I am not blowing, this coat who wear who look good autumn and winter!

Although the coat is indispensable in winter, but set a warm, stylish in a single product is definitely not it, but quietly popular two years fur coat, can be said to be an upgraded version of motorcycle leather, both the classic cut , There are thick fur fabric, wear simple neat and warm, the next few months will become the highest appearance of a single product.

Fur coat was originally designed specifically for pilots to withstand the cold jacket height, most of them are length to the hip under the waist style, and in the collar, cuffs and hem with leather buckle, the main body of the leather, The fur on the lapel was the most distinctive mark for pilots since there were very few men's jackets with fur at the time.

The most common is the black models, wild do not pick the color, both men and women can easily get started.

However, black and black are also different, glossy pu models and matte models will also have differences between the upper body, if your style is not so street, you can choose matte models, low profile simple, bright pu will be more fashionable.

This year is very popular camel, on the jacket on the moment a little more elegance, it is more suitable for older girls wear.