Horizontal to vertical progress: Hisense BD-202WTU evaluation, so that more than a choice of frozen

Many families in their daily life will encounter such a problem: the need to freeze too many things at home, the refrigerator which can not let go. This time should be how to do? Is this just to go buy a refrigerator? I Under normal circumstances, no one will go to such silly things!

However, the demand is put there and the problem must be solved.At this time impulsive consumption often leads to regret afterwards, we must first understand that what we need is only frozen, and if we buy a refrigerator, this problem has been solved, But it cost extra money for the extra functions of the refrigerator that we do not have, which is a little more than the loss.

So buy a freezer, this problem is not solved Well! But currently on the market mostly freezers freezers, let alone its function, just to see its size and area, it is a bit prohibitive, with a Now many people often say to express is that I tens of thousands of dollars a flat house to buy, is to let these thousands of dollars to occupy the place of things?

Think of want to go, people headache, the so-called 'fish, I want; bear's paw, I also want to', then how to do it? Raise a bear will catch fish on the line, and Hisense ice High-end vertical freezer BD-202WTU This is such a 'bear'.

So what is the "Bear" in the end what are the extraordinary, why and why we have? For this World Wide Web home network conducted a series of evaluation, to tell everyone the answer.

Test content

First, the product appearance

Hisense refrigerator BD-202WTU as a vertical freezer, unlike the traditional horizontal, 595x702x1471 overall size, which means that it is smaller in footprint, you can save more family space, while the large volume of 202L , Can store more ingredients.

And Hisense freezer BD-202WTU different from the other vertical glass doors on the market design, it has a champagne gold exterior color, coupled with water ripple pattern, the whole look introverted low-key yet luxurious luxury, single From the appearance of this point of view, it is more like a small refrigerator, rather than a freezer.At the same time champagne gold is also a wild color of home decorating, so at home will seem very harmonious and does not appear unexpected.

Second, the mode of operation

Used to know the traditional horizontal freezer, freezer temperature control can only be carried out by a simple control knob.This method is simple to use, but can not be informed of the internal temperature of a freezer in a setting, at the same time the model is relatively single .

Hisense freezer BD-202WTU using the latest touchpad design, you can set three different modes of freezing, temperature settings can be -15 ℃ --- 25 ℃ within the range of 1 ℃ accuracy control, and display The screen can clearly show your choice.

Third, the functional characteristics

1, 5-dimensional pattern of Tibet

Every time you open the freezer, there is no feeling of collapse, looked inside the freezer mess, a lot of ingredients when you want to use, either can not find, either found frozen with other ingredients together, and sometimes even In a variety of ingredients to taste the taste of food, this feeling is simply not too 'cool'.

And all this is because the traditional horizontal freezers and most commercial vertical freezers, there is a big problem is that there is only a large internal storage space, frozen goods will appear very messy, it is easy to cause odor, etc. Many problems.

The Hisense freezer BD-202WTU has a 5-dimensional layout of the interior design, the freezer is divided into five separate internal storage space.Each of the space, the user can store different ingredients according to their needs, which can be from the root On the issue of alleviating the smell of different ingredients, to ensure that every kind of ingredients full and fresh flavor.

2, air-cooled frost-free

The biggest problem caused by the traditional freezer is that the internal frosting situation is too serious. I believe many people who have used the freezer have had this experience. Each time the freezer is used for a period of time, it is necessary to take out all the internal things, To clean the internal thick ice, not only clean up very troublesome, but also affect the cooling effect of the freezer.

The reason for these conditions is that the cooling method of the traditional freezer is to use direct cooling.

In contrast Hisense freezer BD-202WTU air-cooled refrigeration, automatic defrosting can be done to reduce the user defrosting their own troubles, while the cooling effect is better.

In order to test Hisense freezer BD-202WTU air-cooled really can be frost-free, we will be filled with food freezer, run for a week to test its effect.

From the picture we can see that the drawer out of the ingredients is still as new, no ice crystals or frosting appears, to further verify the Hisense freezer BD-202WTU air-cooled frost-free effect is indeed clear, the ability to get Proof of fact.

3, wisdom accurate temperature control

We all know that when frozen, the temperature is stable, largely affecting the freezing effect of ingredients.Hisin refrigerator BD-202WTU and the traditional freezer is a big difference is that the temperature control mode, in front of the market are mostly mechanical freezer temperature control, The Hisense freezer BD-202WTU is the use of computer temperature control, in theory, this temperature control method to be more precise temperature effects, while the temperature is also more stable.

In order to verify the internal temperature of the BD-202WTU Hisense refrigerator is stable, we set the freezer at -20 degrees Celsius, waiting for the temperature to stabilize, and installed in the freezer multi-channel temperature recorder, running two hours.

According to the recorded data, it is not difficult to see that the internal temperature of Hisense freezer BD-202WTU is relatively flat and the maximum temperature difference is within 2 degrees Celsius. This proves that Hisense freezer BD-202WTU has good temperature control ability to ensure the ingredients Has been at a stable temperature, frozen preservation better.

4, wisdom fan

Many users are often not concerned about the purchase of freezer fan, but it is precisely the freezer fan is the most important part of the freezer, but also the most power-hungry part of the refrigerator on the market are mostly used are normal Constant speed fan, although this fan is durable, but can not freely control the fan operating power, very cost.

Compared with ordinary constant speed fan, Hisense freezer BD-202WTU installed smart fan, you can adjust the speed according to the actual use, but also more relative to some power.

In order to test the actual power consumption of the freezer in different situations, we simulated the power consumption of two hours under three different scenarios for comparison.

1, the freezer is in normal wisdom mode

2, the freezer is frozen mode

3, freezer in silent mode

Through the actual measurement we found that the freezer in different situations, the power consumption varies, frozen mode power consumption> Wisdom mode power consumption> silent mode power consumption.

This also confirms the wisdom of the fan can indeed under different circumstances, automatically adjust the fan speed, fans can be targeted for regulating the operation of power, reducing a lot of unnecessary waste of energy, so more energy savings.

5, power consumption and noise

In our daily life, we often care about his power consumption and noise problems about freezers, because if the power consumption is too large or run-time noise, it will greatly affect our experience.

Therefore, we deliberately measured Hisense freezer BD-202WTU in a frozen, smart, quiet three modes of 24-hour power consumption and noise.

According to the actual data can be seen Hisense freezer BD-202WTU, whether it is power consumption or noise, are in a very low state, even in the quick-frozen state, the consumption of electricity in accordance with the price of household electricity count, one day down Only a few cents, and noise and the standard noise of the library is almost the same, will not affect normal life.

6, the details of the design

As the saying goes, the details determine the success or failure of our daily use, often find some of the details of the design of electrical appliances, not only did not bring us convenience, and sometimes will hinder us to use.

The Hisense Freezer BD-202WTU details, we have also been used by the actual test.

Blue LED lights

We all know LED lights in use, whether it is brightness, power consumption or fever are better than the average incandescent lamp, which is considered Hisense freezer BD-202WTU intimate place, increased brightness, reducing power consumption, so This is still very worthy of recognition.


But we did not find any particular prominence here. The only benefit may be that we can put in more things that we normally use, but many do.

BIGBOX slide drawer

In our normal use, found that the drawer because of the slide rails installed on both sides, so when it is extracted, or relatively smooth, there is no sense of obstruction when the general drawer drawer and drawer internal space is also very large, can put Into a lot of things, it is also very convenient to use.

Self-priming door design

This is very caring, after all, we usually because sometimes do not pay attention, leading to not close the freezer door, so that the freezer leaks inside, resulting in unnecessary waste of power, and may affect the freezing effect of freezer This self-priming door design, it touches can greatly reduce the appearance of this situation, so that practicality is still high.

Flip sealed box

This section is usually useful when you temporarily put on something that smells too much or needs to be temporarily frozen, but it has a slightly smaller storage space so it can hold small things.

Evaluation results

According to a series of tests, we can see that Hisense freezer BD-202WTU is specially designed for the pain points of the users in daily life, either in appearance or in actual use. The purpose is to allow the user to get out of the traditional freezer Disorder, you can more freely experience the convenience of modern science and technology for our lives.