As long as there are 4 pants | How coat with nice

Warm wild and Fan Coat is now the most needed coat, but the cold with a skirt to wear, always feel that some can not carry. And with a capable pants is undoubtedly the best coat to wear out of range children's method (Source: ELLE Chinese network)

The weather is getting cold, and then the beauty of the actress will 'look down' to the reality, with the coat up pants to keep warm, such as Zhou Xun's coat + wide-leg pants, as always, to maintain the rate line.

Liu Wen's army green coat + blue stitching jeans, is a supermodel favorite with a low-key texture.

Tang Yan white long coat + side stripes sweat pants, exquisite fashion.

Ni Ni and King sweet check coat + self-cultivation trousers, free and easy, it does not look too deliberate.

Winter coat, what with a few pants in order to be truly simple and stylish?

· Coat + wide-leg pants: color value field double bear

Count as a winter gold partner, a gas field, a super thin, instantly let you get rid of the bloated winter embarrassment.

More importantly, you can still use the wide leg pants to keep warm, quietly hide a leggings inside, warm without destroying the overall shape.

As for the inside to take the shirt, the South can choose to T-shirts and shirts to match the wide leg pants, indoor and outdoor temperature difference can also be increased to withstand the cold.

If the temperature is lower, hurriedly pull out the turtleneck to match, the cold wind should have no chance to 'invade'.

However, the coat and wide leg pants because of their large area, so avoid the following complex pattern stack, it would be an absolute 'visual disaster'.

Coat + cone / smoking pants: self-cultivation invisible

Narrow on the wide taper / smoking pants for pear-shaped girls have a good decorative effect, especially in the buttocks and thighs, will not appear too unexpected.

This version of the pants there is an advantage, the middle of the legs in its general there is a clear stiffening line, for the elongated leg type can also play a role, especially with pointed shoes, the advantage will be particularly evident.

This autumn and winter elements of the elemental fire to not work, may wish to choose a plaid tapered pants to match your long coat, all of a sudden to wear a retro sense of style.

If you do not want to wear too cautious, you can try with bright inside the ride jacket or carry a bright color bag, will be more interesting.