Black Friday struck | This shopping list to help you get the moment in the best goods

Just over the double eleven, I believe many children's shoes have experienced a large wallet, but Friday we will usher in the foreign version of 'double eleven'! Yes, that is, Black Friday discount day.

Looking ahead, many e-commerce providers have already started the Black Friday discount, roughly under the intensity, half of the share of the majority! Those who once reluctant to buy fashionable pointers, and now you can start.

Large tracts of black and red sale look at the people look comfortable, but the discount season is approaching, you can never pick the eye in the end to buy what can keep up with the current trend? We are today for you to prepare a shopping list, With the buy will not be wrong!


Top 1: Nylon bag

Speaking of cure it is absolutely no problem! First look at which bags topped the moment the most hot models it? Prada nylon material bag can be said to successfully occupy many celebrities wardrobe. Large power, Ouyang Nana, azaleas are back!

This bag does not belong to a small bag, a considerable capacity practical and strong, and nylon material, so that the bag becomes less fragile, windproof and waterproof. In addition to the shoulder, you can also River Shuying shadow second psoriasis.

Top 2: Practical large bag

Speaking of big bags, bags can be regarded as the trend this year, before the world has been a small bag, but this year began a comprehensive return of large bags.

The bag is also more suitable for commuter use, document notebooks and other materials can be installed.Therefore, the following to recommend this Mulberry Amberley series is the current value of the big bag to play.

However, if replaced by a trumpet, the gold round bag buckle and more of a retro style.

Top 3: girls pockets

As the hottest trend of the year, the pockets also have to say that in the Black Friday discount season, starting a current popular pockets are also very cost-effective. For example, Liu Wen likes this Miu Miu girls Fan waist pockets it is worth in the Black Friday When to start!

Top 4: velvet high boots

Finished the bag, let us look at the shoes, as the discount season most worthy of a single product types, shoes can be said to be the best to buy as long as you know your size, generally rarely buy the wrong.

The discount season, the high boots is the first to start. The original price to buy too expensive, with 5-7 fold discount be considered a big discount. Speaking of knee boots, boots knee in this will recommend the over-knee brand Is Aquazzura, before we may know more about this brand in the strap shoes, but in fact high boots is also very good color.