To accelerate but also encrypted: Hui Hui NAS DS918 + evaluation

Looking back on 2017, the harsh Internet security situation is still in the doldrums WannaCry lock user equipment, frequent network security incidents, continuous data leaks, each attacker is wolves aimed at the user's data, whether cloud disk, Website, hard drive, computer or cell phone, they always seem to have the opportunity to start.

Then deal with data leakage, the user really can do it? Obviously not the case, the so-called magic height of a foot tall, the security situation is grim circumstances, the major manufacturers are also constantly enhancing the product's anti-attack capability in data protection , Encryption system is commonly used as a coping strategy.For the practical application of small and medium enterprises and IT enthusiasts, Synology introduced NAS storage DS918 + to help cross the winter of network security.

The merits of a product does not depend on the configuration specifications, but the configuration specifications on the impact of the product is no doubt that the Sunplus DS918 + official flagship store in Jingdong price of 4680 yuan, is a high-end four-bit positioning NAS Network Storage Server with a gross weight of 3.64kg and an internal hard drive, up to a maximum of 17TB expansion. The product features an Intel Celeron 4-core processor with 4GB DDR3L memory and dual 1GbE LAN ports.

This product has three very dazzling features, the first for the built-in AES-NI hardware encryption engine, provides the ability to encrypt the transmission of files, encrypted sequential read and write speed excellent performance; the second is Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM ) The system provides digital asset protection to prevent unexpected data loss and to fill potential security holes. The third is the ability to support two M.2 NVMe 2280 SSDs to quickly create system caches without the need for internal hard disk slots.

From the configuration point of view, this product is positioned to share files in the small and medium-sized enterprises are appropriate, but the NAS product is mixed, each product uses its own system, how the performance of the Synology DSM system remains to be tested, but the configuration for the solution The business needs of small businesses are more than adequate.

Hui Xun DS918 + commercial products used in the usual simple style, the whole body with a black body design, the rear is a dual fan cooling to enhance product stability.

It is worth noting that the front of the Synology DS918 + 4 hard disk drive each with a hard disk tray lock, which is important for the safety of enterprise applications; Moreover, Hui Hui years operating in the NAS field, the hard disk tray removal and installation easy , The vertical hard disk does not interfere with each other, also avoid the embarrassing phenomenon such as stuck when installing.

The top right side of the front panel of the product is the hard disk status indicator of the four hot-swappable hard drives, the top of the product status indicator light; arranged downward, followed by a USB 3.0 jack and the power button and indicator light. DS918 + power indicator And the computer host commonly used power key the same, the light and power key combination of one, convenient and clear.

The front of the product is a product of the face, then the back is his heart.On the back of the visual can see is the product of the two fans, in general, 4-bay NAS with a fan can solve the cooling problem, but double Under the fan, there are two 1GbE RJ-45 network ports, Reset button, eSATA connector, power connector, USB 3.0 connector, and M.2 NVMe SSD slot.

Appreciate the inner beauty

After reading the external structure and then look at the product experience, when I personally remove the hard drive tray can clearly feel that the whole plastic hard drive tray is very light and smooth, and when loading and unplugging will not Have a sense of stagnation.

DS918 + hard disk rack still uses a completely tool-free removal of the buckle-type design, hard disk rack on both sides of the fixed bar can be easily disassembled by hand, after the hard disk is installed and fixed quite convenient. And often friction fixed hole At the pad used to support the extension of the product life.

The product is compatible with and supports multiple types of drives, including 3.5 "SATA HDDs, 2.5" SATA HDDs and SSDs, and M.2 2280 SSDs, and up to nine drives with expansion devices to meet storage needs.

In this test, for fairness I chose the more popular Seagate NAS HDD 4000GB hard drive performance is clearly not compared with the SSD, but the advantage is more realistic close to the actual application scenarios and most Business choice.

DSM system experience

NAS storage hard to see the clue on the hardware, after all, the real impact of the hard disk can not be ignored.Then judge NAS products, software capabilities has become an inevitable topic.Most NAS products based on Linux system to build large Most users have not used Linux system, then the system is simple and reliable to attract users tactics.

First, we will search for the corresponding product model in the Download Center of Qunhui official website. If this test is used for DS918 +, we can see that the search result contains two groups of assistant and DSM6.1.4, first download the group of corresponding operating system Hui assistant and installed, and then you can choose a assistant in the download DSM system to install.

After downloading and installing, you can log in to the main interface of the NAS product through a series of registrations and related options.This interface believes that many users are not unfamiliar, and most NAS product self-developed systems adopt such layouts, The upper left corner of the menu button covers the center of the suite, control panel, file management and DSM instructions in the screen, the upper right corner of the system log, account related, search and status.

The easiest way for the DSM system to give users a variety of ways to get the functionality they want is to simply search through the search bar in the top right corner for what they want, or simply click on the main menu button if they do not want to. Necessary function.

Hard disk pool establishment

The DSM system has a number of special features to protect the user's data security, such as AES256-bit encryption of shared folders and network data transfer is encrypted to prevent data from unauthorized access; trust rating allows users to customize the suite center Trust level, avoid installing software from sources of non-trust, and protect NAS from unknown files.

The author has already mentioned earlier, this test will be used four Seagate 4000G hard drive to test from the main menu - Control Panel - Storage Manager you can see in the DSM system, the hard disk need to build a hard disk pool Before you can do that.

Hard disk pool settings

After all is set properly, I created a RAID5 hard disk pool of four hard drives to build a common, the size of 10.90TB.

After completing the establishment of the hard disk pool, you can return to the system overview in the storage space administrator submenu to view the current system situation, and you can see the storage pool is the data protection RAID5 data pool. At this point, you can find the system ISCSI Function to create a partition in the quota configuration select 30GB, and then you can begin to return to the computer operating system to do the relevant operation.

iSCSI feature configuration

I use the Windows10 system, and in the control panel to find the management tool options, the following is the ISCSI initiator, double-click the initiator to connect to the NAS product for IP matching.

After the match is completed, the same management tools can be found in the following computer management storage options, and then you can see just in the ISCSI 30GB hard disk space allocated in the unallocated state, right-click the unassigned hard disk to create a new disk Z disk and formatted.

Storage management

At this point, click on my computer in the computer you can see in addition to the original hard drive more than a new hard drive, and the highlight of the test fell on here.

Parity consistency test

It should be specially pointed out that after the storage space is newly built, the product will carry out a parity check test for about 10 hours, during which time the NAS read and write performance is only about 1/4 after the test.

IO 4K random read and write performance testing

The introduction of the United States after all is not as reliable as the data, and for NAS network storage this device, IOmeter is a reliable test software that can be used in single-system and cluster systems to measure and describe the I / O subsystem, so I The industry-recognized version of IOMeter 2006.07.27.win64.i386 was chosen to test disk subsystem performance and use a custom Excel macro for data analysis.

4k file random read test results

4k file random write test results

Test Results:

In DS918 + IOPs random read and write tests, I used a Gigabit router with Gigabit Ethernet port mode, in order to facilitate high-performance high-security mode to read the data in order to reflect the true performance of the product.

From the test results, we can test the Synology DS918 + in a single hard disk mode under the gigabit network and achieve a maximum read performance of 21384.16 IOPS. In terms of writing, the maximum value is close to 18558.75. Considering Read and write speeds are generated after AES-NI hardware encryption engine encryption processing, this data has been acceptable; from the graph point of view, read and write tests are relatively stable, reflecting the product's skill.


The Synology DS918 + is a high-end, four-bay NAS network storage server that provides powerful capabilities and services to small and medium-sized businesses and technology enthusiasts. Lightweight and easy-to-use designs, secure and powerful software services attract users Protection.

Hardware, the built-in AES-NI hardware encryption engine to provide encrypted file transfer security; support for two M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD allows users to create a system cache without the need for internal hard disk storage; Group Hui's product software has been Are the biggest selling points. The DSM system can provide many powerful functions such as Surveillance Station, collaboration suite, all-in-one server and personal computer backup. There are also practical functions such as dynamic video transcoding in the field of family applications to expand the audience of the product.

Overall, the Synology DS918 + continues the consistent excellence of the company in the field of NAS, strong data protection capabilities and close integration of a variety of practical features to help products get the vitality of the current Internet environment.Synchronized files on different devices, 4K multimedia service capabilities, efficient storage and scalability and other features exist to help Synology DS918 + both adapted to the domestic and commercial markets.