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2017 In the cold year, the air conditioner industry delivered a stunning response to all: a record high for both sales and marketing, but the 'red' air conditioner market seems to usher in a new turning point - - The average market price has risen sharply. The proportion of medium and high-end products continues to expand. Users are no longer using traditional air-conditioners for heating or cooling. The demand for meeting the evaluation criteria is gradually shifting from "cost performance" to whether the products have new features, new technologies, etc. Differentiation characteristics.

Kelon recently launched a professional sleep air conditioner - 'Static Beauty' hook is a product that can hit the pain point of consumers.It with 17 db ultra-low mute, automatic light perception, an energy efficiency, 4D full DC inverter, etc. The core advantage, the listing will be favored by many consumers.

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Next we will detail the product introduction, function, noise and power consumption as well as inside and outside the machine disassembly.

First look at the appearance of this Kelon static beauty air conditioning is the main color white, side decorative diamond pieces with mirror plating, Star silver mirror curve design, highlighting the details of the Department of quality, simplicity yet elegant.

Side of the diamond-shaped decorative pieces with mirror plating

Energy efficiency logo is attached to the upper left corner of the front of the air conditioner, which represents an energy-efficient super energy-saving product

Air conditioning details of the outlet to do in place, a change up and down the monotonous wind swept the wind design, increasing wind around the function, in use can be achieved multi-angle, wide-wrap around the air, thereby enhancing comfort.

The nameplate at the bottom of the indoor unit details the parameters of the product

In the following test session, we will conduct four major tests on Quelong Jingmei Air Conditioners such as silence test, temperature test, humidity test, noise test and power consumption test.

First, the noise test

As a flagship silent sleep air conditioner, Kelon KFR-35GW / EFQYA1 (1P41) noise test can not be ignored.This test will be in turn from the mute mode, a file to the fourth gear a total of five wind speed test, one meter away from the air conditioning outlet, and professional Noise tester, the relevant data records.

In this noise test, this Kelon static beauty air conditioner can be said to be excellent performance within the five final test results as shown above.

In the normal indoor activity range, even if the air-conditioning air volume to the maximum of the fourth gear, will not feel too much noise; especially in the mute mode is turned on, the indoor noise value is only 31.7db, that is, indoors Human activity area, the user can hardly feel the noise of different windshield air-conditioners, air conditioning mute effect is perfect, as its name does - Static Beauty!

Here to remind everyone that this test we are in the daily life of the data measurement, not the absolute quiet laboratory environment test, test the initial evaluation of indoor noise value has been 26dB.

Second, intelligent light perception technology

In order to test the left and right air conditioning technology, we placed a feather at the air outlet of the air conditioner, as shown in the two pictures below, with the curtains opened and the curtains closed.

As shown above, in the case of open curtains, feathers blowing, the screen shows the temperature 25 ℃

As shown above, close the curtains, wind speed weakened, feathers significantly drooping, air-conditioned screen brightness weakened

Kelon KFR-35GW / EFQYA1 (1P41) with intelligent light sensing technology, air-conditioning operation, through the intelligent identification of the brightness of the indoor light, air conditioning will automatically adjust the display brightness, so as to adjust the supply air speed, sleep care.

Third, heating test

Because the test location is in Beijing and has not yet reached the heating season, we will focus on the heating effect of air conditioners when the outdoor temperature is 7 ℃ and the indoor initial test temperature is 15.7 ℃.

After more than 1 minute of warm-up, the air conditioner started to warm up rapidly, which effectively increased the air-conditioner up-frequency due to the powerful capability of the DRD double-efficient rare earth compressor and accurate temperature control. After the compressor is started, air conditioner indoor unit The temperature of the air outlet rapidly rose to 19.4 ° C in 1 minute and rapidly soared to 35.4 ° C in 3 minutes. At 5 minutes, the temperature of the air outlet had reached 42.1 ° C, at which time the house was already warm.

Three minutes outlet temperature: 35.4 ℃

Five minutes outlet temperature: 42.1 ℃

Humidity control is also a major feature of the Kelon KFR-35GW / EFQYA1 (1P41), which has long been known to be highly dehumidified and humid as it dehumidifies. Kelon air conditioners are equipped with 'natural wind dehumidification' Crystal ceramic heating effect, to quickly make up for the temperature drop due to dehumidification, to achieve constant temperature dehumidification, comfortable air supply, to avoid the temperature when the desiccant hot and cold, the elderly, children do not have to worry about due to dehumidification and colds cold and dehumidification capacity, 35 machine can play its 1.5L / h large dehumidification capacity, comparable to the effectiveness of dehumidifier

Fourth, power consumption test

The Kelon air conditioner we tested is an energy-efficient product with an APF value as high as 4.74, which is much higher than the national standard of 4.5 and a number of technological innovations have made the energy-saving effect more remarkable. Test time is 1 hour, then power consumption of 1.27kWh, from the point of view of energy-saving products, Kelon air-conditioning is considered a very energy-saving products.

The above values ​​for the measurement time within 1 hour test results

In the indoor initial temperature of 15.7 ℃, the initial outdoor temperature is only 7 ℃ environment, the air conditioner quickly indoor temperature rose to 23 ℃, the hourly power consumption is only 1.27kWh. Unlike fixed-frequency air-conditioning frequent switching compressor, The energy-saving effect of inverter air conditioner is prominent because it can adjust the speed of the compressor according to the indoor temperature change.When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor to work at this lower temperature to maintain the power.

Fifth, smart applications

Air conditioning right front 'smart' logo, tell us that this is a smart air conditioners by downloading the official software 'Hisense Hui enjoy home' can achieve its smart features.For example, through the remote adjustment of cell phone air conditioner work mode, wind, wind speed, More personalized on the phone set the sleep curve, to create a personal sleep specialist.

Air conditioning in the test after the various indicators, in order to give you a deeper understanding of Kelon this static beauty air conditioning details, we have its indoor unit, outdoor unit for detailed dismantling.

Indoor unit dismantling

First of all, we first disassemble the air conditioner indoor unit.Open the outer cover can be removed after the external filter.Cautiously unscrew a few screws, remove the air conditioning deflector.

Remove air conditioning deflector

Indoor unit filter

Kelon static beauty indoor air conditioner filter with powerful filter, you can filter out small particles in the air, such as dust, improve air quality, all-round 365 days to create a worry-free healthy living environment.

This bulge on the indoor unit is the intelligent light sensing module behind the indoor unit panel, that is, because it allows the air conditioner to adjust the air conditioner operation according to the change of ambient light.

Smart module is hidden here

Control cable

Cover removed, began to dismantle the main frame of the indoor unit.

Indoor unit after removing the frame of the indoor unit Kelon air-conditioned fin with organic resin nano-silver antibacterial materials, through the slow release of nano-silver ions, effectively inhibit bacteria, bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus are very good Antibacterial, and the anti-mildew hydrophilic anti-mildew coating the top grade of 0. To protect the health of family members, effectively prevent pneumonia, neonatal diseases.

The indoor unit consists of several sets of copper tubes which in turn pass through the fins. Kelon air conditioning is very kind, U tube combined with a larger area of ​​the evaporator, the operation can greatly enhance the heat transfer efficiency of the machine.

Outdoor unit dismantling

Below we will dismantle the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.Air conditioner outdoor unit includes the compressor and other core components, and perennial exposed outdoors, so the quality of the outdoor unit plays an important role in air conditioning.

Kelon air conditioners outdoor unit is very strong, QK front panel and side ribs, structural strength higher, easy deformation and stacking operation, and to maximize the release of tank vibration transmitted by the compressor, the noise is lower.

Outdoor unit uses 9 rust-proof technology, galvanized steel body, the surface color of the classic spray more uniform test high temperature curing does not decolorize and can withstand the neutral impact.

Remove the outer frame of the outdoor unit, carefully remove the insulation cotton outside the compressor at this time, from the air conditioning DRD double high efficiency rare earth compressor, outdoor DC motor, electronic expansion valve, fins, brass, etc. in front of us .

Outdoor fin thickness increased to 21.65mm

By increasing the diameter (from sin7 increased to sin8), fin width (18.19mm increased to 21.65mm), thereby increasing the heat transfer area inside and outside the tube to further enhance the heat exchanger air conditioning efficiency.

Compared to the general air-conditioning capillaries, 500 electronic expansion valve temperature control temperature more accurate, to avoid the use of air conditioning suddenly hot and cold phenomenon, energy-saving and more comfortable.

Insulation with a flame retardant insulation cotton, air-conditioned safe operation escort.

After reading the dismantling of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the various evaluation of the KFR-35GW / EFQYA1 (1P41) come to an end, I believe we have a deeper experience of the various indicators of this air conditioner. The reason for this air conditioner is excellent heating, lower noise and lower power consumption, thanks to the '4D Full DC inverter technology' from Kelon Air Conditioners.

The following we will explain in detail for everyone what '4D full DC inverter technology.'

4D full-DC technology is an absolutely superior technical support for Kelon's push of a frequency inverter in 2017. Currently, the DC inverter defined in the air-conditioning industry only refers to a DC compressor motor, and a full DC inverter only includes a DC compressor motor, an indoor direct current Fan motor and outdoor DC fan motor.

Kelon air conditioner to further enhance the configuration of the full DC, the first electronic expansion valve instead of the traditional air-conditioning capillaries, and DRD dual high-efficiency rare earth compressors, indoor and outdoor DC motor together constitute a '4D full DC inverter system' to achieve more energy-efficient air-conditioning , More efficient, more silent, temperature control more accurate and more comfortable results, while the 4D full DC, is a standard Kelon energy efficiency products.

Evaluation summary:

As the earliest brand involved in the field of refrigeration, Kelon air conditioner in the market nearly two years of frequent moves To continuously create high added value of online products in terms of efficiency, health, intelligence and artistry From mute breeze to custom air blows. From intelligent self-cleaning to humidity control, Kelon continuously strengthens technological iteration and product innovation, Satisfy the individual needs of users, forming a differentiated competitiveness.

From the perspective of consumers, the new middle class is rapidly becoming the main purchasing power of society. Consumers have higher requirements for the use experience and quality of air conditioners. For enterprises, only by grasping the pain points of users for product breakthrough and subversion, in order to meet the growing consumer demand.

The World Wide Web home test Kelon 'Jingmei' air-conditioning, whether it is ultra-mute 17dB, smart light sensing technology, or a super energy-saving power and 4D DC inverter compressor core technology fundamentally resolved The user's need for 'sleep' air conditioners is a truly professional sleep-conditioner.

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