Cyclops CP water bike | This is a group you have not seen the wonderful test

This phrase applies equally to our wonderful test today! The reason why the wonderful work is because we are going to open a smart refrigerator, well-known drinks 'hundred squill water' and the annual new red net 'Bike' These three seemingly irrelevant combination of things, to make an unprecedented CP big collision!

Before doing this wonderful test, it is necessary to let these three props give you a bright appearance:

Test props one: commander refrigerator

Workers want good things must first sharpen their tools.

First of all, we introduce the first props of this transformation test, which is a five-door air-cooled frost-free inverter intelligent product with commanding 480 liters of space-commander BCD-480WLDCYU1.

Just got this product, giving the first impression is Yan Yan high, beautiful crystal crystal blue mirror design, placed at home can really be a mirror when.

Look at the reflection of the host in this picture can be seen.

As a smart refrigerator, food management is of course the core technology point of view through the refrigerator top right of the TFT smart mirror screen, enabling a variety of intelligent operations.

For example, through the all-around food management system to facilitate the management of food inside the refrigerator; through video recipes, even cooks who can not cook can master the cooking skills; it is worth mentioning that through the smart phone download 'Xin Kit kitchen app' Remote connection to the refrigerator, through the mobile phone real-time control of the various compartments of the refrigerator.

Five large space design, the ingredients can be done on the wet and dry separation, refined storage. 45L extra wide change greenhouse is another highlight of the commander refrigerator, it can achieve wide temperature variation of 5 ℃ to -20 ℃, no matter Is frozen or frozen or even frozen, can be perfectly achieved, so as to meet the different needs of different ingredients.

Secret weapon: superconducting material plate

Commander BCD-480WLDCYU1 refrigerator also has a secret weapon - the original superconducting dish. Do not underestimate this seemingly mediocre plate, but it is cost-effective use of aluminum alloy composite material and the new high efficiency heat pipe technology to create .

Its role is in the freezing process, so placed on the top of the food ingredients quickly through the largest generation of ice crystals, while increasing the speed of freezing, to maximize the retention of fresh ingredients; the rapid increase in the thawing process can also be Thaw speed, can be called a good helper.

We have done a test for this, by removing the frozen meat at -18 ℃ in the refrigerator, placed in an environment of 20 ℃ for half an hour, thawing, the experimental results as shown below:

Figure 1: Thawed through the cooking plate

Whether the edge of the pork or in the middle, can easily slice

Figure 2: thawing in normal environment

Pork cut only the edge, the middle part completely incapable of cutting

In the refrigerator using superconducting dish when the plate is frozen, without increasing the energy consumption conditions, to speed up the freezing speed, is three times the normal refrigerator, thawing speed is four times the air thaw, so as to ensure ingredients authentic, nutritious Loss.

Test props two: white flower snake grass water

White flower snake grass water should be very familiar with it, not long ago been lovely friends friends rated as 'dark drink' first, and quickly became popular network. Snake grass and water, concentrated in the taste of the discussion one after another, as if this Years do not drink a bottle of white snake grass water are embarrassed when the red net.

Strangely enough, however, such a beverage, known as the 'Dark Drink', has been popular for decades and many of its partners are curious about this exotic drink.

White snake grass water name comes from China Guangdong and Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macao, Singapore and other places a popular species of herbal medicines 'Hedyotis diffusa' Chinese medicine that Hedyotis diffusa, 'bitter, light, cold', there Qingrejiedu, consumer Tongan Sanjie, diuretic dehumidification effect.

In this way, the efficacy of white snake grass water is still very good, curious Xiaobian quickly drank ... ... Poof!

Test props three: bicycle

China is known as the "Bicycle Country" title, in recent years in the "shared bike" promotion, almost all over the streets of the bike.

What we are going to do this time is to bring the white flower and a bike CP together - on the face of it, it really is a two-shot, but nothing can be done as long as the hole is open .

Such as - dare to turn the wheel of a bicycle into a wheel of ice? And still use a bubble filled with white snake grass frozen into ice? Yes, this is the transformation!

The following will be modified test.

Tools: Bicycles, two refrigerators, white snake grass water, molds, waterproof glue, wrenches ...

Steps: First, remove the front fork of the bicycle, reassemble the welding, and rebuild the bearings. In order to ensure the stability of the bicycle, we will broaden the front fork of the bicycle and add keel to both sides of the bearing.

In accordance with the freezer area of ​​the refrigerator, make a round barrel mold .In order to ensure its sealing, we will be in the seams at the plastic .Put the prepared all the white snake grass water into the bucket.

Different refrigerators have different freezing ability and freezing effect. Therefore, in order to prove the freezing effect of the commander refrigerator, we will add 'a certain refrigerator' and make two ice wheels respectively with two refrigerators.

Statistics a bit, each mold spent 36 bottles of white snake grass water, two mold enough enough for three boxes!

Two vats filled with white snake grass water, it is necessary to prepare the process of freezing the freezer temperature of the two refrigerators were adjusted to -24 degrees Celsius, waiting for 24 hours.

Said carbonated drinks can not be frozen, and white flower snake grass water is a great flower in carbonated drinks, all for the two ice wheel curious endless results.

After a day and night of freezing, as of now, the two flowers in the refrigerator have been frozen in -24 degrees Celsius refrigerator for 24 hours of continuous freezing process, two super large ice wheel has been frozen to complete.

Open the fridge and witness miracles!

As can be seen from the details, the surface of a large ice wheel made by the commander refrigerator shows a small amount of crushed ice, but the barrel body is complete and very hard.

Analysis of the reasons, the commander refrigerator pure stainless steel, on the one hand to ensure good thermal conductivity of the refrigerator, cooling speed; the other hand, through the metal conduction can achieve a balanced cooling, the temperature difference within the refrigerator is small, which is our actual operation in the frozen Ice wheel, the commander of the refrigerator freezer ice intact reason.

In contrast, 'a refrigerator' is not so optimistic about the effect.

The middle of the barrel appeared at least 10CM burst! In principle, this burst is still a physical explosion, which is due to semi-airtight space due to changes in the state of matter, the pressure caused.

Analysis of this reason, on the one hand because of the refrigerator itself freezer cold freezing uneven, resulting in the inner and the door by the side of the different tension appears in addition may also be the main components of the white snake grass water - white snake grass water The main component is water, carbon dioxide and various drugs, carbonated beverage explosion is caused by water ice become larger, the second is dissolved in water, carbon dioxide gas in the process of ice into water was released.

The experimenter took two ice wheels one by one and prepared them for mounting on the bicycle.Because the height of the bucket and the width of the front fork of the bicycle were calculated in advance and the corresponding bearings were customized, a wrench was taken.

Commander of the refrigerator made of ice wheel is very complete and hard, so it is very simple to install; and another large depth of more than 10 centimeters of ice cracks, can be installed on the bike are a problem.

In the interest of countless passers-by, ice-riding bike eager to get on the road! As the commander ice-wheel frozen more complete, so riding up more smoothly.

Riding a large circle in the square, commander ice round successfully completed the assessment tasks, there is no ice, ice ballast and so on.

Now we are ready to test a certain brand of ice-riding effect.Although there is a big piece of cracks, but testers still carefully put a brand refrigerator wheel frozen.

Sure enough, riding less than 10 meters fell a large piece

This rift is also more obvious inside, so under the influence of gravity, it fell a large chunk.

While riding, while off.When riding about 25 meters, down along the middle of the debris fell a large, of course, riding test will not be able to continue.

Really riding side dregs, and finally completely broken!

As can be seen from the above test, the commander refrigerator, whether in the freezing force or freezing effect, are well done riding task.Commander refrigerator was able to successfully complete the assessment objectives, depending on its most prominent feature is the 'metal cold , Lasting preservation 'advantage, good thermal conductivity, fast cooling, achieved through the metal balance of cold, small temperature fluctuations, so frozen out so complete and solid ice is not surprising.