 6500-4200W and the corresponding cooling power is controlled at 200-140W, which easily achieves 4.75 ultra-high energy efficiency ratio , 5.55% higher than the APF energy efficiency standard 4.5, energy-saving and fast.According to more sophisticated test results show that Q3N air-conditioning in the ECO energy-saving mode can reach 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency operation, the successful achievement of 0.1 degrees at room temperature subtle control.

According to the test, Q 3 N air conditioners have a circulating air volume of 6800 m³ / hr and cooling and heating applications up to 2 1㎡. On-hook, the Q 3 N air conditioners are fully capable of meeting the needs of most homes and offices The use of independent space.

As a large 1.5P model, Q 3 N air conditioner indoor unit nominal noise of 1 8 - 40 db, the external machine only 5 2 db, in the test simulation of quiet indoor night conditions, the Q 3 N air conditioning to sleep Mode, the noise is only higher than the body's normal breathing noise, can be covered by the natural ambient noise generated by the room, will not affect our rest; in the test simulation of the open indoor environment, set the Q3N air conditioning to In the 'natural wind' mode of operation, there is also gentle wind speed and low noise. In the 'natural wind' mode, the Q 3 N air conditioner operates rapidly and in less than ten seconds, we can notice significant changes in the somatosensory .

General Comment: 'Industry Conscience' to Return Smart Air Conditioners to the Public

Although we have evaluated too much smart air-conditioning equipment, but Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q3N artificial intelligence voice hang up or impressed us.Its appearance ahead without losing the stability, never used too much emphasis on the design of the body 'presence'; The application of speech recognition technology is matured, but avoids those dazzling, indistinguishable 'dazzle-type' operation, quite artificial pragmatism charm; performance unplugging, cooling and heating ability, at a relatively low energy Consumption of high-power inverter air conditioner to achieve the amount of air supply, the noise is also surprisingly small; a variety of human features more will CHANGHONG Q 3 N in different regions, different ages and different user habits of universal amplification to the extreme. So when we look back to the two problems mentioned in the opening paragraph, the answer is self-evident: the future of air conditioning, not only smarter, more powerful, but also cheaper. Air conditioning remote control can be lost, as the cost of traditional home appliances can not be lost!

In the era of consumer upgrades, Changhong air conditioner through a new round of technological innovation, to achieve the redefinition of the future of air conditioning, and the pursuit of many industries for the smart, performance and ignore the cost of manufacturers pointed out the direction - air conditioning as a 'public Product '. Its technology upgrade can not rely solely on the R & D investment or the consumer support of the' niche high-end 'user market. Instead, the high-tech technologies such as smart voice should be constantly transformed into the' cheap advantage 'of air-conditioning products, so as to obtain a broader user base Of the favor, with the consumption potential to upgrade to promote the sustainable development of the industry.